Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What is the work of Direct Pointing and how it fits in Awakening to the Truth of who we are?

Here is my attempt to describe my work and my own journey of awakening to the truth of who we are....in a very simple way that probably will be re-written many times to make it more clear :)

Also, for non-dual police: no work is mine, no awakening happens to me or any one, awakening is just a label for change in perception and anything that happens along it

So here it goes:

I point people to SEE that self is an illusion.

They realize it in their own experience through a very narrowly crafted dialog witch sounds more like a set of koans and cornering questions, that self, which they thought is who they are, does not exist.

No one disappears in the moment of realization. The whole of the experience reveals itself as a tapestry of Life that does not requirer a doer.

When "I" is seen for what it is, the veil of illusion drops, what's left  is WHAT IS - experience without an experiencer - Presence - Awareness - Life - Nature... 

There is no need to identify with a small "I" as a body/mind or bigger as Presence, Awareness... in fact, if identification happens, we look further, there is still subtle grasping at this point.

There are myriads of ways how awakening moves after this, the main component here is TRUST. Trust in the intelligence of the Life itself accommodating new perception in the most efficient way. For some can be falling into peace, for some - dissolution of conditioning/habits of the mind in different ways, including dramatic changes in familiar structures of one's life. We work through these, sometimes uncomfortable experiences. Mainly, it is a work with doubt and fear mind states.

Realizing emptiness of the self/"I" is followed by, or happens at the same time with realization of emptiness of "others" and 'the world'.  The illusion (Maya/samsara) is seeing, and THAT, from which all comes, reveals itself. Both seeing as inseparable ONE. There are no more doubts left and this realization molds one into "one who is in the world, but not of it".

Life continues.

Before enlightenment - chop wood, carry water
Perception here is self-focused, and there is a belief that there is  me or an "I" who is doing these tasks.

After enlightenment - chop wood, carry water
There is an Understanding/Knowing of divinity of all and non-doership of all.

Yet, wood is chopped and water is carried.

May all beings be happy, be liberated from false view and defilements! 

Thank you! <3

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