Saturday, July 18, 2020

A letter to my people

Editing to "5 min or less" video that didn't save 3 times :)

I am looking into how to wrap up my video project that I did unceasingly for the last 45 days or so, it feels much longer, it took all my attention. Sometimes it was bliss and sometimes it was very trying, especially editing various videos to a 5 min or less format that came suddenly to me in a vision 🦉
I could spend 2 hours to cut out and edit a piece of a video from a longer video and then Youtube would not process it correctly, and the changes would be gone. It happened to me on one particular little video 3 times, you can calculate how much effort was in that trying. The last time it was yesterday, and I just deleted the whole thing and did the other piece that came out today "Living in a Head?". Sometimes you submit to the forces beyond your comprehension, for whatever reason that stubborn piece didn't want to be and escaped every time I tried. 🤡
I have a lot of patience with some things, and no patience at all with other things. I went to bed yesterday feeling in awe how these types of things when you work for 2 hours your efforts disappear because of the technology, three times, doesn't evoke any emotion, and other things like seeing yesterday on a beach a young mom in a mask with her little child on her lap looking at her, trigger emotion. What I see is deeper things and I can't help myself to bump into a thick wall of old crusty collective conditioning. 🤖
I am adjusting to live in the world when the world gone mad and its also visual, didn't I live in USSR with Lenin on every forehead and repeating the same slogan to keep reinforcing what was imposed on supposed to be free man? "Save Lives" and other slogans that are introduced right now remind me my old life, and how easily and wholeheartedly a human mind believe and follow. I don't even want to think about what's coming. 👀
I know I was born for these kind of times when I keep living freedom I found and express it to others, without any agenda, just expression of my own freedom, my experience as a human, and anyone who resonate welcome to read or listen, for whatever reason you need it. Just please help me sometimes and share it with someone else if you find it helpful, like it if you find it worthy to watch, share it if it touched you. In the universe of technology we depend on algorithms, if no one click that thumb up, you get invisible to people, simple and complex matter at the same time. 😶
So coming back to my video project. I am going to wrap it up, but not sure yet how, I am like a paraglider that catches the wind to go into certain direction, I am gliding still waiting for a breeze to take me in. I hope to make a video every week and continue to put out " in 5 min or less" project out, but need to expand my attention on other things in my life that are waiting.💼
I very much, very much appreciate anyone who is on a ride with me, who help by commenting and liking, sharing these videos for others to be visible in a sea of information. I appreciate you guys who wrote to me personally with your experiences, who felt me close to you when watching, who felt connected, who expanded their mind and heart along with me 😘 🙏 

Intellectual Spiritual Seeker Scenario

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


From my Facebook page.  Applies here as well.

The question to myself I face lately how to navigate this time being myself, very specific individual mind which is not here to listen and be conditioned by the rest of the world. How to remain being able to say what I am here to say, not post memes from others, re-post others posts, provide data, sources of information and so on - I am not here for that, this is prerogative of collective mind. Individual mind here to express not necessarily in line with collective, often it is provocation out of collective conditioning.
I have no collective or tribal wiring, more then that, the ONLY consistent wiring I've got in my human design chart called "Genius to Freak" (I know for some of you it will be a relief to hear!) Here how it actually works: If you resonate with what is said, you might see a genius in me, if you don't , then surely you will see me as a freak. So this is how we sort out each other here: if you see a freak in me, then I either was incorrect within myself and said something in a WRONG TIMING, or you are not correct for me as a recipient, let's say, we are INCORRECT for each other and we better to part. I am surely here to speak in my community, among people who know me well, who know I am not speaking from malicious intent, who know I speak from great passion for people to wake up, from compassion, and my expression is nothing more then an attempt to shake people up, to create a bit of cognitive dissonance to open up to a new way of seeing.
If you don't see that, please just leave, we are too far from each other in a fractal of things, not on the same page as we say it more simply, I am not here for you and you are not here to receive anything from me. We have nothing to do with each other, like a rainforest in Amazon and the icecaps in Arctic. They both have a right to exist and have a specific life intent, and let's just leave it at that for us both.
I am here to produce original thought, from my own being in it's entirety: from my own reasoning, from my own feeling, from the vastness of life experience, the deep compassion to humanity, love for my own unique expression, and love for freedom. When I write these things on my page I have an intent through ALL my posts and this intent is for those who connect with WHAT and HOW I write, and the FEELING in between, this intent is to open the mind to see anew. I don't want you to agree with me, I want your mind for a second have a little opening to a different possibility, that's all. Thats all I aim with my every post, be that I am talking about how my mind operates, or I am talking about uniqueness of all of us, or I am provoking in a way that is borderline on a social norm, or anything I post.
I don't use this page to share my personal life, I use this page to impact, inspire, touch and transmit this very intent. If you feel offended or you feel I am a freak, that's a good indication you and me are not connecting beyond the words you see on a page, and it's better not to be together. You simply leave. But if you feel like I have at least something intriguing for you and it keeps you here to read some of it, and you are constantly confused by the variety of the messages and you don't know how to react, but you keep reading, instead of calling me names (which I delete, I am not a masochist to keep it on my page), to know me better you might read my book Buddha on a Bull, watch my videos, especially the series I am recording right now "Complete Humanity", you might connect with me there, and maybe discover something new in yourself as well.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Authentic Face

By some messages I read I see that some people are lost in their set character and have no idea they are. They hear me talking about myself with awareness of the conditioned character and it's roles, and they assume it has nothing to do with them, they think their existence as a character they know with all the supporting neurological responses, physiology, habits of the mind, set ways in life, familiar ways they hold themselves, gestures, postures, aspirations, ideas and's them. They have no idea that what responds to life is not them, but conditioned mind. Doesn't matter really even if you are awake to some degree to bigger perspective, even worse, then you are really fucked. Until all that persona that you hold start to crumble and you allow it to die, to dissolve, you will never see your authentic face. You might think you know your authentic face, but thats another layer of denial. Don't think you can oversmart life, if you really honest with yourself, you will be able to give yourself to life fully. It is different in everyone's case, but it requires to scarifies everything you know about yourself and allow yourself be pushed, challenged, break, and loved by life itself  🙏

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Don't loose your essential human freedoms to fear

I watched yesterday Trump telling journalists that he is taking chloroquine and zinc. Not that I love Trump, please do not miss-interpret me like in other of my posts, read this without judgment, it will help you to understand that covid is not a deadly virus and you can prepare yourself and if needed take something that helps.
I describe in my writing before that I too took not chloroquine, but tonic water contained quinine (for those who can't get chloroquine, it works as well!) + Zinc. Trump taking it preventative, I took it for acute illness. What was it I don't know, you know covid tests are not available for general population, but I did have some symptoms described in the media, like burning in the chest and throat and my article about it on my blog Complete Humanity.
Don't fear death when it's 99+% about recovery, often quick like in my case, often without any symptoms. Don't make a righteous stand that we all have to follow the fear-based living because of your fear. Please do not slander me just because I stand for my right to live essential human freedoms of choosing how I live my life in already very tight parameters set by whoever structure the ways of living on this plane. Please, before you call me selfish for not following what you want me to follow, just for a second assume that maybe if I would be selfish I would sit quietly at home eating my grass-fed butter that I stock up on and watching from afar how easily human beings follow strange orders from the authorities, disregarding their own critical thinking, the science, the numbers, the doctors - virologies, epidemiologists, triple board certified, and listen to a random software guy who invest in Monsanto, and then wait for his vaccine to be ok to go outside and hug another human being. That would be super selfish, I agree.


Here is my post where I described Quinine-Zinc protocol I used:

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I hope more people wake up from a deep sleep

I hope more people wake up from a deep sleep.
All the chaos that is happening helps to shake people from the familiar place. Things are organized on this plane to keep us in the dark, sort of keep us in "our place". It's hard for people to understand that they have a certain place and it's on the bottom of the social pyramid, it's especially hard to see it here in America where people thought they live in democracy and they matter. It is also hard to see it for spiritual seekers who believe "we all one" denial concept taken out of the context of the actual transmutative experience.

It was very hard for me to see the real organization on this planet, because I am naturally positively inclined, I see goodness first. To see what's going on was very painful, it took years until I was able to digest this and accept that this is the life I was born to live, this is exactly the environment for life in this form to fulfill it's intent. It started with Gurgieff 's book "Belzebab Tales to his Grandson", I remember the feeling of deep grief it evoked as I was reading how Belzebab described humans and how life organized on Earth. It was 1999 or so. It's 2020 now. This is how long it took me to be able to look without turning away.

So I understand that people turn away from some things, it's just too scary, too crazy, too out there, it's conspiracy. These disillusionments are painful, every level of illusion, doesn’t matter what part of it, was painful to see. I am a bit more prepared psychologically to face these monumental changes on Earth that started to be visible. They will continue to shock the world going forward for the next cycle, until it’s complete. It will be completely different world. It’s a bit unsettling sometimes, but mostly thrilling to live at these times ! I still can't believe we are actually living it. It is absolutely mind-blowing to be able to be alive now and witness the change of epoch.

We all need to wake up to spaces in us that are dormant, they are different for different people, can be on a very fine level, existential, or very much mundane, like how this society is organized, and what our place in it, where is the real power, who controls how we live. I am here basically just to talk about my own experience, in all kind of different ways, so hang with me, maybe something will be helpful one day or another. From the whole array of what I read and saw in the last couple of months of "pandemic" one doctor really stood out for me. He was talking in a way I see humanity, diversity, variety, life, Nature. He was talking about beauty of everything, the viruses included.
Here is the link to the interview of this doc. His name is Dr. Zach Bush, M.D., and watch his other videos, they are very very potent, not only to make sense of this "pandemic", but expand the mind to the systemic view of life. Though every system still limited, but his systemic view is much more higher order then completely linear view of fear-based "Stay at home and wear mask" sort of thing. Dr. Zach Bush on Covid 19 and more

And of cause, watch George Carlin, he still lives in his brilliant monologues that can reveal a lot if you are willing to hear.


Saturday, May 9, 2020

Do Your Works

I was asked by one block today how I enjoy the present moment when I express strong feelings. Oh yes, I feel. I have feelings. Do you? Are you feeling flat and disengaged and you call that balance? I have feelings of care, concern for human beings. I feel humanity's feelings, sometimes it is overwhelming, and I cry, I let the river of compassion wash out my being. I am not ashamed by my deep feelings, not in denial, I am a human, a woman, a mother, a role model for some.
This is not a matter of artificial enjoyment out of denial of your feelings. This is a matter of living yourself fully. This brings real enjoyment of every moment I breath and live who I am. When I express what I want to express, without holding, without fear, without denial, I am living whom I came here to live, and truth of my being expressed is absolute joy to participate in. What can be more fulfilling then expressing who I am, without fear? Each moment is complete. I live in childlike curiosity for life and eager to play every moment, ask my partner.
Wake up to who you are, not transcend and escape who you are, and you will enjoy the present moment truly. You will enjoy being human, seeing and feeling and being exactly what you are here for. I have seen enough spiritualized defensive spiritual seekers who are compensating their disembodiment protective mechanisms developed early on in life, unable to see the fullness of humanness. I was one of them, so I can talk about it in details that only possible for me because I did the works. Do your works, people.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Snap out of fear, folks!

I am not even sure where to start, but I will, otherwise I never write it down which happens very very often, much more often then someone who call themselves a writer can afford.  This post will be a mixed bag of what was going on in my world in the last couple of days and this post might not be well-structured, forgive me for this, I really don't want to write, but feel this might help some people, so it will do it.
About half way I am describing my experience with Zinc+Quinine protocol. For anyone interested in emergency treatment for virus I tried on myself... but first...
This corona scare city got to the peek recently among the people, and I had to post a few posts on social media that evoke a lot of feelings in people. I am known in the ability to evoke feelings, this is the aim of my writings, so I am glad it worked. I have this provocative energy in me that get's unleashed when I write, I am here to touch some hidden fears, challenge some old beliefs. Of cause it includes myself as well, I had to live through a half a century of experiences to get clear in myself in order to be able to write in a way that is effective for transformation.

Real tangible transformation doesn't come with neutrality and trying to please the crowd.  It comes through evoking some cognitive dissonance, the disillusionment in one or another lie we hold dear to ourselves, and confronting lies is nothing less then a courageous act.  It might be easy for some, I don't know, this is not my case here. So we are very much connected in the field through this possibility of transformation, it does include me in it. 

Recently I had a lot of support, but also a lot of resistance in the field. Oh, I am so happy my writings stoke a fear cord in many people, hey, I have done my work perfectly then, because hiding and escape doesn't really do much in evolvement of the spirit, and these days it's essential to start to look into hidden places of fear, how else you can go forward in life when the whole world as we know it is going kaput?! 

No, it will not going to be like it was before. If you still hope that things will come back to "normal" after a while, no, the changes on the planet Earth in a way our life is structured and run will never be the same. There are going to be humongous changes, and its just a start.  So brace yourself, and instead of running from being challenged in some of the beliefs that will not serve you to go forward in these chaotic times, 
open yourself to new ways of seeing and experiencing.  These are the times of restructuring the entire financial system of the world (yes, it is one of the main reason everything is in a chaos right now).  For those who are re-structuring the ways we live this is not a chaos, there is a particular plan, but as George Carlin said: "There is a club, and me and you are not in it": George Carlin "The big club" video on YouTube.

It doesn't mean that this recent virus is not real, sure it is, like other viruses and flus, and germs, and bacterias, but the real reasons for entire world lock-down is to use it as a smoke screen to divert people's entire focus on danger of the virus and evoke fear. Basically steal people's attention while starting re-structuring the world financial system and the entire human society.  I understand that most people are unable to see it, the fear of getting the virus and dying is taking their entire focus in life right now. And surely I hit resistance on social media with my provocative messages like this one:

"This starts to remind me living with KGB in Russia, and right now while this coverup going on mind programming is not even that sophisticated, you can see it if you want! At least we were born into that society and were indoctrinated to be afraid to speak up since childhood. What is happening to you people who were brought up with a freedom of speech, why the fk you are silent? Still meditating? Good Luck."

But let's get to the heart of this post, something I wanted to share, in case you will need it.  I am not a medical professional and this is not a medical advice, but description of my own experience.  

I will tell you guys how I went recently through some of corona adventure. I am not sure if this was a virus, or it was some woo-woo from the field of resistance from social media (you know how this works in mysterious ways), but I actually got sick for couple of days. This is why I took a break to take care of myself and signed off from FB.

I suddenly developed symptoms people describe in the early stages of the virus: pains in the body, headache, burning in my throat and a chest. This could be anything, but at these times everyone who gets any symptoms of any illness, automatically think it's covid19, and since testing is not available, I decided to treat it as a virus. 

As per my own article:  
Cervesa Virus and How I boost immunity which I posted in the beginning of this pandemic, I immediately took high dose Vitamin C (8 grams with some short intervals) and I used nano silver to swish in my throat.  It did not help this time, the next day I woke up really sick.  I had in mind couple of protocols in case I will get hit by covid19, one of them was homeopatics, and I was prepared.  I bought a set of homeopathy for this very case to treat, but unfortunately I did not read the instructions beforehand, and as I tried to print it out and read it, I was seizing up. I realized I have to just go for the Quinine+Zinc protocol I described in my article, though taking high dose of 100mil of zinc with Quinine was a bit scary.  Not for a reason! 

I don't know if my organism reacted to it in an intense way, or this is a general reaction to this protocol, but after I took Quinine tonic water with 100mil of zinc in a very short time it started to remind me a beginning of Ayahuaska journeying: intense nausea and my mind went in sort of mild delirium state.  I wanted to throw up, but I kept telling myself to hold it (anyone who have done Aya knows its good to hold until you can't anymore :) ) "Just hold it, Elena, as much as you can.  Relax, lay down, and let it kill the fucker ", were general instructions to myself.

So I did. I went outside and laid down on a grass on my backyard and immediately drifted into delirium completely.  I laid for sometime, tripping, at some point I fell asleep. I want to tell you that I did not have any troubles of breathing, but I had intense burning in my throat and the second day I felt it went into my chest. I had body pains just like you have it with any flu, tension headache, maybe a fewer, but I did not measured it. After I woke up there was absolutely no symptoms, zero.  First what I noticed is the burning in my throat and a chest was completely gone, no pains in my bones, no tension headache, I was clear of all of it, at once, completely, like we say in Russia: "like the cow licked it off".

Truly I was amazed, because it did match completely the data from LA emergency rooms where patients with covid19 were treated with chloroquine (contain Quinine) and Zinc and were released in a matter of 1-2 days. Some info about it:

Where I got my dosage for Quinine Zinc protocol

Chloroquine, Zinc Trials
LA hospitals and chloroquine

I did not use 
chloroquine, I used Quinine rich Tonic water and ionic Zinc I bought on Amazon, the link to both is here:How I boost Immunity 
Also you might ask me what the title of this post was about?  I actually borrowed my partner's words from his post recently:

Please watch the REAL numbers in California!! California doctors investigating what is really going on in our state with covid19. Something is drastically wrong with how this situation is handled. Snap hell out of fear folks! Let's get real and support our community by sharing this kind of information, not disinformation brought to us by mainstream media and our own fears!" Here is the link to the video: Covid19 Briefing in California

video by one of my favorite docs on the net Dr. Berg: 

COVID-19: Is It as Deadly as They Say?

Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai exposing big pharmas, hospitals and vaccines:

On the end note I want to leave you again with George Carlin's brilliant speech on viruses and all kinds of germs:
This video on Youtube:
George Carlin on fear of germs and viruses 

Some of my recent posts on Fear:

We were born for these times!
Fear of survival: personal experience
If you are a Leader, do not loose the vision
Free yourself from Fear


Wednesday, April 8, 2020


"Tell me I am an old guy and Corona virus is gonna come and get me. I just get healthier. Screw you!" 
~ Robert Kiyosaky

There are many people who afraid to get sick and die. People are choosing to be blind that it is treatable and that treatment is widely available in a forms of megadose of Vit C, Quinine+Zinc, and basically it is anything that can boost your own immunity to any virus, this one or any in a future.
People choose to walk in all kinds of plastic aquanaut costumes so outside air would not penetrate the plastic barrier, while all kind of viruses are inside already, and if you are weak, they gonna get the perfect breading material - your own cells. Even if you inhale the virus, drink hot/warm drink often (like lemon/ginger tea or etc) and it will take the virus down the drain where stomach acid will kill it. How you can drink often if you constantly closing your nose and mouth?

Anyone who is scared to die, start to really live now. Make every moment important. If you sit at home in anxiety you are wasting your life. Notice every breath, every movement be conscious, every thought - listen as you listening to a radio, then when you are not too fused with your thoughts, try to switch the channel: engage in something meaningful, something that makes you interested, alive. Live a day like that, then you can die, at least you lived, and not in your head 🙏

As I wrote before, for those who missed it:

Fear is the most contagious virus, created right here, in your own head. Boost your immunity to it, do not breed it, do not pass it on, do not get ill with scare-city! Stay in your heart, you are divine powerful human being, not a programmable biological material 🙏

Want to read practical ways to deal with fear-based environment, here what I have shared from my own experience:

I keep updating my blog post on how I boost immunity, check it periodically what I am up to:

Video on Quinine+Zinc:

Thursday, April 2, 2020

We were born for these times

Please understand that we were born for these times, its not something random going on that we have nothing to do with. This is exactly the environment for human spirit to evolve at this point in time, regardless if mind like it or not. There is massive, massive changes are coming, and some of them more intense then others, but we are equipped to meet the changes and the challenges, and more then that, exactly through the challenges we will grow and mature on all levels of human existence. The sooner you stop denying the reality by pushing against it with some old concepts, or hiding from it in ignorance, the sooner you will feel your own role in this life, your own center of gravity, your own decision making, your own responsibility and ownership of your humanity. 🙏

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

If you are a leader please do not loose the vision

If you are a leader please do not loose the vision. You walked to be a leader a lifetime, opening the wisdom. These temporary though very chaotic times are surely unprecedented in our lives, but your vision as a leader should be deeper then events, stronger then imposed fears, your heart is what leads the way to the light. Open it completely, do not cave into separation that is imposed on humanity right now. Yes, keep to yourself physically, we need to learn how to play our role in this game, but to focus the mind for the leader is essential. Where do you focus it, where you lead your people to, what you feed them everyday, is it your own unprocessed fears or it is your courage to stand in the times of chaos and hold the torch of the blazing human heart to light the way 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

On Fear of Survival, personal experince

I learnt a great deal about fear of survival through immigration while I was also 8 month pregnant with 1 suitcase for both of us: me and my ex-husband, both 23y.o. We arrived to USA with no money, not speaking English, in the middle of heat wave in July 1992 in NYC. I had to walk very pregnant long distances in the city, very thirsty, looking at people casually drinking Coca Cola. I had no money to even take additional trip by subway, or to buy a drink. We found the carriage for our newborn son on a street on garbage day. The next three years were horrifically difficult. My ex-husband don't even remember it, his system got shut off from the overload, mine carried me through, but I came out as a victim. Surely we did not survive together and parted.

20+ years later I experienced a second wave of great raw fear of survival when everything happened at once: my mind exploded in Awakening, my house burnt down, husband was gone, job, friends, health - all gone. All at the same time. If you think I don't know what fear is and just write articles on awakening and cheer up others to wake up because it's a thing to do ... p l e a s e....I do it because I know the extent of suffering! I also know what it means to live awake and be Conscious...and it doesn't mean constant "ebb and flow", but, boy it really helps to live human here! Do I experience fear? Sure, sometimes I do, but it does not cover my sight, it does not make me collapse and panic, it makes me suddenly focus and get really clever. Do I need to sell you any other benefits of becoming Conscious?

My story of awakening is in Buddha on a Bull book (On Amazon), but most importantly, the second part of the book will guide your mind to become CONSCIOUS, or at least it will help to expand it from it's current limitation to a state of a possibility of genuine awakening 🙏 And the fear? 👹
You will have a special relationship with it, a friendly one

P.S. I had to close comments section on my blog, I was attacked by spammers, and after deleting 200+ of spam comments I decided to not even have comments section at this time. But please comment on Facebook, or send email. I will re-open comment section at some point in a future. E.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Practical real ways to deal with current fear based situation

Two important things where to focus your mind right now:
Read about how I did it and how it is possible for you:…/read-this-book-free…

Read about what I do about it right now:…/re-cervesa-virus-an…

I would add the third one:
Do not be distracted in your focus by panic and fear, and if you are, go to the first one I mentioned here.
With much passion, love for life, and my community,

Please share this message 

Free yourself from fear

ARE YOU IN FEAR THESE DAYS? Then read this message to the end.

Waking up to the reality of who one is beyond LIMITED perception of being a small separate human allows to operate in this world WITHOUT FEAR. When you locked into the perception of who you are as a person you know yourself and that's all your mind have access to, in the times of CRISIS you locked into fear, you react and make decisions from fear. FREE YOURSELF from the limited perception and you will free yourself from fear, your eyes will open to many parts of this human world you were not able to see. In times like these you will continue to walk with dignity and a smile, and help others in many ways. Yes, I am peddling "Buddha on a Bull: Practical Approach to Enlightenment" book, but not because it is my book, I have to tell you I don't even feel it's mine, I feel as I am just helping it to get to the right hands and READY minds. I would love to be released from it already, but it has its own life and INTENT. And that intent is to take one on a journey and at the end give them a chance to WAKE UP - to wake up to a different perception of who one is, to wake up to themselves as Conscious Awareness. With Buddha on a Bull the possibility of a dramatic change in how one sees themselves is real. Sudden release of the limited identity or preparation to dump it any moment is REAL. You can free yourself from living in FEAR by dropping limited identity you unknowingly hold on to. How To described step by step in a book. There is no guarantee, but there is a chance for anyone who is ready.
Buddha on a Bull: Practical Approach to Enlightenment is on Amazon WORLDWIDE.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Cervesa virus and how I boost immunity

What I do to boost immunity?
Look for many updates I made since I posted this blog post: They are dated and in bold blue.

If I feel a bit under the weather, as I am getting cold, I take big dose vitamin C: 7-8 grams in the same day. Usually after this Vit C load I completely loose any coming cold symptoms. I stayed flue and cold-free for many years due to this very intervention with Vit C megadose. My maintenance dose is 1gram a day, but I am not consistent. Basically I take mega dose when I need and then I forget about Vit C. I eat sauerkraut or kimchi every day which has enough Vit C for maintenance. UPDATE March 20: I am prepared to introduce a massive dose of Vit C into my body in case I get the virus. Massive dose: 2 grams every 6 min for 3 hours or similar. Right now I am taking 1-2 grams a day as maintenance (got consistent!) One of the good options for megadose: I also will add here I take Vit D 5000mg daily as maintenance and 10000mg during virus period. And colloidal silver to gargle, if you have sore throat. Silver does work for me well for years to kill any virus/bacteria on onset. UPDATE March 30 I noticed that Solaray Vit C raised price. I bought for 22$, now its 35$ and available in 3 weeks. So search for another brand 1000mg. And take 1-2 a day for maintenance and more if you freaking out to catch the virus or you feel a bit under weather, on onset. Take 2 grams every half an hour until you take 7-8 grams total. This usually helps me. But if you want to really be sure you killed the fker, then go bonkers and take 2 grams every 10 min for couple of hours (for this purpose I bought the powdered C, easier to take megadoses ) P.S. I am not a medical professional, I am just sharing what I do and what I would do if sick. In fact, I got sick a bit in NYC and I took 8 grams of Vit C just like I said here, and that was the end of the story. UPDATE APRIL 3 I added Fulvic Minerals to my daily routine. I bought them here: UPDATE APRIL 7
Here is what I ordered to add to my virus busting arsenal:
Quinine and Zinc!
I was listening to Dr. Eric Nepute today (he is on FB) who said that combination of these two things together release patients tested with Corona from LA hospital in 12-16 hours.
Quinine is an antimalarial drug which is made from Cinchona bark. The mode of action of quinine is similar to chloroquine that is used now in many hospitals to treat the virus. So if you feel flu/virus symptoms, drink any tonic water with quinine with 50-100mg of Zinc. This is emergency dose of zinc, usually its 15mg, so save the big doses for the emergency situation. Gin and tonic will work for now as preventative (just kidin!  )
Any tonic water like Shwaps will do, I ordered Quinine tonic water from Amazon:

I drink a small jar of green juice almost every day (UPDATE APRIL 1: No more juice I make for now, since I do not want to go to the stores until next week): kale, celery, ginger, lemon, sometimes add spinach, apple. I make a batch twice a week, not religiously, but I try to make it, especially if I see really good celery in Whole Foods or farmer's market. I can't keep myself from buying 2 bunches (organic celery is relatively inexpensive here 1.99$ ) and then I don't have a choice but buying all other ingredients and make a juice (we have so small refrigerator, if I bought the veggies I am forced to make a juice the same day). Our juice stay fresh for 3 days in a fridge so I make a lot for the next three days for two people.

I make a hot spicy drink in a stainless steel tumbler: lemon and ginger. I steep it and add water through the day, if needed. I used to add honey and cayenne to the drink, but right now I skip both, the first two ingredients are enough.

I walk on the ocean almost every day, if its too cold, it might be just 10 min, if the weather is warm, an hour or so. With my partner we walk in a forest every week, we just love walking, hiking, or we just drive along the ocean to see the beauty of Pacific coast, might go out to look at sunset, or just sit in a car. Not sure how that boosts immunity, but just for a story :)

Every day after a shower I dip in a cold plunge on our backyard (a soaking plastic tub I bought on Amazon that we fill with cold water once in 3 weeks in a winter and more often in a Summer): I add hydrogen peroxide a bit to keep water fresh for long time. I used to sit in a tub for 10 min before, but I noticed I get chilly during the day, so I cut it to 2 min and it works great! It energizes and refreshes and definitely boost immunity! You can use cold shower for 2 min (start with 30 sec and build up if you are new to cold water)

I walk barefoot on the earth on our backyard in the morning while exercising a little bit. I am not a gym type at all, I am lazy as it gets, so my exercise consist of hanging from the pole like a sausage :) But I have to say this really strengthen my arms and upper body, just hanging as much as possible. It elongates the spine and release stuck energies from my shoulders from too much computer :) I can't pull myself up, just a little bit, but hanging does wonders, so do not underestimate any kind of exercise that works for you.

I quit sugar a month ago. This mean all kind of sugar: honey, fruits, any carbs, except vegetables. So yes, I got myself into ketosis - where body uses for energy fat, not glucose. I highly recommend to check this out, because this fixed all kinds of digestive issues very quickly and I am amazed by the science of ketosis. I am looking so much forward to this very way of eating every day, I love it! I start my day with coffee with butter and MCT oil and I do not want to eat after that for at least 4 hours. I found this information accidentally, my close friend was diagnosed with colon cancer, and I was trying to find out more about the cure and stumbled upon a book "Anyway you can": that helped me to open my eyes to ketosis. I feel as ketosis is a huge immune booster. And I lost so far 9LBS eating the way I love and the way it makes me feel well fed and at the same time, feel light. UPDATE APRIL 7: gained back 4lbs, too much sitting at home! :)
We use portable far infra-red sauna couple of times a week or I also use Epson salt baths. I used to go to Russian banya all my life and Korean sauna in NYC, but where I live now we don't have any of those, so we use portable sauna - works so well! We use this one, its truly the best, but I did not buy it directly, I found on craiglist almost new but 3 times cheeper: UPDATE APRIL 6: I had some inquiries why this sauna is the best. I tried a few other inexpensive saunas from Amazon, no comparison! You have to sit in a cheep sauna for an hour to have the same heat as I have in this one for 20 min. Plus this one is Zero EMF (I tested their claim with EMF meter) And lastly, we burn sage in the house, every day. It kills any airborn bacteria and viruses. And elevates the spirit. I felt moved to share personal tidbits at these times, maybe someone will find something for yourself that will work for you. Love,