Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Liberation Unleashed North America Meetup

I am creating Liberation Unleashed North 

America Meetup based in New York City 

where I live. All LU members and friends of 

LU are invited to meetings/gatherings/

parties...and I will welcome any suggestions, 

help in any way...I look forward to meet cool 

awakened beings and make friends, eat, 

laugh and maybe even dance together! We 

can invite people who are on the verge of 

awakening and help them with inner 

inquiry...Let's do some service and fun 

locally! Please don't be shy, write to me if 

you are offering anything for this idea to be 

realized. Love you 

much, my friends ♥

I will add a link to meetup group when I am 
done. Thank you.

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