Saturday, August 6, 2011

What we do in Ruthless Truth. Gate, Stream and etc.

Hi, A. I appreciate you wrote to me. And I really appreciate you went forward and looked what we are talking about here, on RT: the Gate, and liberation, and etc. We found a way to help people to end life long search, and start living life to the fullest, in whatever way it will take them. This is not new, but the way we use to apply it, new. 

The Gate is Zen metaphor that condenses explanation of what we do in 3 words - stepping through the Gate - seeing the illusion of the self, of separate entity. Once you see you are not separate, another Buddhist metaphor - Stream will take you - because there is no resistance of being separate - so it means Life will live as you in the most expanded way - so-called you just go into the world and do whatever you inspired to do - be that returning to simper ways of being OR expanding and acting in the world in a big way.

It only can happen when there is no fear. No fear for this separate self that needs protection from the world. There is nothing nihilistic here - it's inclusion of everything. Like Nissargadata said :"Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between these two my life turns". When I was on the spiritual way, I did Gurgieff way for 8 years, some Zen, Sufi, Ayahuaska, then 8 years of Vipassana retreats, then couple of years of non-duality, including Adya, Rupert Spira, Pamela Wilson - my intention was on personal peace and making my life comfortable, even though this was hidden under serving people, purifying mind, becoming better.

We manipulate everything, and use even spiritual means to "deal" with life, but we do not recognize it, until we see the truth of non-separation, experience it in the whole being. Then all the conditioning that was built for years to protect the self, starts to fall off, it has no longer a role in the system. Then one steps forward free – in any way: peaceful way, active in the world way, anything what one does now is from the place of Love – place of non-separation.

Of cause, years of conditioning and protecting, will not fall off overnight, therefore acting and speaking from the place of conditioning also there, but it is less and less, until it's no more. Wise people, who went through this, know on average, 7-10 years of unfolding of limiting beliefs. 

But I want to stress it again, about the Gate, and about the Stream. I use Stream metaphor, because I came from Theravada classical enlightenment way, and they use the Stream. One can meditate for 30 years, but if one did not step in the the Stream, one is on the bank of the river – perfecting this very “self”. It's like self who is sitting, and meditating, and perfecting. It's not accurate – there are no words in vibrational nature of the Creation, so we try to come close with words as much as possible, but they always fall short.

The best how I can illustrate this is to point you to read this guy's work with me: Deep Honesty of The Man Breaks the Illusion and Stream Entry  . First one came out with such a list of personal reasons why he was looking for enlightenment for years in meditation, I did cry. I did, seriously. My husband got emotional. Why? Because we both could relate to something in his writing.  And the second one was confirmed by his Theravada meditation teacher that he reached "The Stream Entry", but read and see how it all unfolded in my work with him.

That is what we do in Ruthless Truth – we found the way, and any of us found it's own way, to take people through the Gate. Even though, just to clarify – there is no one, there is no Gate, there is no liberation, there is no enlightenment – all this does not apply to a person – there is no person. But, each of us have to find that out. Or not. Life lives in all these intricate movements, Life already is, and there is nothing to add, to improve, to manipulate. All run by inspiration coming from Life itself – Life is what hides, Life is what is trying to solve this riddle, Life is what riddle is, Life – creation, consciousness, love – whatever words one uses – it's all that that.

A little about our private group for people who are “liberated”. We created this group on FB to help people to connect to each other and help with anything what comes up after so-called liberation. We were helping so many people lately to step into the Stream, and then some come back and need some support with left out conditioning. We found that group is the best – it helps many at the same time. The group's name is a paradox – Enlightened People. There is no such thing as enlightened person, we like this paradoxical name, but tried to find anything else that will not create oppositional feelings in people. We still working on it:)

A., I appreciate you so much that you went forward, really investigated what we do, and what it means, and wrote to me. There is so much mis–interpretation, so I do appreciate any opportunity to bring anything un-resolved to light. 

Much love and big hug! Elena