Friday, March 30, 2018

The Weather of Being

The Weather of Being

Are you in a storm right now?
Tell me, don’t hide it, my friend
You hope if you think of peace,
then peace happens?
It takes more then thinking to be at peace.
You can understand that looking at the mountain
which is simply there 
without trembling.
If you say to yourself it’s all alright,
if you recite affirmations of peace,
if you keep yourself busy not to feel,
It’s like the calm before the storm.
It gets so quiet and dense in the air -
a perfect equilibrium of tension and stillness
before release from the heavens.
What if you allow yourself to drizzle,
to be taken on the swirl by the wind
like a pile of raked leaves?
Don’t be worried about loosing your pieces!
It’s only your feathers flying.
Your colorful dresses swaying on the clothesline
on the side of the mountain,
that beholds your spirit
which is peace itself.

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