Friday, January 11, 2013

Clear Seeing...

Every blog post I write is my own experience. It is not I am telling you what you should do or giving you my truth to accept. It is me talking to myself here, and if something corresponds to your experience, and you find it helpful, I am honored...

So today it's about clear seeing. I was inspired by Satipattana Sutta, one of the main discourses of Buddha and my own experience.

Clear Seeing...

Clear seeing is not trying to be in rest, when you are not.
Clear seeing is not trying to maintain a state of peace.
Clear seeing is seeing the reality as it is.
Clear seeing is seeing what is happening right now is what should be happening.

The problem is not what is happening, but the thought that it shouldn't be happening. The problem is wishing for something else to be happening. The problem is in arguing with reality.

Clear seeing is seeing that mind at this moment is full of thoughts.
Clear seeing is seeing that the body reacting with various sensations.
Clear seeing is seeing that there are feelings arising, because mind carries the thought at the moment that recognized by the mind as “negative” by previous experiences.

Clear seeing is seeing that this is what is happening, and accepting that this is the truth for you right now.
Fighting with reality on what is happening, because you have ideas how it should be happening, is not clear seeing, its confusion.
Even if confusion is happening, seeing that the mind is in confusion right now is clear seeing.

Clear seeing will do the job of purification of the remaining conditioning in the mind, gently ask “I” and “should” thoughts to rest...

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