Elena's Resume

Elena Nezhinsky, Rev.

Gifts, proficiency:

Catalytic in Transformation, Change, Personal Growth

Synergies and delivers highly advanced material in a simple way

Meet others where they are, sees possibilities in every human being

Inspirational Speaker

Natural Leader and Mentor

Pioneer Thinker 

Highly Intuitive



1985 - 1990  State Technical University, Volgograd, Russia
M.S. in Science (Engineering) 

1994 - 1996  Kingsborough College, Brooklyn, NY
Studies in Computer Science

2018 - 2019  California Coaching Institute (CTI), San Rafael, CA
Co-Active coach training

2019 -  Laser Coaching Intensive training with Marion Franklin, Master coach  

Professional Associations:

Association of Professional Spiritual Teachers (APST)
Universal Life Church Minister
California Writers Association,  
Central Coast Writers Association

Work experience:

1990 -1992  State Statistical Agency, Volgograd, Russia
Human Resources Specialist

1996 -1997  MTF Consulting, New York, NY
Computer Programmer

1997 - 1998  King Teleservices, New York, NY
Computer Programmer

1998 - 2005  Time Inc. (Publishing division of Time Warner        Corporation), New York, NY
Senior Systems Analyst

2004 - 2005  Time Inc. New York, NY 
Yoga Instructor, part-time

2005 - 2006  Staten Island Judo Jujitsu Dojo, Staten Island, NY
Yoga Instructor, part-time

2005 - 2012  Integrative Psychiatry P.C. New York, NY
General Manager, Life Coach

2010 - current  Liberation Unleashed, International Community 
and Forum for Awakening
Co-Founder, post-Awakening Consultant, Mentor

2013 - 2014  Meditation Learning Center, Mesa, AZ
Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach

2013 - 2015  “Awaken NOW” Inc. worldwide workshops
Workshop Leader, Transformational Coach

2015 - 2016  Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
Sous Chef, Life Coach

2015 - current  Universal Life Church

2016 - current  Complete Humanity Integrative Consulting, worldwide Spiritual Awakening and Post-awakening Consultant

2018 - current  Buddha on a Bull Laser Coaching,  Monterey, CA
Transformational, Life Coach

Advanced studies and certifications:

1999 8 months certification program
Prana Yoga Teacher Training, Open Center, New York, NY
certified Yoga Alliance teacher

2000 2 months practitioner program
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level 1,2 training

1998 - 2004 6 years Yoga studies
Shivananda Ashram, Bahamas
Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda studies
Shivananda Yoga instructor

2005 - 2012  7 years of meditation retreats, mindfulness and somatic studies
Vipassana Center, Massachusetts 
Advanced meditation practitioner, Somatic Awareness Coach

2009 - 2010 1 year certification training
Matrix Energetics training, San Diego, CA
Practitioner Level 1,2,3,4

2010 1 year EFT practitioner apprentice
Emotional Freedom Technique apprenticeship, Integrative Psychiatry P.C., NY

2011 10 months facilitator training
Family Constellations Facilitator training, Open Center, New York, NY

2016 2 months training in Hypnotherapy
An Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psychospiritual Trainings, Lafayette, Ca
Practitioner level 1

2015 - current
Human Design, International Human Design School self-guided program under the supervision
Practitioner, Mind De-conditioning Consultant

2017 - current
Creative Writing Studies
Writer, Author

2018 - 2019 6 months training in Co-Active Coaching toward ICF (International Coach Federation) certification

2019 - current 5 months training in Laser Coaching toward ICF 
(International Coach Federation) certification

Books, publications

Gateless Gatecrashers. 21 Ordinary People…21 Extraordinary Awakenings”
published in 2012, Co-author

“Buddha on a Bull. Personal Journey and Practical Guidance on Seeking, Finding and Living Awakening”
Author, in progress

“Complete Humanity. Living Unapologetically As I Am”
Author, in progress

“Complete Humanity” Blog created in 2011
Owner, Blogger for 7 years

Wrote forewords/afterwords for a few spiritual/self-help books
Various articles published in on-line spiritual magazines
Various interviews on internet spiritual radio stations

I am approachable, down to earth, real

I am in a happy, balanced relationship, I walk my talk!

I am a mother of a beautiful human being. Here I am with my son and his girlfriend.

I am on Buddha on a Gas Pump.  Bottom row eight from the right.

Workshop leader

I work well with translators on different languages

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