Friday, September 4, 2020

Keep walking!

Anyone who suffered through life the restriction of their own sovereignty, or restriction of speech, or were not able to stand in their own center, their own authority, please know that you might bounce to another extreme at some point by momentum in the movement from being conformed ~~~~~> to being free. Don't apologize for yourself being too rigid to stand your ground, don't feel ashamed for looking a bit crazy, don't feel scared by your own strong convictions, your suddenly more deeper and powerful voice, more open throat, and more confident actions. This is very natural process, and in your case it is very rightful process of coming back to yourself, it is a life-giving movement of energies in you. 🌈

If someone who was more into themselves all their life and stood strong on their own does not recognize this life-giving process in you and start to shame you or even start to suggest you scale down your voice, speech, and actions, understand that they might feel threatened of loosing control, or they just don't know you, where you are coming from, or they really wish you well and trying to help, they can come from all kinds of places, but only you know what is life-giving for you, even if this looks too much for anyone else outside. 🌈

I use word life-giving because I feel this is the right word to describe the movement to freedom in you. It is very individual and no one outside can know what it should look and feel like, only you, so you get sensitive to that space in you that feels this, get attuned to freedom vs conforming, how it feels, how it affects your psychology, your energy, your spirit, health and so on...You become your own GPS system to navigate this very individual process. I support this in people, just like I support this in myself, it is a tight rope to walk, as anything else in authenticity in the dense social environment, but its a walk to become free <3

Keep your focus, keep to yourself, and keep walking. 😎🙏