Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liberation Unleashed Direct Pointing Retreat in Arizona

I was invited to lead the retreat for Buddhist community in Mesa, Arizona by Shane Wilson, Theravada Buddhist minister... Shane Wilson realized anatta/no self at some point of his meditation practice with the help of Direct Pointing, and was eager to bring this opportunity to his community.  He organized a weekend retreat at his meditation center in Mesa, Arizona and talks in Sedona and Tuscon...8 people awakened during the retreat in Mesa...Thank you all who had a courage to look into the nature of being, and realize it...

Here is some of the visuals from the retreat. We did video and audio recordings that will be posted on youtube channel ( Elena Nezhinsky Youtube Channel Link)  and Liberation Unleashed channel and website...

We had a dinner with Liberation Unleashed friends in a cuban restaurant...yumm! Shane Wilson is a musician, he was playing guitar for us while we talked out weird LU talk :) hahaha

Citrus from Shane's garden... it all grows on trees here...OMG, really :)

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