Saturday, December 30, 2017

Coming to a New Year ... 2018

2018 will be a year of further disillusionment. If you still hold on to some strong concepts about what you know and who you are, start to drop them now. Anything beneficial will not be lost, anything limiting will start to crack down. The more you hold on, the more painful disillusionment will be. The problem is that we do not really know to what we hold on. If we hold on tight, then it becomes us, and we have no clarity about it at all. Though if there is deep identification, strong attachment, there is always always some deep un-satisfaction and un-ease. One way to recognize limitations is to be utterly honest with oneself and pay attention to this deep seated un-satisfaction. This is a red flag for some hidden attachment and limiting beliefs. Start to notice this feeling of un-satisfaction and un-ease, start to almost circle it with your attention, coming closer, inviting it come closer too. Befriend this nagging feeling, don't shut it off with useful and useless activities. Let it come fully and start to tell you why it is there. And you listen attentively, with compassion, with open heart. This will suddenly strip you naked. This is exactly how it feels when you first time open to something that was always there, but true meaning of it was hidden behind the barricade of concepts. This is totally individual process, and no one, no one will know exactly what you are going through, only you. Don't rely on anyone, just trust the alchemical process of your courage, your honesty, and your attention. If no one in the world (which probably won't happen anyways) won't accept, support and understand you, there will be you who totally and completely know the extent of the deep healing that just happened. And this will be absolutely enough. Life will re-construct itself anew around you.

Happy New Years, my friends! I wish you wonderful and healing year!

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