Wednesday, June 3, 2020


From my Facebook page.  Applies here as well.

The question to myself I face lately how to navigate this time being myself, very specific individual mind which is not here to listen and be conditioned by the rest of the world. How to remain being able to say what I am here to say, not post memes from others, re-post others posts, provide data, sources of information and so on - I am not here for that, this is prerogative of collective mind. Individual mind here to express not necessarily in line with collective, often it is provocation out of collective conditioning.
I have no collective or tribal wiring, more then that, the ONLY consistent wiring I've got in my human design chart called "Genius to Freak" (I know for some of you it will be a relief to hear!) Here how it actually works: If you resonate with what is said, you might see a genius in me, if you don't , then surely you will see me as a freak. So this is how we sort out each other here: if you see a freak in me, then I either was incorrect within myself and said something in a WRONG TIMING, or you are not correct for me as a recipient, let's say, we are INCORRECT for each other and we better to part. I am surely here to speak in my community, among people who know me well, who know I am not speaking from malicious intent, who know I speak from great passion for people to wake up, from compassion, and my expression is nothing more then an attempt to shake people up, to create a bit of cognitive dissonance to open up to a new way of seeing.
If you don't see that, please just leave, we are too far from each other in a fractal of things, not on the same page as we say it more simply, I am not here for you and you are not here to receive anything from me. We have nothing to do with each other, like a rainforest in Amazon and the icecaps in Arctic. They both have a right to exist and have a specific life intent, and let's just leave it at that for us both.
I am here to produce original thought, from my own being in it's entirety: from my own reasoning, from my own feeling, from the vastness of life experience, the deep compassion to humanity, love for my own unique expression, and love for freedom. When I write these things on my page I have an intent through ALL my posts and this intent is for those who connect with WHAT and HOW I write, and the FEELING in between, this intent is to open the mind to see anew. I don't want you to agree with me, I want your mind for a second have a little opening to a different possibility, that's all. Thats all I aim with my every post, be that I am talking about how my mind operates, or I am talking about uniqueness of all of us, or I am provoking in a way that is borderline on a social norm, or anything I post.
I don't use this page to share my personal life, I use this page to impact, inspire, touch and transmit this very intent. If you feel offended or you feel I am a freak, that's a good indication you and me are not connecting beyond the words you see on a page, and it's better not to be together. You simply leave. But if you feel like I have at least something intriguing for you and it keeps you here to read some of it, and you are constantly confused by the variety of the messages and you don't know how to react, but you keep reading, instead of calling me names (which I delete, I am not a masochist to keep it on my page), to know me better you might read my book Buddha on a Bull, watch my videos, especially the series I am recording right now "Complete Humanity", you might connect with me there, and maybe discover something new in yourself as well.