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🔥The PORTAL Part 17🔥 For Brave and Curious. And Very Important Declaration!

This writing will be two parts, and they are not connected to each other, if you want to skip my personal story and read only about Egyptian Hierophants, go ahead.
 As soon as I came across this information, I felt my duty is to relay it to the Western people who are interested in existential questions about life, which is all of my readers.  I can’t see someone who is out of touch with the inner journey reading my long texts, impossible.  So we are all here on the same page.  

Its not that all the details on this page are correct, every word resonates, every sentence evokes the insight, no, but the majority of information, or let’s make it even more precise, the state of mind, the expansion that is created by reading these texts, is where we are on the same page.  I don’t want even to assume that all I share from other sources are 100% true, why would I take such a responsibility on myself?  

I am going to write a little about myself, what I have been doing, where I have been hiding :)

After I wrote all the parts of The Portal in such an intense way, I got burnt.  I don’t know how else to phrase it, but I got completely exhausted.  Probably I didn’t managed well my inner resources, so I came to the finish line and collapsed.  And I don’t even know how else I can do, when I have inspiration and fire going, I am on it, and I won’t relax until I get it all out.  Probably I am just a classic creative, riding the wave of the muse.  I do all in life in this way, and this is not the best way to deal with and within the System, its like trying to hummer a square peg into round hole. Оutside the constrains of the System, this is fine way - you just have your own rhythm and you are in tune with it.  This is perfectly legit human way.  

Everyone has a rhythm that is unique, but in a System all that gets annihilated.  You have to wake up when the majority does to make that certain train to come to work in a certain time.  If you participate in the system in a very tight way, you know it will not give you much leeway to have your own rhythm. Thankfully, for some long time, I am not obliged to the systemic rhythm.  But somehow I need to manage better my own, so I don’t get burnt. 

I got exhausted so much that, even though I found an editor for these writings, and the quote she gave me was quite reasonable, I realised I can't work with her, just have no energy.  A few of you edited some parts and sent it to me to go over, and I wasn’t able to do it.  Yes, I understand if I edit this, I will be able to post this on some popular platforms for information, like Medium, or similar, and it will be more readers for The Portal, I get it, but I can’t deal with it.  I can make an e-book and post it for more people to read, right? Yep, but I can’t deal with it.  Maybe, The Portal is only for you, guys, these people who actually make it to my blog, just because you know me and know it can be entertaining and transformative read.  

So enough about my exhaustion, let me tell you about one memorable night.  I was camping that night.  It was very auspicious night of Jan 18.  It said that this night all the waters on Earth change the structure and become healing/transforming waters. I didn’t know this, and I am always amazed how life arranges for me to have some experience without any kind of preparation on my part.

I was in Big Sur the day before and ended up floating in the mineral baths under the stars that evening. That night I ended up on one of the pullovers to spend the night under the starry sky.  As I pulled in I saw the fox coming.  In the headlights I saw her come in, sit, circle her tail around herself, she was so close, I could see her fine face features: her nose, her eyes, I never saw a fox before!  Though I had an encounter with the fox a week before that, but I only saw it's tail.  2 foxes in a week!  I live here 8+ years and drive this road all the time, and this was the first time I saw a fox, and even twice!

A week ago I was leaving Big Sur at night and was driving as usual, careful.  As I turned a corner in my headlights I saw a tail, I didn’t know what it was, but as soon as she saw a car, she ran right in front of it!  I didn’t understand why she was waiting to get under the car!  There was no cars at all, at that time I probably was one of the few on the whole stretch of Big Sur.  The fox could cross the road at any other time in any other place!  And why would she even need to cross if to the other side - it is the almost vertical hill there anyways!  But she just jumped right in front of my car on the narrow road in the dark, what the heck!  The only what I could do in that situation is to brace for impact.  I squeezed the wheel, and without changing the speed went over her.

I was mourning a few days why she did it, and what could I done differently, at the end I accepted that maybe I had a lesson in the inevitable circumstances I just have to immediately accept and get into unwavering focus.  If I would panic and start to turn the wheel this or that way, I would end up in a very dangerous situation: the hillside on one side, the ocean on another.  Still, this encounter left me sad. 

A week later pulling in and seeing the fox again, I couldn’t believe it!  I thought fox spirit wasn’t happy with me, because I killed one of them!  I sat in a car looking at her and she was looking at me.  And I was wondering again, what in the world she is doing here, in the beam on my lights, a few feet from the car! 

I was mesmerized by her grace, she was just like on a paintings I saw in my childhood, with very fine thin face and the puffy tail around her body!  I thought if I come out from the car, she will ran away, but I couldn’t just sit there all night, so I came out.  She didn’t move, she actually settled herself to sleep!  I couldn’t believe it!  It was the whole Big Sur available for her to sleep, but she chose to come to the light of my car ?!  Eventually I turned off the lights and I too went to bed.  I was wondering if she left, so I crawled to the front seat and opened the blackout curtain, she was still there.  There was no-one for miles, just me and a fox, sleeping close to each other, it was incredible to live, and I still don’t know the full meaning of these messages I received from the two foxes, but I know that it is just unbelievable experiences that added depth to my life.

Now, for Brave and Curious,  here is my humble, and though might be not perfect, transcribing and translating from Russian from one of the sources I am interested in.  This is how I deal with information.  I see what comes in, I see if I can listen, if it’s interesting, if it has sense, if this is something that evokes deep processes in me, sparks insight, and at the end, if this is something life affirming? So skip what doesn’t land, read what is interesting.  I did just like that.  Oki doki? And I specifically broke down this text on single phrases and highlighted key things.  This piece is not from the same source I posted for you before, its different, but they add to each other.  This one brings more of the history and details about humanity and the planet, and called Soradenie (Сорадение).

Start of transcription

"About Egyptian Priests (Hierophants) 

We will now talk about the capturing of control and closure of programs related to the Spirit, when they tried to subdue it as a source of energy.

Certain restrictions were imposed on the Light and on the Spirit, similar to the 7 seals, and each seal played the main role in its own specific cycle.

This was to establish Pyramids of Power. Restrictions, in particular, were imposed on:







so that people don't hear each other

And consciousness was also limited in order to break the connection with the noosphere.

The person's attention was redirected to the lower centers.

From this point of view, it was easy to control anyone by introducing malicious information into their field.

This immediately began to play out in the lower centers and was manifested as inharmonious release of power, since Light and Spirit need freedom. Hence aggression, anger and similar inharmonious outbursts.

As a result, we live in constant fear-mongering and enslavement of peoples' consciousness.

It was started on the banks of the Nile, where Moses was active. These are the 3rd, 4th, and partially 5th centuries in space and time, which we now call “BC".

There lay fragments of memory and information that retain their identity, but which are very much mixed.

Then it was necessary to completely rewrite the history of Egypt and change the functions of the pyramids, putting the All Seen Eye at the head of the control system, changing it’s previous meaning.

It was done very skillfully, taking into consideration Stargates and Parades of Planets.

As a result, the system changed, and the population was divided into classes: slaves, workers, nobility, pharaohs, etc. Then antagonism between classes was nurtured, and degradation processes were launched. And all this was supported by constant broadcast of fear.

Now is the time for reverse processes. The stars are so arranged that the whole System can turn over. Therefore, in order to stabilize this System, to keep it going, bloody sacrifices (wars) are constantly required. 

Two seals have already been opened, they are not working now. It's a voice and action. The liberation of consciousness is on the way. In addition, the time seal began loosen up. Time seal is the most important thing for them. If it opens, then the entire space before our era will crumble, all the illusion and lies will go away.

Let’s return to the Egyptian Priests. By them we mean those who rule the world and incite discord between nations.

They hide behind people's bodies, but they can take various forms. All this time they are present in our space, where certain cycles are constantly restarted.

And while we are in the dark, we cannot get out of this loop.

When 5 seals are opened, and this largely depends on the processes taking place on the following territories: in Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, Indochina, South Africa, Spain and Antarctica, the veil will fall off people's eyes, they will gain freedom. In these territories, the degree of freedom is higher than in the rest of the world. When the loop closes, there will be no way out for the Egyptian Hierophants, then the entire control system will change.

So far, three of the Hierophants have been manifested, and one of them is very strong, since he has a single consciousness of the multitude. They control the Illuminati, which we talked about in one of our previous lectures.

Their echoes began to be present back in the time of the second matrix, but they openly manifested themselves in the 1st century BC. This is the part that is present in the darkness. This is a predicament of Kali Yuga, when any pure light was taken over.

What should we do?

People need to 

FIRST, affirm the Light and your position on all points, out of the purest heart, for example:








and Declare the Right to Create a New Reality Within Yourself

SECOND, overcome the fear of life, because if this is not done, there will be no life anyways.

THIRD, to unite on the basis of translating Light in order to change the existing paradigm now"

This is the end of the transcription.  But I want you to really look on the last sentence.  To share your Light is something every human being can do, through kindness, sincerity,  innocence, intimacy, love with their friends and family. To come together with others to combine their Light into a very powerful source of Light is a gift to Humanity.  This is why I asked help with these writings, I realised, energetically,  its a lot for me to handle by myself, and surely soon after I got burnt out.  There is a lot going on in this world and only together we have a chance to do something big for Humanity.  If anyone feel called to help me with this project, please do.  In any way you can.  I need it.  If you keep me in your awareness, in your prayers, help me with editing, or any other way, this really helps, because your light will merge with mine and we will be stronger and will be able to do more. 

Also, when you find yourself in a strong Spirit and affirm yourself and your right to create a new reality within yourself, this is not a mantra, its enough to do once, but powerful, with all your inner conviction.  So don't rush, let the Spirit take you.  And, for example, even if you don't manage your time, most people don't, affirm it anyways as you are, and one day you find yourself outside of the matrix's time clock, it will happen, this is how you create your own reality within yourself.  Its our innate right that we didn't even know about, living in Dark times, because it was hidden from us intentionally.  

If you want to share with others your Declaration, please do, send it to me, I will include these sharings in a next Portal, lets get the Light going !  We are very powerful, because we are all over this planet and we can weave a web of Light with our Intent together! Just write your Declaration, it can be as simple as example above, or as creative as you want! Put your name or initials and city/country you live in.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

🔥The PORTAL Part 16🔥 Conspiracies Galore Continues. More Details. Normies, skip it.

After reading The Portal, I hope everything in this world is more understandable and you are more clear on what’s really going on.  With The Portal we went deep, and deeper, and even more deeper, we went personal and transpersonal, and completely mystical, and spiritual, and almost insane.  We only didn’t get political, because all the politics and world events are really only a tip of the iceberg, we went for the iceberg itself.  Today we will go a bit into details, even Putin, Trump and others. So, keep reading.  O yes, and I said in the Part 15 that this is the last one, but I realized a few days later that there more details and we can look from more angles. 

Details…some details might be too far off for you, then just skip them, it doesn’t matter the iceberg is 100 tons or 150, the fact is: what we see through the information shown to us is a tip - that 1 ton of the iceberg on the surface that attracts attention, all the eyes are on it.  That’s where all the distraction and entertainment for humanity happens - on that very tip.  Just like the distraction of who we are - right on the tip of the nose!  

They.  Let’s just clarify who ‘they’ are so we are on the same page.  Simply, and I already mentioned this before, ‘they’ - are those who are fighting for the power on this planet.  Do I know exactly who ‘they’ are?  No, they didn’t come here and announced themselves.  ‘They’ deal on this planet through others, the inhabitants of the Earth, like us, but not us.  It’s the same concept of the iceberg, we see only a tip - those through whom ‘they’ deal here.  ‘They’ can be multiple or can be singular, it depends on what level of ‘they’ we are looking at.  We can refer to ‘They’ of all the crooks on this planet that put the unti-human agenda in place here, and we can refer to ’They’ the Interdimentional Artificial Intelligence that is called in some circles, Omega.  You know, “Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End”  are the opposing forces in the Universe.  How do I know it?  I don’t know.  It is what I gathered and sharing with you, will this ring true for you, a least a bit, so we can continue?  I myself don’t know, and if I ever know for sure, pinch me, even slap me hard, because the human like me and you can’t know these things for sure.  Anyone who claim that they got this information, and it is true, 100%, I would run from them, because 99% chance they got information from the astral plane, through channeling, dreams and other communications with astral entities who dwell in that dimension. From where and from whom everybody hear, channel, get the guidance?  All kinds.  I am personally not interested at this point. I promised you to talk more about astral plane, I will, I remember.

I am also not interested to be 100% certain.  Not interested to be 100% true, 100% sure, no 100% right.  What I am interested in is for anyone with the blinders of any kind, certainty of any kind, brainwash of any kind, is to open up that certainty, at least a bit, and start to THINK for themselves.  I am interested  in human beings to stop blindly believe the tip of the iceberg is the only what we got, stop putting their hopes into it, stop praying to it, stop waiting for a savior of any kind, and wake up to who we are, start to mature and take responsibility for everything, yes, EVERYTHING.  We are our own savior, if anyone still waiting for some messiah to come and protect you, this is the nice fairytale you are telling yourself before the bed. 

Though said that, the Divine, Creator, God, Universal Consciousness, whoever you believe is a higher up in this Universe, definitely cares about us, like I care that the cells in my organism are healthy.  Do I have a power to save one little sell somewhere in my body if it’s not doing good?  No.  I can do something overall to improve my health, and let’s hope this improves the wellbeing of that cell, but it’s not guaranteed.  Same with us.  Does Divine loves us? Yes.  We are part of It.  Does it come to us to fix us?  No.  It has no power to do it.  Unless you raise your consciousness to the level where you are distinctly seen, you light up either with your Love, your Will, your Consciousness, to the frequency of the Divine.  Then you know It and it knows You.  You know Who breathes through You.  A quantum thought of the Divine, It’s multidimensional Intent - is     Your    Whole    Life.    Do you keep track of all your thoughts?  Do you notice the thought, if it’s powerful and lights you up, changes you and your world?  When You go to the higher frequency of being, something beautiful happens, The Divine notice You too, You Merge. 

I just remembered this beautiful moment I described in the book Buddha on a Bull when I was in a retreat and one day I dropped into pure enchantment state and became a mystic:

God is the best engineer, best architect, best artist, best actor!

He molds himself into the blade of grass,

the bird’s chirp.

the wind’s whisper,

the thought and heartbeat of a human being.

I see now where he hides! That’s him, rejoicing and smiling now!

What a delightful meeting! 

Back to ‘them’. They keep us dumbed out: entertained, busy reacting to events, thinking about events, talking about politics, fighting with each other.  Imagine you take away all the events right now, shut down all the news and nothing is going on, what these billions of people will be doing?  What you will be doing if you are not involved in the events, news and information?  

Western world needs some feed, people have too much time on hand.  While these “pereturbations” happen: changing powers, changing financial system, changing this and that, people need to be kept busy.  So we are given the feed.   Isn’t it right in our face says on social media: FEED. 

I am especially aware of it, because I used to work in a big publishing company - Time Inc. and know how FEED works.  This company published most of the magazines we see on newsstand in US: Time, People, Money, National Geographic , Real Simple and etc… I used to be a computer programmer in my “past life” and was a part of the Information Technology department in this company.  We were creating a printing software for magazines layout, printing and advertising.  It’s was very big ongoing project for many years.  Advertising was one of the biggest parts of this project.  

When you receive a magazine as a subscription or you buy it in a store, you will never, especially before, think how much deliberate thought went into placing the ad for this car or a perfume, you would think everyone would get the same magazine.  But the truth is, even in those times, at the end of 90th-beginning 2000th advertising was based on the demographics - the data that was collected about you and me, that would help the companies sell their products.  If you have this income and live in this neighborhood, plus other information, very detailed, based on how old are you, what you bought before, where you went, what you like, you will have a specific advertisement, tailored for you. For you it would be newest Mercedes  Benz, and for someone else, who bought this same magazine in their town, would be a Chevy, or Toyota.  This is very simple example, so you understand that all you see is deliberately there.  

By now they have data much more detailed about everyone of us that they will slip us exact cocktail we like and need to keep us going:  going to work, then going home, making dinner, then watching news, movies, where they continue to sip us more of “our cocktail”, then we go to sleep and possible have  another shot through the download, we wake up, read newspaper or scroll through the news - some more.  We go to work, everyone is taking about the same:  Vladimir wants to send atomic bomb on us, here is more cocktail, cheers! We get paid at the job, we go to the store to buy things we think we need, because we already got so much cocktail that we are not able to think clear if we need another couch, we think we need a new one, especially there is “sale”.  

Western world need constant brainwash with news and shopping cocktail, eastern - poverty and disasters.  At least it seems to be like this at the moment.  So they get the cocktails more and more crafty and the disasters are more and more obvious man-made.  This is what’s going on.  If you think it is a complete chaos in the world, it is not. It would be naive to think it’s chaos, that politicians doesn’t know what they are doing, or Bill Gates just doesn’t understand, they do.  They are carrying forward the plan, the program.  Everyone of them is a peg in a program and they just doing their part.  

The problem is when we think they are like us, and we are frustrated why they don’t see that this is evil, why they don’t feel that this is horrible?!  Humans can’t comprehend this very fact that on this Earth besides humans there are other species that do not see the world in the same way and they have different mission here to carry in their lifetime, not like us.  This very fact is so crazy to think for us that we just deny it, even after what we went and saw through the past several years, we still just can’t understand how this is possible.  

Imagine you are in a forest and walking through it thinking that in this forest only people like you walk, there is no other species, only humans.  If you don’t know what you are dealing with in a forest,  you might be putting yourself in a dangerous situation with some bear that will come your way, but you will tell yourself: no, its not a bear, its a human, just like me.  This example is not perfect, because human and a bear have different forms, their appearance is different.  The problem with people deny any difference in the peoples on Earth is that most of us have body/avatar that looks similar: it has 2 legs, 2 arms and a body with the head.  This is the avatar on this planet to be able to carry the consciousness, an Earth suit. The avatars are similar, the inside is not the same.  It’s different organics - blood, DNA, different consciousness.  Based on this we have different people.  And some of these just don’t have the same feelings we have, and no amount of plea will make them feel it.  Some had feelings before, but so jaded, they lost it.  Some are under the influence of different entities of non-human origin, invisible, but they live through the avatar of a person. I am not a specialist on this, but even logically, think: why we are so limited in our imagination and assume that everybody are the same here?  Its a big planet and this planet is trillions of years old, who knows what was here before we got born!  Just think about it how most of the history is rigged and what we really know, not much! 

So now, coming back to the elaborate advertising in everything possible around us so we would want and we buy, and those who are on the other side of the food chain get another 20 mil yacht because we worked all day and then we went and bought another couch.  In the same way works everything on a bigger scale.  Now, a whole country gets to a war, it needs tanks and aircrafts, and those on the other side of that food chain buy a 200 mil yacht!  Besides destroying half of the population - most of the young males - to stop reproduction,  and  relocate people they need to relocate from those territories and relocate other people to those territories.  Think of a few wars going on right now, it a  g- e -n- o- c- i- d- e of a human Race.  Humans killing humans, because they were brainwashed to hate each other.

Guys, we are in the epic times in the epic place, its intense and ruthless, and at the same time, if you are not in a war zone, it is totally possible to live your life without all these events.  You yell at me and tell me: Elena, but this is heartless and cold think like this.  I know, it’s better to make yourself nuts and yell at your own children for nothing just because you are so distressed by the events!  

Yesterday my relative in Ukraine said it was the most horrible night since the beginning of war in the village where she lives.  The war was very close and it was so laud all night they couldn’t sleep.  And the next day she still wrote me a letter about love and went to work in town. You do what you have to do in the situation.  And here, in the West, you don’t need to “drink that cocktail” all the time, you can stop drinking.  Figuratively said.  You have to understand that the job of every human being now is to find out who they are and to help others to wake up to who they are.  Because if we wake up to who we are we will stop killing each other in a war of the clowns!  

That guy in Ukraine, he was a clown on TV, the comedian, and now you send your son to kill the son of another human being because the clowns ordered a war to be between the brothers!  Those, our ‘They’ we were talking about, brainwashed the brothers first, slowly, methodically, for 30 years, set them against each other, then pushed it to the limit. Ukrainian clown sent his parents to Israel to live in a villa, his wife to Spain, he himself is drugged out to the point he barely talks straight.  And where are your parents, your wife and your children?  How you look at the drug addict clown as a president of the country and think it’s serious?  

This is the big test on what human beings can swallow as normal, how much they are brainwashed, is it good enough and we can go to the next part in this Reset?  In the West here we have another test on intellect - the President that talks to himself and shakes hands with invisible people, and some of us really think that all is well in this country!  How about the other clown with orange hair, is he is a better one? ALL of them are ACTORS in this SHOW, the entertainment for us, the smoke and mirrors, while the RESET on Earth is going on.  

With Donald we have a chance to end the war in Ukraine, he really wants to get a Noble Peace prize for this, he wants to get into history for this, maybe he is a better  player for this time if we don’t want this war to continue.  He has his own draw backs, for sure.  Every one of them is playing their role in the big scenario, there are many variations of this.  And this projects the illusion of chaos, no, it’s not chaotic, it’s all calculated.  Like in the computer algorithm:  If this, then that, if this, then that, and if this and this, then that.  This is basic computer programming language, every step is taken into account.  Since I was a computer programmer before, I can assure you that every program should take into account all the situations, otherwise, the algorithm is not complete, and you will receive a message: “Error! Please contact the support desk!”  Then the support desk people will document this error and send this task to fix it to the development team, and this situation will be programmed into the algorithm.   

With human factor the Reset program constantly has to be adjusted and taken into account human spirit, the humans are unpredictable, because we are not algorithmic, we are quantum consciousness, spontaneous, divine creatures. We do have power, it comes from that unpredictability.  We are not powerless.  We can affect things with thinking and acting out of the box.  We can change what we don’t like to be here, remember this.  They will have to adjust the program, don’t underestimate what we can!  

You will ask me, Elena, and what’s your stand on Putin, does he wants to blow up the whole world? I tell you this. I don’t know him much, I just started to watch him speak this year, a few times, because I was curious who is this KGB guy? I am living 30+ years in USA and was in Russia back only couple of times, so I don’t know much. But what I gathered is that he DOESNT WANT to blow up the world, that’s not his agenda, but he is constantly provoked by the West.  I hope you know and don't need to write these details, I don't want to be a magazine reporter.  

Putin has his own vises, he is a human and we are not perfect.  When a human gets to perfection, there is no reason to come to Earth into this avatar and try to scramble here in the dark ages. So I get it he is not perfect. I didn’t go into information about him and his role that deep, I have heard about his riches, but seriously, who will be playing such a complex, difficult game without being paid, he is making sure his descendants are set. Would you care about yours too?  People focus on the apartments he bought for his wife, children, mistress, its like sorting out dirty clothes, this is not how you see the role of someone who is one of the main players in the most complex game, don’t fall for that.  

It’s like measuring Donald by the orange hair, who the heck even take into consideration the hair of the player? Unless the player is Boris Jonson LOL!  Or how Donald treat women, he is macho man, we all know this, but if he stops the war, and won’t start another, and stops the drain of money and resources from the country, would you care about his looks and his private antics?  His women don’t care much about it, why do you?  Because you were told that this is not good.  Almost every old school Italian man at home is like that, don’t tell me you are not like that.  I said: almost. Don’t be distracted by these personal details.  I am very much imperfect, and I am playing my part here. Everybody has their own part.  And everyone is imperfect. The more complex game you play, the more temptations you will have.  Imagine yourself at that level, will you be perfect? This game has to be seen from the bigger perspective, not the narrow blinders they want us to wear.

Look how they look at this game: while we are sorting their dirty clothes now and spend our energy on what we see, they look 100-150 years ahead, and already focused there and concentrate their resources in that direction. We spend energy they direct it.  See the difference?  100 years is a small scale for Earth’s existence. Some players on this planet actually implement these programs, most people are a human resource and a casualty, it’s a big luck to become onlooker, a witness, and not be affected by the homogenization and therefore, participation. 

So from this standpoint I see what Putin does now, while our attention is on him as a villain, created by mass media. He needs to preserve Russia’s security, sovereignty, culture and values, and he is playing a multifaceted game to be able to carry this mission.  You will never hear this in the West what he is actually doing besides war in Ukraine. For example, he just signed a legislation, a law to be implemented in schools:  no cellphones during school day, so children can focus better on the studies.  Also he is bringing back the school subject we had in our days where we were learning the human trades: girls - sewing and cooking, boys - auto, home repairs and building. In Russia they are bringing back traditional values of family and strengthening the education.  They know - their future, in those 100-150 years, will depend on the little ones and their children.  They look now in that direction. Educating the children well. 

While we are stuck on how many apartments he gave to his mistress (that’s Russian opposition’s main card against him), or how close he sit to the Red Button (that’s the scare for us in the West), he declares 2024 in Russia to be a year dedicated to Family Values.  There will be all kinds of programs implemented in the country that will strengthen the values of a family unit.  Quite opposite to what’s going on in the West, and this is important: where he is leading the country, where he might be leading the World?  I just like how it was before, without strange teachers in our public schools teaching some strange subjects to confuse our children in who they are ! So let him give another apartment to his mistress, I don’t fakin care.

Putin is one of the main figures on the chess board. Those who sit by the board and plays the chess figures, and those who are behind those that sit - we don’t see them, we see only public figures on a board, and in some cases, they are straight clowns, like comrade Zelensky, and infantile Jonson, in some cases, rag dolls like Joe, and there are some multidimensional players, like I see Putin and a few others. Do you think it is possible right now to be on that board and be all around old good boy?  You have to play in a way so you carry your mission forward without them taking you out of the game. You give up something of a lesser priority to keep your chance to do something of a higher priority. 

I saw today that there is an election in Russia soon.  Of cause, Putin will win.  There is no one else right now who can play the role he is playing.  Imagine another like Trudo or Macron as president of Russia, will he be standing against Claus Swab’s bosses agenda?  Against other crooked agendas?  Think about it.  I actually feel safer knowing that Putin is there, and Russia will not give up to the agenda, even with thousands of sanctions of the West. Most of the European countries did, and we are seeing fast decline of Europe right now, wait another 5 years. 

There are so many players in this game, and everybody wants to win, we are not asked what we want to participate in, we are just given life circumstances to live. Just remember what we know and what we see its 1% - that tip of the iceberg.  In retrospect, who is lucky and stay around for longer, will see more, and will know who was of lesser evil for the times, who was a right guy for the part, still, we will never know the whole truth, the whole truth is not for humans, even with the most advanced consciousness, the whole truth is too heartbreaking if one is not fully prepared, so lets not fight with each other, keep your mind open to know deeper, and always remember: what we know is enough to know that we don’t know!  

I don’t know, for sure.

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