Thursday, January 10, 2019

Why Coaching? Why expensive? Why now? Why, Elena?!

I get some well-meaning letters from my friends around the world with the question why I decided that training in coaching is necessary for me and why I would not choose less expensive program, something quick, on-line, simple model, or not certify at all...Great questions!
Why training in coaching is necessary for me?
On a level of who IAM I am done searching, friends, I am so complete, I have no an inch or an ounce of drive to seek for who I am, looking for home, seeking for Enlightenment. Done. You can question that, doubt that, wonder at that, be amazed by that, but I just smile, because I do not have doubts of what is obvious, and the seeking energy came to it's rest years ago. Hallelujah, what was seeking half a lifetime found itself! Who knows me personally, I am in perpetual celebration mode while I am living this complex human! :) This human is all about authenticity, and she will do everything to see more clearly into her own old fixations, and share it openly for others to relate and help them to look and release limitations. And who still think that Awakening makes you automatically a saint, please follow my blog Complete Humanity, I question this assumption all the time in my writings.

Why I would not choose less expensive program?

The program I am in is EXPERIENTIAL. You know what it means? It means everything for me, because if this would be sitting in a class and listening to someone, I would run away, even if it cost 10 times less. If this would be on-line, I would fall asleep by myself watching webinars. I need high paced, intense experiential program to keep myself engaged in learning. About myself! About this human character that has its own unique characteristics, gifts and shadows. In this program I work on my own shadow material that is so right into my face when I am constantly challenged without any identity to hide behind! Its easier to slide a mask of a teacher, a hat "I know", but I am curious by nature, and life is more alive when you do not stand on anything solid, so I got into the "beginners mind", the Fool archetype, and I see what happens in that potent space. And it is so so helpful to see the remaining fixations and let them fade in the experiential space. I am feeling so grateful for the ability to easily take on the "I don't know hat" instead of constantly checking if "I know" hat is straight. (some people, especially women use "crown" instead of a hat :) )

Why not certify at all and just coach?

I did just that for YEARS. And now I want to certify! Why? I realized that I would like to work with people face to face, local people, my town people, and for them certification is a sign of professionalism. And you would trust me more as well, I know, if I am insightful as it gets, direct as I am, AND I am professional, isn't it right?! We get so many false profits on Facebook who claim to be gurus, teachers, masters, and at the end you find out that they have no solid integrity, they constantly cross your boundaries, they subtly manipulate, they pretend they know and council others while their own life is a mess! Don't you want to talk to someone who is authentic, integral, TOOK CARE of their own shit, non-judgmental of yours, and knows how to curb it in the best possible way, always keeping you in their perception as FREE, INNOCENT, PURE AWAREness ? Don't you feel, and even see logically, this is the most beneficial and holistic approach to true liberation? Yes, certification is not necessary for this for me, but for some clients, yes, they want to see the solid foundation behind my smily face.
Why now?

I had a wake up call when I realized I do not have money to do any dental work I need to do in order to not later do a surgery on the sinuses. I even went so far as going to Tihuana recently to see if I can get dental work in Mexico, if it is more affordable. I returned only with clean teeth :), I did not have money to do the work needed. I realized that all this time while I was putting my energy and focus on creating the direct pointing method and Liberation Unleashed, promoting, counseling freely for many many years, I was living away my savings, until they were gone. What a great example to those I counseled! This is exactly why I am doing the work on myself through this training, "personal work", as many nonduality teachers and students find unnecessary, at least it's my perception. Why to do the work, if you wake up, you are pure and perfect by nature! I tell you, yes they are right! In my training we had this small exercise to envision a billboard in San Fransisco, and what would I like to put there for people in traffic, and you know what I wrote? "YOU ARE PERFECT! It doesn't matter how you feel right now. You are perfect as you are. Enjoy the journey called LIFE!"

And yet, the human energetics are here, close to the skin, aren't they? You are perfect in your anger, and in the sadness you are perfect, and in the joy as well. And we can attend to all that is there, without hiding from anything, like the sun that shines onto everything without exceptions, why not to dress the wound that is bleeding? Why not to use ointment on the scar? Same with anything that is emotional and energetic in nature, we can attend to anything without shying from it, as something non existing, illusionary, and therefore not needing attention. At this time of my life I got clear on my next life-continuing activity, and if you want to help, I will be glad you participated, even in a small contribution, or sharing my fundraiser on your wall. The amount is not that much important. Maybe I helped you in a past, or maybe in a future I would be able to reciprocate, we never know when and how we will benefit each other, and how we constantly walk each other home.

I love you 💗

if you feel like contributing: Elena's fundriser for tuition And why this illustration? My new friend told me what her teacher Mooji told her:
" karma is like farting in a space suit, at some point , you will feel its effect"

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