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What is LU Direct Pointing and does it facilitate the end of the search?

I am one of the co-founders of Liberation Unleashed (LU), and in my own search I went beyond the LU inquiry, which we call Direct Pointing. In this article I want to share with you my findings in a small summary.

The goal of LU inquiry is seeing selflessness. Seeing no-self is in the heart of every path that aims for liberation from human suffering, we call it Enlightenment. Realizing no-self is an essential step on the path to liberation. We can be involved in a lot of practices, be on the path for very long time, but if we still hold an idea that we are the seeker itself, then all the practices we do is only reinforce the strength of this idea. This is why many become very serious in their role of the spiritual seeker, making the identity even more stronger, experiencing even more suffering. No wonder right before realization of no-self the level of fear and suffering raise tenfolds like the pressure raise in a pressure cooker on the flames of the stove! Seeing the selfless nature of being is a very major step, and we created Liberation Unleashed with that very intention: to point to selflessness with very effective method of Direct Pointing. It might be a first glimpse into our true nature, experience of awakening, or it might be more deeper realization in that process in some more mature aspirants, but the main purpose of LU inquiry is to point to no-self. LU inquiry is not really designed to stop all the further explorations that happens in us with release of the seeker identity. It actually facilitates it, it is a first step in a realization of our true nature. Catalytic step. Realizing selflessness is an essential step. We helped many from all walks of life and from all transitions and paths to see that in the middle of the experience of life there is no one who can be found to claim themselves as an owner of the experience, a maker of the experience. Our method is universally applied to any spiritual seeking path. This is not even "our method", we only translated the universal truth into the method of deduction and looking at life with different eyes.
Seeing no-self is a beginning of the deconstruction of the assumed identity and all that it involves itself in. There is no formula to further deconstruction of anything that is needed for this specific organism. As someone said, we all have very different stone that got into our shoe. We know that seeking for liberation stops when the liberation is found. For the true liberation the realization of empty nature of the self and also realization of the empty nature of the world phenomena has to happen simultaneously. Everything that we thought we are, we know, we see and we participate in - the world of phenomena, the world of objects, and the self has to vanish. FULL STOP. In that alive cognizance that is left the truth of being shines in it's fullness and totality. This realization is a clear recognition of who we are. It can happen in any way, in any spiritual tradition. The truth is one. Usually the LU inquiry lead to realization of the self only, and the other part has to be explored further. This is why big majority of LU members went to explore it in a group called Emptiness Teachings and Direct Path which Greg Good created to help with further deconstruction. Also there are other groups, like Buddhist 10 Fetters, all the Dzogchen groups of Jackson Peterson, and etc., some non-duality teachers we recommend, we have a list of such resources in LU. Please use them. LU points to who we are not - not a seeker, not a doer of the experience. It is an inquiry of refuting the self identity. This does not undermine LU inquiry, since we never claimed to lead to full realization, we point steadily through the years to realize emptiness of the self, and it is a big deal on the path of self realization. A beginning of exploration of who we are. Some of the methods, like "Who am I?" inquiry, Dzogchen Rigpa recognition, for example points to facilitate direct experience where it will be clearly revealed of who we are. It doesn't mean that at the end there will be created a label of who we are. Dissolution in this direct experience of clear recognition infuse the being with clear knowing. We use the linear language as communication, and some errors come from the limitation of the language. Everyone who tries to put in words the truth of being hit this limitation. But if any identity still firmly created by the mind, then more deconstruction is needed for subtle grasping. After LU direct pointing often people continue the exploration of who they are, since the old identity is not there anymore, and mind have a tendency to long for some identity. This is right movement of consciousness back into more clarification. Please do not feel as something wrong with you. By this time you should know that if you are not a doer, then it is not you who is continuing the search. But many heard that the main goal is not having any identity, and not seek anymore, and make a mistake at this stage that have some cost. Before we refute identity completely when we are mature in our being and most physiological and neurological processes harmonized, most of us, not having a solid ground without identity, fall into nihilism and many other isms. Continuing the search has not to be seen as a mistake and you supposed to not feel pressure that you are "not relaxed yet by this time", comparing your journey to others'. It simply points to more deconstruction that will arise through practice, inquiry, or life itself. It was my own experience too. LU direct pointing usually does not end the search. Unless the inquiry facilitates clear recognition of emptiness of the self AND emptiness of the world phenomena (aka objects, other people). Usually with pointing to no-self we have experience of awakening happen: recognition of selflessness, and still in the mind is a strong belief in the outside world of objects. There still be a question in the mind, verbal or non-verbal: "Who am I?", and it will be a driving force of the search, or we may call it, "further exploration", we just surrender to it. Realization of no self and realization of world phenomena as empty, as mind creation, instead of an objective world, is a must for the seeking energy to halt. The question of the search is answered in all encompassing totality in the state of realization itself by the very essence of the state. Question is closed after that.  You do not need to ask anymore anyone any question of who you are.  In 2012 I sat long silent retreat, mostly dark, with "Who Am I" living question that culminated with realization experience. I explored further, you have to understand, it's not anyone's choice. It was not my choice that "Who am I?" question became even bigger in me after realizing selflessness. The seeking will continue unless there is a final finding! And at the end of the search everyone come to the same realization: no self, no others, no world. It is ALL mind. God will show the face. And everyone come to this finding in their own way: through practice or no practice, saying yourself you still seeking or lying yourself you are not seeking, but subtly seeking anyways.
Then there is more living, mostly spontaneous inquiry, more questioning old beliefs, thoughts that still arise, old habits, and dismantling them one by one, or in the whole families of them as stories, by simply seeing their empty nature. The question who we are is closed already. We just fall into a dream state sometimes, wake up again sometimes. Harmonizing of all the systems going on, re-wiring of the brain, so no wonder we can't abide in a state of pure alive cognizance 24/7. God came here as a man, and at some point the recognition happened, but then back to life! We know who we are now, not the one who falls asleep, or the one who wakes up, but that which knows both, and we do not hold on to even that, whats the point?! With time we abide more in the being, in our true nature, enjoying the
character, instead of falling asleep in a dream where we deeply identified with a character. I call it integration of awakening. The label may not fit perfectly. Some call it falling, deepening, going further and so on. Who we are do not need any integration, but integration does happen through harmonizing the nervous system, making energetic adjustments, it happens spontaneously, just notice it.

I suggest anyone who pass through LU and still perceive that there are others out there and the world of objects is real, not to stop in LU groups for mostly intellectual discussions or sense of belonging, but really immerse yourself in a deeper inquiry and living life in an investigative way. Instead of hiding in groups, discussing selflessness, invite life to be your teacher and provide you with all necessary events and circumstances to facilitate a living practice of further inquiry. Use any method you resonate with. Don't stop on discussions, or an idea that you are done. Continue inquiry in any way which is more natural for you. LU direct pointing is absolutely precious valuable tool in dismantling the illusion of the self for those who are ready for it, and I am very happy that it continue to be a very important step to self realization for hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. Please use the structures and methods that we created, and also don't be afraid to look into other avenues to clarify further. With much love, Elena

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