Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Letter to my Readers

I want to ask my Facebook and my Bog community for a favour. I know many read this blog "Complete Humanity", since the statistics are excellent! I very much appreciate this, because this is my life work: to live, to clarify, to express.

Finally after being lost in all kinds of professions and endeavours in life writing just came to me 7-8 years go, and especially in the last 2 years, it sat on my lap like a cat, and made me arrange all my life around it :) I tried to brush it off, tried all kinds of different directions, but this thing still there, while everything else is fallen away. Writing has been the most fulfilling and natural practice for me, though I can't make myself write when I can't, I follow the certain rhythm, I surrendered to it's calling.
It goes very slow for me with a big project - a book, and more spontaneous, immediate and frequent with the daily little writings and poetries. The book is about integration and maturation of Awakening, and surely I had to walk myself the path before writing about it. I started seriously writing a little bit more then a year ago, and now I am 2/3++ of the draft in a process. I still have several chapters to write, and this is absolutely unknown how this will happen.
Chapters are about specific areas of human life, and as that area becomes clear in my own life, then it comes out on a paper. In a way this book is my own "program" of integration of awakening, my own practice of exploration of humanities, therefore I can say it is "no practice", life itself. The Outline for the book clearly shows me the areas that were massaged by the new energies, and I can see how my life completely changed there. It is very practical book, since the yardstick for awakening and maturation is not an idea in my own head, but in my own life.
As I told you a little bit about my book, I want to ask for help. I am making a new proposal with a publisher, because my old proposal expired, apparently they couldn't wait for me to live my life to write this book, they had deadlines, and I am just true to my process here. For a new proposal I need to show them that I have people who actually read what I write, and they ask for social media conformations in form of followers of the blog, and the page, and etc. I never thought about this before, my readers were always those who gravitated to me over the years, and I never tried to pay for fake likes (yes, I found out thats what many do, and I do not blame anyone for this, if this is an entry breaker to publish the book), but for myself I just can't do it, just like I couldn't take advantage of the publishing contract and write about things that I din't actually lived myself.
My whole journey is toward authenticity, not publicity, so I am asking for real readers to please like my page Buddha on a Bull (the name of the book) and click to follow my blog Complete Humanity, when you are there, there is a button on a right column if you scroll down. This can make a difference for me with the publisher, it is serious help! I will put the links bellow.
Thank you very much for reading, as always. I love you, guys, I appreciate your support <3
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