Sunday, April 9, 2017

I find childhood brainwash very fascinating

I find childhood brainwash very fascinating. 
Its a hypnosis we carry through the life, lead by it 
in our choices. 
No amount of seeing selflessness will
eradicate brainwash, sorry to tell you guys, 
if you hope that awakening will fix your issues. 
But there are good news! 
Awakening will put you on the right track 
where you will be led to drop brainwash, 
come out of hypnosis. 
Awakening is coming out of the ultimate hypnosis, 
coming out of the illusion of being separate entity, 
an illusion of seeing yourself as a little human 
that runs around this world in suffering. 
Awakening acts as a catalyst to drop all the illusions, 
about you as a certain character too! 
Suddenly there is a courage and a curiosity to look 
where before was total wall of certainty and belief 
covering vulnerability and authenticity. 
Awakening will give permission to itself to drop 
everything untrue, 
and it can be your entire life structure that you built, 
the professional ladder you climb, 
things you thought you achieve and accomplished...
This all can start to fall, and it can be frightening. 
The only what I can suggest to you from my experience: 
it will be little easier on you if you be fascinated and curious with whatever happening, 
and keep trust, FAITH, that the hail does not fall from the sky forever! 😀

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