Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where the freedom comes from after awakening?

Many teachers promote falling into relaxation, focusing on rest, surrender, let go, etc.

What I found for myself that fundamental relaxation happens by itself. No effort. No getting into special state. No breathing deeply, no special focusing of the mind - nothing is required for the unfolding of the accumulated tension in the body/mind after the experience of awakening - seeing through the illusion of the self.  In fact, one can be in the middle of difficult circumstances: family, deadline at work,money problems, etc. and feel at ease, playing the game of "difficult circumstances" and even having fun! So what's going on?

OK. Let me try to organize it in some kind of model. Please keep in mind that it is only a model, and as such, has limitations, but for the sake of what I am trying to explain, just follow it for now, and then drop it as unnecessary.  

We take the world in through senses: 
hearing, seeing, tasting, touch, smell, mental imagery.

Let's take the hearing example.  We hear somebody calling us an idiot, for example.


(ordinary human Consciousness, when one sees himself/herself as separate object, having "my"body, "my" thoughts, "my" emotions, "my" history, "my" decisions, etc. Everything is a property of this "i". It's very important - it's me)

the sound reaches our hearing tool, cognition happen, recognition happen: our mind recognizes this word as "negative". This creates a dissonance between what we think about ourselves, our image we were building for years, and what we hear.  We create a story to shield "our self", our image, from abuse. This process of always comparing what comes to us from outside world,  be on guard, create story-shield, react back, reconcile what happened, etc, take tremendous amount of  energy.


(When illusion of the self seeing through - no solid separate self, just Life l-i-f-i-n-g, convergence of vibrations happening,  just organic flow of Life.  All is seeing as Consciousness/Life living itself, various functions arise and pass away)

sound reaches our hearing organ, cognition happening, recognition happening.  Since there are no one there to defend, to guard, what's coming in don't get weaved into the story and maintained there, it flows in and through unobstructed.  All the energy that before went to this "building", "guarding", "maintenance" process of the self is freed.

Besides fundamental relaxation, because nothing needs to be guarded, so much energy now also recirculating in the system.  People notice dramatically increased feeling of well-being, sharpness and clarity of the mind, decreased sleep hours, steady flow of creativity, feeling of high vibrational emotions like joy, exhilaration, happiness.  I spoke to two peopleon Facebook, who dropped their life threatening sickness after awakening - cancer, AIDS.

 I notice I don't take thoughts seriously, they come and fly away.  I am open to any emotion pass through without really sticking.  I feel deep relaxation happening on all levels of my being.  Without me trying or doing anything.  Feels like steady delicious





  1. Nice post.
    "Things used to bother me... Now they are just there."

  2. if there is no me or you. who would help who. When helping other to awaken you are changing what is. Is not it.

  3. One of my past teachers once said "Hey, what problem?" and I could have made up a very long list of problems back then but now, it is seen that there are no problems or at least no personal problems since the fictional troubled 'me' is no longer here.