Thursday, March 14, 2019


To become free is to become yourself. Not to become no self, but really to become yourself.

So denial of humanness won't really make you free, it will make you detached, but that detachment will be tested by life, because it is not natural state of being. Just like being attached to the humane and not seeing the divine is not natural state of being, same is with attachment to transcendent. Both are not sustainable if there is an honest exploration of yourself. You may start the exploration from any entry point, and though many disciplines provide that we usually choose them based on the inclination of the mind. What is that interesting for the mind to explore? Or we are called into the exploration by the heart.

Wherever you start, please do not stop half-way, continue. You will know when you arrive, when you feel at peace within yourself being yourself, and not for short period of time, but give it about 7 years. Let it all naturally re-arrange: your divinity, your humanness, the gifts you carry, the limitations, let it all float like a little glitter or snow particles in the viscous liquid in a plexiglass frame. They do fall on their own accord, there is no way you can hurry up their movement, you just need to turn the frame upside down and let the snow begin. Then you just watch the graceful slow movement.

And then you might turn the frame again...while you are here, why not to enjoy the mesmerizing falling of the snow...