Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You say you want peace...

The storm, pouring water on the Earth suddenly became concerned that what it does, doesn't look like peace. It became sad and unhappy, because it wanted to be a slight rain, drizzle, not a full force storm...more then that, it wished so much to become sunshine, and not rain! 

You are going through difficult emotions, its a storm...Where is the peace in the middle of the storm? The peace is not in wishing for something else to happen, to be someone else you are not...the peace is in seeing that what is happening is the only what can be happening, like heavy rain, and not a drizzle at this moment...

The peace is in acceptance of what is, 
rain or shine.


  1. So well said. I need to let the storm be what it needs to be and not fight it. Not try to go elsewhere instead of through the storm...be part of the storm? Not sure

  2. Thank you for your comments, Katherine!

    There is no need to "be part of the storm", because you are not separate from it to begin with. Its just a storm...Like there is no one who rains rain...Its just raining...Today is raining...