Tuesday, March 31, 2020

If you are a leader please do not loose the vision

If you are a leader please do not loose the vision. You walked to be a leader a lifetime, opening the wisdom. These temporary though very chaotic times are surely unprecedented in our lives, but your vision as a leader should be deeper then events, stronger then imposed fears, your heart is what leads the way to the light. Open it completely, do not cave into separation that is imposed on humanity right now. Yes, keep to yourself physically, we need to learn how to play our role in this game, but to focus the mind for the leader is essential. Where do you focus it, where you lead your people to, what you feed them everyday, is it your own unprocessed fears or it is your courage to stand in the times of chaos and hold the torch of the blazing human heart to light the way 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

On Fear of Survival, personal experince

I learnt a great deal about fear of survival through immigration while I was also 8 month pregnant with 1 suitcase for both of us: me and my ex-husband, both 23y.o. We arrived to USA with no money, not speaking English, in the middle of heat wave in July 1992 in NYC. I had to walk very pregnant long distances in the city, very thirsty, looking at people casually drinking Coca Cola. I had no money to even take additional trip by subway, or to buy a drink. We found the carriage for our newborn son on a street on garbage day. The next three years were horrifically difficult. My ex-husband don't even remember it, his system got shut off from the overload, mine carried me through, but I came out as a victim. Surely we did not survive together and parted.

20+ years later I experienced a second wave of great raw fear of survival when everything happened at once: my mind exploded in Awakening, my house burnt down, husband was gone, job, friends, health - all gone. All at the same time. If you think I don't know what fear is and just write articles on awakening and cheer up others to wake up because it's a thing to do ... p l e a s e....I do it because I know the extent of suffering! I also know what it means to live awake and be Conscious...and it doesn't mean constant "ebb and flow", but, boy it really helps to live human here! Do I experience fear? Sure, sometimes I do, but it does not cover my sight, it does not make me collapse and panic, it makes me suddenly focus and get really clever. Do I need to sell you any other benefits of becoming Conscious?

My story of awakening is in Buddha on a Bull book (On Amazon), but most importantly, the second part of the book will guide your mind to become CONSCIOUS, or at least it will help to expand it from it's current limitation to a state of a possibility of genuine awakening 🙏 And the fear? 👹
You will have a special relationship with it, a friendly one

P.S. I had to close comments section on my blog, I was attacked by spammers, and after deleting 200+ of spam comments I decided to not even have comments section at this time. But please comment on Facebook, or send email. I will re-open comment section at some point in a future. E.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Practical real ways to deal with current fear based situation

Two important things where to focus your mind right now:
Read about how I did it and how it is possible for you:

Read about what I do about it right now: https://completehumanity.blogspot.com/…/re-cervesa-virus-an…

I would add the third one:
Do not be distracted in your focus by panic and fear, and if you are, go to the first one I mentioned here.
With much passion, love for life, and my community,

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Free yourself from fear

ARE YOU IN FEAR THESE DAYS? Then read this message to the end.

Waking up to the reality of who one is beyond LIMITED perception of being a small separate human allows to operate in this world WITHOUT FEAR. When you locked into the perception of who you are as a person you know yourself and that's all your mind have access to, in the times of CRISIS you locked into fear, you react and make decisions from fear. FREE YOURSELF from the limited perception and you will free yourself from fear, your eyes will open to many parts of this human world you were not able to see. In times like these you will continue to walk with dignity and a smile, and help others in many ways. Yes, I am peddling "Buddha on a Bull: Practical Approach to Enlightenment" book, but not because it is my book, I have to tell you I don't even feel it's mine, I feel as I am just helping it to get to the right hands and READY minds. I would love to be released from it already, but it has its own life and INTENT. And that intent is to take one on a journey and at the end give them a chance to WAKE UP - to wake up to a different perception of who one is, to wake up to themselves as Conscious Awareness. With Buddha on a Bull the possibility of a dramatic change in how one sees themselves is real. Sudden release of the limited identity or preparation to dump it any moment is REAL. You can free yourself from living in FEAR by dropping limited identity you unknowingly hold on to. How To described step by step in a book. There is no guarantee, but there is a chance for anyone who is ready.
Buddha on a Bull: Practical Approach to Enlightenment is on Amazon WORLDWIDE. https://www.amazon.com/Buddha-Bull-Practical-Approach-Enlightenment/dp/1733222006/

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Cervesa virus and how I boost immunity

What I do to boost immunity?
If I feel a bit under the weather, as I am getting cold, I take big dose vitamin C: 7-8 grams in the same day. Usually after this Vit C load I completely loose any coming cold symptoms. I stayed flue and cold-free for many years due to this very intervention with Vit C megadose. My maintenance dose is 1gram a day, but I am not consistent. Basically I take mega dose when I need and then I forget about Vit C. I eat sauerkraut or kimchi every day which has enough Vit C for maintenance. UPDATE March 20: I am prepared to introduce a massive dose of Vit C into my body in case I get the virus. Massive dose: 2 grams every 6 min for 3 hours or similar. Right now I am taking 1-2 grams a day as maintenance (got consistent!) One of the good options for megadose: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004FO79FG/ I also will add here I take Vit D 5000mg daily as maintenance and 10000mg during virus period. And colloidal silver to gargle, if you have sore throat. Silver does work for me well for years to kill any virus/bacteria on onset. UPDATE March 30 I noticed that Solaray Vit C raised price. I bought for 22$, now its 35$ and available in 3 weeks. So search for another brand 1000mg. And take 1-2 a day for maintenance and more if you freaking out to catch the virus or you feel a bit under weather, on onset. Take 2 grams every half an hour until you take 7-8 grams total. This usually helps me. But if you want to really be sure you killed the fker, then go bonkers and take 2 grams every 10 min for couple of hours (for this purpose I bought the powdered C, easier to take megadoses ) P.S. I am not a medical professional, I am just sharing what I do and what I would do if sick. In fact, I got sick a bit in NYC and I took 8 grams of Vit C just like I said here, and that was the end of the story.

I drink a small jar of green juice almost every day (Update: 2X a week now): kale, celery, ginger, lemon, sometimes add spinach, apple. I make a batch twice a week, not religiously, but I try to make it, especially if I see really good celery in Whole Foods or farmer's market. I can't keep myself from buying 2 bunches (organic celery is relatively inexpensive here 1.99$ ) and then I don't have a choice but buying all other ingredients and make a juice (we have so small refrigerator, if I bought the veggies I am forced to make a juice the same day). Our juice stay fresh for 3 days in a fridge so I make a lot for the next three days for two people.

I make a hot spicy drink in a stainless steel tumbler: lemon and ginger. I steep it and add water through the day, if needed. I used to add honey and cayenne to the drink, but right now I skip both, the first two ingredients are enough.

I walk on the ocean almost every day, if its too cold, it might be just 10 min, if the weather is warm, an hour or so. With my partner we walk in a forest every week, we just love walking, hiking, or we just drive along the ocean to see the beauty of Pacific coast, might go out to look at sunset, or just sit in a car. Not sure how that boosts immunity, but just for a story :)

Every day after a shower I dip in a cold plunge on our backyard (a soaking plastic tub I bought on Amazon that we fill with cold water once in 3 weeks in a winter and more often in a Summer): https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Life-Portable-Plastic-Bathtub/dp/B008XSXQIO/ I add hydrogen peroxide a bit to keep water fresh for long time. I used to sit in a tub for 10 min before, but I noticed I get chilly during the day, so I cut it to 2 min and it works great! It energizes and refreshes and definitely boost immunity! You can use cold shower.

I walk barefoot on the earth on our backyard in the morning while exercising a little bit. I am not a gym type at all, I am lazy as it gets, so my exercise consist of hanging from the pole like a sausage :) But I have to say this really strengthen my arms and upper body, just hanging as much as possible. It elongates the spine and release stuck energies from my shoulders from too much computer :) I can't pull myself up, just a little bit, but hanging does wonders, so do not underestimate any kind of exercise that works for you.

I quit sugar a month ago. This mean all kind of sugar: honey, fruits, any carbs, except vegetables. So yes, I got myself into ketosis - where body uses for energy fat, not glucose. I highly recommend to check this out, because this fixed all kinds of digestive issues very quickly and I am amazed by the science of ketosis. I am looking so much forward to this very way of eating every day, I love it! I start my day with coffee with butter and MCT oil and I do not want to eat after that for at least 4 hours. I found this information accidentally, my close friend was diagnosed with colon cancer, and I was trying to find out more about the cure and stumbled upon a book "Anyway you can": https://www.amazon.com/ANYWAY-YOU-CAN-Bosworth-BEGINNERS/dp/0999854232/ that helped me to open my eyes to ketosis. I feel as ketosis is a huge immune booster. And I lost so far 9LBS eating the way I love and the way it makes me feel well fed and at the same time, feel light.
We use portable far infra-red sauna couple of times a week or I also use Epson salt baths. I used to go to Russian banya all my life and Korean sauna in NYC, but where I live now we don't have any of those, so we use portable sauna - works so well! We use this one, its truly the best, but I did not buy it directly, I found on craiglist: https://www.relaxsaunas.com/quality_portable_sauna.html And lastly, we burn sage in the house, every day. It kills any airborn bacteria and viruses. And elevates the spirit. I felt moved to share personal tidbits at these times, maybe someone will find something for yourself that will work for you. Love,

Friday, March 6, 2020

Deep human spirituality

A lot of deep inner work within myself and with my son, healing ancient ancestral dynamics. This human stuff is the real spirituality, embodied and a heart-based. All the spiritual practices of awakening and enlightenment, if they do not lead deeply into the heart, it is not complete, and there are many dangers to be stuck half-way on the road once you awaken the mind to Consciousness. Work in both directions: transcend to a certain degree, then go and live it and let it integrate, wait, do not rush, wait and sink into life, do not run from mundane. Do not blow off your head before you put the proper clothes on yourself, otherwise there is a big chance to end up on the streets naked.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

No choice!

Its an amazing times to be alive and live every inch of it!!🙏 This is not your average in-the-middle of a cycle times, when everything starts the same and ends the same. You start life in one unfathomable for the human mind epoch and you end in the other 💥 The intense changes to the energies, human mind, entire human race, Nature, the environment on the planet and ALL are EPIC!! People, please do not think something wrong with you. You are not alone, not only one, and not just you: if you experience deep intensity of feelings of ALL kinds - these are the times of extreme intensity in feeling for ALL humanity! The intensity is the key. Feeling is a lock...we are unlocking the FEELING. You do have a choice. You can choose intense feeling of compassion, love, appreciation, eagerness to live, joy of creativity OR you can choose fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, envy... I know I sound like it's easy, and oh, I know it is not, but people, there is NO CHOICE in expanding in FEELING at these times. So which one you intend to be a carrier of ?

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Probably Book 3

Couple of days ago I admitted as a possibility that perhaps me and Anthony are twin flames. Who know this term well know that this is not an easy relationship for simple human pleasures, it's a relationship with a big purpose. Both involved are a subject to complete mutation through the relationship to release mind's limitations and ingrained beliefs, shed the energetics of the victim, and open up fully to Love as a basis of our Being. This is the monumental work of the spirit through both vehicles which has no finish line, but while in this very mutation, you can help those around by your own example. I decided to admit this possibility, though I am not a fun of the labeling, and I don't know if it is true or not, but what I saw in myself, in him, and our relationship for the last five years is hard to describe... and I am not ready to do it yet, probably Book 3  

Friday, February 28, 2020

On focusing attention (re: corona virus scare city)

We all will die,
better worry about spending
(doesn't matter how many years left here)
being fearful, scared, paranoid, and controlled
in what the thoughts you run
in between your eyebrows and your scalp...
a small space, right?
Like an old Grundig radio that we used in Russia
to catch any other propaganda, besides the Soviet,
your head is a Grundig,
and you can keep switching the channels,
until you get to the one with the music.
Maybe buy a ticket and go to classical concert,
and travel with the music cleansing your fearful mind.
That music was created in the world with much more viruses and unknown diseases that you can imagine.
Create something timeless, create something from the heart,
un-glue yourself from the news, propaganda for masses.
Americans watched too many scary news and trillers
and had too little troubles to live through.
We are sterile and afraid of peeing in the forest,
we would hold till we reach the porta potty,
almost exploding
in that plastic blue box.
Use your life force,
your precious attention wisely,
and wash your hands.🙏

Monday, February 17, 2020

Find a courage to sing your own

We all have our unique tone, unique vibration to participate here in this life, the unique song to sing in this lifetime. Please do not take on someone else's song, there is no song better then your own, truly. You know it, but your vocal cords are so tight from trying to sing the song that is not yours, that nothing comes out, and you are silently listening to others who sing theirs, who are fully living themselves, while you are hiding, unfulfilled, frustrated, secretly bitter, uninspired, and unhappy. Find a courage to sing your own.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Time to individualize

Very very deceiving times. White perceived as black and black as white. This is a good time to turn completely to yourself and stop looking up to anyone. Time to individualize. This is closer step to Wholeness then any help you can get. Find someone who will turn you to yourself, so you live you, and your uniqueness blossoms as you go. Find someone who will sit with you without identity of a teacher, because to sit with a teacher automatically messes up your mind into smallness and not enough-ness. Find those who live themselves fully and will nudge you to live yourself fully, which in most cases means that you have to leave them behind. Find those who show you how they done it, and let you fly on your own trajectory in your own unique way.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How I use Human Design System in my work with spiritual seekers

I have been asked by many what is Human Design system that I use in some of my coaching.  The best way for me to explain is to post this explanation from my website http://elenanezhinsky.com/:

Endorsement of Human Design by spiritual teacher Adyashanti :
"... By unraveling the confusing and paradoxical elements of our unique human design, we can come into a clear understanding of the human vehicle through which our true nature as universal spirit is functioning.”
Human Design is an extremely accurate and in depth way of explaining the subtle nature of human interaction.  It is the merger between Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra System (all in one system of looking at human energy mechanics); It’s a system that allows people to learn the best ways to enter situations and make decisions in life.  The simple map to true self love.

I found Human Design system profoundly beneficial in my own life, and I have been studying this professionally. 
This is a mentoring session where I synergistically incorporate Human Design, Behavioral psychology and non-dual awareness view.  I am open to work with anyone who still struggle with the old character tendencies. We will look where do you still live conditioned responses. You might be aware of it or not, but nevertheless, it's a driving mechanism in your life. You probably still making incorrect decisions, creating more of the same conditioned life to deal with later. 

Human Design can be the most profound clarifying tool. My way of bringing it is simple! It is free from intellectual information and technicalities that only will entertain the mind. My intent is to offer you practical way of very simple behavioral modifications you can experiment with, that will lead to notice, understand and let go of conditioned mind tendencies, and overtime lead to correct alignment of energies, freedom, and innate wisdom of individuated consciousness.

painting by Nadezhda Mitskevich 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Some Reflections and a New movement

Some sharing from clients: "There continues to be a cascading effect of transformation for me." ~ S.

"This was pure, real and true" ~ C

"It's worth so much more than I imagined" ~ J

"A couple of sticky issues dissolved almost instantly" ~ S

"Elena pointed out what was at the core" ~ R

"my life just changed on a dime...this is probably the most pivotal thing that's happened to me since awakening in 2012" ~ D.

"A little bit scary, but truly amazing and freeing" ~ M

"There’s a mastery of getting there, of focusing us, tuning me back to myself" ~ E

"She connected and she listened with all her being" ~ P

"Elena, does not waste words or time." ~ D

"Magic is probably the best word for it." ~ S

"It was relaxing, enjoyable, and actually a lot of fun" ~ J

"The simplicity of the process allows Elena’s natural intuitive and psychic gifts to come into play" ~ F

"I briefly felt a bit uncomfortable not carrying around all my crap, and then I just felt lighter, and very, very quiet" ~ R

"I’m a changed man.." ~ M

"profound effects are so grounding!" ~ JH

"Elena brings the spiritual search into the realm of being human" ~ Z

"Elena sees you and through all of your bullshit. She helps you laugh about it!" ~ S

"your generous heart, your power and your childlike spirit which are so refreshing!" ~ Je

"The discovery experience with Elena was more powerful and self revealing than anything I have ever done before" ~ C

"This happened so organically and it feels so right" ~ SF

"I feel pretty speechless about our session" ~ A

"It feels to me as I had 30 years of psychotherapy in a couple of sessions." ~ SA

"Just feels so good to be free!" ~ A

Here is the website with all the information: https://www.elenanezhinsky.com/

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