Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I hope more people wake up from a deep sleep

I hope more people wake up from a deep sleep.
All the chaos that is happening helps to shake people from the familiar place. Things are organized on this plane to keep us in the dark, sort of keep us in "our place". It's hard for people to understand that they have a certain place and it's on the bottom of the social pyramid, it's especially hard to see it here in America where people thought they live in democracy and they matter. It is also hard to see it for spiritual seekers who believe "we all one" denial concept taken out of the context of the actual transmutative experience.

It was very hard for me to see the real organization on this planet, because I am naturally positively inclined, I see goodness first. To see what's going on was very painful, it took years until I was able to digest this and accept that this is the life I was born to live, this is exactly the environment for life in this form to fulfill it's intent. It started with Gurgieff 's book "Belzebab Tales to his Grandson", I remember the feeling of deep grief it evoked as I was reading how Belzebab described humans and how life organized on Earth. It was 1999 or so. It's 2020 now. This is how long it took me to be able to look without turning away.

So I understand that people turn away from some things, it's just too scary, too crazy, too out there, it's conspiracy. These disillusionments are painful, every level of illusion, doesn’t matter what part of it, was painful to see. I am a bit more prepared psychologically to face these monumental changes on Earth that started to be visible. They will continue to shock the world going forward for the next cycle, until it’s complete. It will be completely different world. It’s a bit unsettling sometimes, but mostly thrilling to live at these times ! I still can't believe we are actually living it. It is absolutely mind-blowing to be able to be alive now and witness the change of epoch.

We all need to wake up to spaces in us that are dormant, they are different for different people, can be on a very fine level, existential, or very much mundane, like how this society is organized, and what our place in it, where is the real power, who controls how we live. I am here basically just to talk about my own experience, in all kind of different ways, so hang with me, maybe something will be helpful one day or another. From the whole array of what I read and saw in the last couple of months of "pandemic" one doctor really stood out for me. He was talking in a way I see humanity, diversity, variety, life, Nature. He was talking about beauty of everything, the viruses included.
Here is the link to the interview of this doc. His name is Dr. Zach Bush, M.D., and watch his other videos, they are very very potent, not only to make sense of this "pandemic", but expand the mind to the systemic view of life. Though every system still limited, but his systemic view is much more higher order then completely linear view of fear-based "Stay at home and wear mask" sort of thing. Dr. Zach Bush on Covid 19 and more

And of cause, watch George Carlin, he still lives in his brilliant monologues that can reveal a lot if you are willing to hear.