Friday, January 11, 2013

Clear Seeing...

Every blog post I write is my own experience. It is not I am telling you what you should do or giving you my truth to accept. It is me talking to myself here, and if something corresponds to your experience, and you find it helpful, I am honored...

So today it's about clear seeing. I was inspired by Satipattana Sutta, one of the main discourses of Buddha and my own experience.

Clear Seeing...

Clear seeing is not trying to be in rest, when you are not.
Clear seeing is not trying to maintain a state of peace.
Clear seeing is seeing the reality as it is.
Clear seeing is seeing what is happening right now is what should be happening.

The problem is not what is happening, but the thought that it shouldn't be happening. The problem is wishing for something else to be happening. The problem is in arguing with reality.

Clear seeing is seeing that mind at this moment is full of thoughts.
Clear seeing is seeing that the body reacting with various sensations.
Clear seeing is seeing that there are feelings arising, because mind carries the thought at the moment that recognized by the mind as “negative” by previous experiences.

Clear seeing is seeing that this is what is happening, and accepting that this is the truth for you right now.
Fighting with reality on what is happening, because you have ideas how it should be happening, is not clear seeing, its confusion.
Even if confusion is happening, seeing that the mind is in confusion right now is clear seeing.

Clear seeing will do the job of purification of the remaining conditioning in the mind, gently ask “I” and “should” thoughts to rest...


  1. Oh, great you posted, because comments didn't work for sometime, and I dint know how to fix it :)

  2. so true. but difficult to stay in that moment of clear seeing after years of other indoctrination.

  3. Who makes this reality we find ourselves in>> consciousness? How does reality just happen, flow....don't understand.

  4. Thank you for your interest in these notes, Katherine!

    "so true. but difficult to stay in that moment of clear seeing after years of other indoctrination"

    of cause it is! Its re-learning life-long conditioned response. But it is possible. Try to stay calm and watch something like sadness first or boredom or irritation...See that mind now have this flavor of sadness...

    Can go further to investigate. Ask sadness to come in, like you will invite an old friend to come in, instead of standing in the door. Ask to come in and ask what it brought to you today. Like an old friend came with something to tell you, you will not hold him in the door and tell him "no, i don't even want to know what you want to say" :) You invite to come in, and ask what he came with today. So is with any feeling..Try it..:)

  5. Not seeing it clearly is what Vipassana helped me learn about. How I was causing unneeded(of course) suffering to myself. It lead to my worst ideas(or fears) spin on them instead of acting on them and clearly point with body pain. All done in my way to find my own truth. It took more than a few times, eliminating each wrong view along the way. For this I am grateful.

  6. Its hard to watch others in pain and their sadness. For me it is sadness also. I wonder why I need to experience the sadness. Its been happening all my life. Guess its time to ask why it is here.

  7. Yes, that would be very compassionate investigation, Shirley...Sadness is here to communicate something to you...ask what it is that you need to know...sit quietly and listen ....