Saturday, February 29, 2020

Probably Book 3

Couple of days ago I admitted as a possibility that perhaps me and Anthony are twin flames. Who know this term well know that this is not an easy relationship for simple human pleasures, it's a relationship with a big purpose. Both involved are a subject to complete mutation through the relationship to release mind's limitations and ingrained beliefs, shed the energetics of the victim, and open up fully to Love as a basis of our Being. This is the monumental work of the spirit through both vehicles which has no finish line, but while in this very mutation, you can help those around by your own example. I decided to admit this possibility, though I am not a fun of the labeling, and I don't know if it is true or not, but what I saw in myself, in him, and our relationship for the last five years is hard to describe... and I am not ready to do it yet, probably Book 3  

Friday, February 28, 2020

On focusing attention (re: corona virus scare city)

We all will die,
better worry about spending
(doesn't matter how many years left here)
being fearful, scared, paranoid, and controlled
in what the thoughts you run
in between your eyebrows and your scalp...
a small space, right?
Like an old Grundig radio that we used in Russia
to catch any other propaganda, besides the Soviet,
your head is a Grundig,
and you can keep switching the channels,
until you get to the one with the music.
Maybe buy a ticket and go to classical concert,
and travel with the music cleansing your fearful mind.
That music was created in the world with much more viruses and unknown diseases that you can imagine.
Create something timeless, create something from the heart,
un-glue yourself from the news, propaganda for masses.
Americans watched too many scary news and trillers
and had too little troubles to live through.
We are sterile and afraid of peeing in the forest,
we would hold till we reach the porta potty,
almost exploding
in that plastic blue box.
Use your life force,
your precious attention wisely,
and wash your hands.🙏

Monday, February 17, 2020

Find a courage to sing your own

We all have our unique tone, unique vibration to participate here in this life, the unique song to sing in this lifetime. Please do not take on someone else's song, there is no song better then your own, truly. You know it, but your vocal cords are so tight from trying to sing the song that is not yours, that nothing comes out, and you are silently listening to others who sing theirs, who are fully living themselves, while you are hiding, unfulfilled, frustrated, secretly bitter, uninspired, and unhappy. Find a courage to sing your own.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Time to individualize

Very very deceiving times. White perceived as black and black as white. This is a good time to turn completely to yourself and stop looking up to anyone. Time to individualize. This is closer step to Wholeness then any help you can get. Find someone who will turn you to yourself, so you live you, and your uniqueness blossoms as you go. Find someone who will sit with you without identity of a teacher, because to sit with a teacher automatically messes up your mind into smallness and not enough-ness. Find those who live themselves fully and will nudge you to live yourself fully, which in most cases means that you have to leave them behind. Find those who show you how they done it, and let you fly on your own trajectory in your own unique way.