Saturday, January 14, 2023

On Mind-Altering Substances, Boring Sermon on Psychedelics


I wrote this because there are people who didn’t take it seriously and ❌RUINED ❌their lives! 

I named it

Boring Sermon on Psychedelics:

Some of us, and many more in the recent years, 

use mind altering substances to escape the reality of what is going on in our lives, 

we are tired, lost and spent.

Sometimes we are so desperate, we want out of our head, body, our whole being!

We drink some, smoke some, inhale some 

and just to round up all the methods in one, we take some…

What happens next is very personal experience of a particular mind in a particular time.

This is very much not understood by so many people

that this personal experience depends on the preparedness of one’s mind

to stay focused,

to navigate with awareness in the altered mind state experience,

to be able to discern, 

to be able to receive, 

to be able to let go of fear if it arise,

to be able not be caught up in a wrong view.

This is only possible with trained mind -

mind that was trained to follow the Will.

Untrained mind is the one that makes a human identify

with the story it runs, 

it makes believe that it is real.

It has full control over the human who is following it.

Not to follow the story of the mind great awareness is necessary.

It is free awareness, free from being caught up in the story, and

it is only available to a human being that wasn’t conditioned yet

like a newborn, small children,

or an adult who spent at least 7 years seriously training 

their mind to become a servant, and not a master of their life.

I know, you will tell me:

Oh, common, Elena,

you are an old school, times changed, and these substances are available now,

I can’t wait to train my mind for 7 years, I want to use it now!

It is true, times changed, and if we assume 7 years might be condensed

at these times into 7 months (just a wild idea!),

then frikin spend 7 months training your mind

before you get into altered states through psychedelics

and drive a car under the influence, because you believed you are able, 

or fail your important relationship because you unable to keep your responsibilities,

or, go too far for your current state of being into the trip that you come back altered

and you have no awareness how to navigate this very reality anymore!

Or, you assume you have some higher powers and you deserve better life

and you start to expect your life to be better then it is, 

while unaware that what you see outside is a very projection of your own mind. 

Or assume you have rights for life other then you have

and you start to demand life to change!

Or, you spend your life in longing for altered states, reaching for them, ignoring the demands of your current life!

Or, foolishly thinking you can navigate in the altered states without serious mind training,

assuming you can control Uncontrollable.

This list can go on and on!

What is the difference of trained and un-trained mind going through altered states?

I will tell you how trained mind does it, and you see if your mind is ready,

then I don’t need to tell you, you will tell yourself.

Trained mind enters the altered space with Intent.

Intent is not intention. 

Intent doesn’t come from thinking of what you want (aka what thinking mind wants)

Intent is the Will of the Human being

If there is no Will, there is no Intent,

everything else will be intention, and will not be enough to navigate through the altered state in a beneficial way.

Who has a right to a Will?  Every human being,

but if the human being is under control of their thoughts, habits, emotions, lead by unconscious, 

human being is considered asleep, not conscious  -

asleep to his own Consciousness, his own Will, to Himself.

This kind of human being needs to train their mind to follow his Will, not the other way around. 

But a good news, there is another possibility for those who are not ready to guide themselves.

Until the mind is trained, one can submit his own mind to the Will of the trained individual, 

a Guide, a Shaman, 

the one who worked his ass to train their mind (sounds funny, but its serious) 

to guide them into altered states and after!

Please, take psychedelics and any mind altering substances seriously,

very seriously,

I was moved to write this because something very unfortunate happened with people I know,

and there is no help at this moment, other then they will have to go through very serious consequences,

loosing their rights for freedom even for this very life they were trying to avoid.

Did you ever thought how magnificent this everyday life is? 

How this very life is already altered state?  

We are alive and walking, how incredible to have this possibility! 

We are free to think, free to breath, free to feel - how precious is that!

It is easy to loose all that, not valuing and being stupid!

Don’t be stupid, trust those who have more experience in this area.

You would trust a good mother on how to hold, comfort and guide her child to relax,

likewise, a good guide can hold the right space for you to experience safely and guide your mind into right understanding of what has been experienced.

I know there are many un-wholesome guides and shamans, either with un-wholesome Intent

or just not being trained properly, makes it not easy to choose without experience,

be aware of that as well. 

Don’t allow to be led into the decisions and experiences by people who think they know,

but in reality they know shit about you, 

they take no responsibility for luring people, influencing people into such experiences.

The idea that they think psychedelics helpful for everybody comes from grandiosity of their ego

and their pure irresponsibility for their own words!

Don’t fall for that!

And in times now when every other shaman and guru is fake 

and do not take responsibilities for consequences of their own words, 

your MUST take responsibility to make such a decision, every time!

Do not look what Jonses do, Jonses now into psychedelics as a means 

to achieve more success in material realm,

or escape difficulties of their current life.  

This does not make a right Intent, and sooner or later 

they will have to pay for their trips to the realms that they have no Rights in.

I hope you got my point, I intentionally went on and on, for some to get annoyed,

for others to start thinking before they jump on the Psychedelic bandwagon.

At this point it would be very right for you to ask me why I have a right to talk about it and give you such a “sermon”.

For those who don’t know me, I wrote a book Buddha on a Bull which is available everywhere on Amazon and similar, you can read about my own journey in training the mind and having such experiences in the past (1998-2012), and decide for yourself if I am qualified enough to write these suggestions for you.  And if you do not trust me on verbal suggestions and I am not qualified enough for you, then find someone who is, it's IMPORTANT  before you jump into experiments with altered states. 🔥🔥🔥

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Importance of Conscience in a Life of a Man

The most important word for a human being is conscience.  

If no conscience, there is no human being.  

This is a catalytic ingredient that aids transformation into a human being, 

and because it sounds too simple and confusing at the same time, we rather disregard this completely.  

And as a result, our spiritual life is built by ego, in а mental space, 

this is why in the times of great pressure most of us collapse and feel disempowered, 

or on the other side, some of us get hardened more into power trip of the ego. 

Look around and you know this is true. 

Real human being at those times feel and act from conscience, 

even if it cost him everything

on this plane.  

He concerns only with the purity of his Soul.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Confused who is woke and who is awake and what the hell is going on?

I know, it is probably confusing to hear about waking up, and some people think they are woke, people really wholeheartedly think they are woke, awake, and whatever else label they use to describe themselves. I believe people talk about all kinds of things. Yes, you can be woke because you are not sleeping in your bed, you see. So there is a subject matter to which we think we are awake or woke to. These subjects are so different.

Some people woke to the situation with the energy crisis, with social injustices and so on, and they think they are woke because others do not see what they see. Other people awake to the illusions of the gov. structures, of the narrative that we grew up with believing the history, education and all kinds of facts that are proving themselves to be not true. There are people awake to the danger of following these narratives and there are people who believe in them and think they are awake also. It seems everyone woke or awake right now, on some subject matter.
At these times its a complete chaos in the outer life and also in the inner life of a man, and this chaos is not incidental, but we won't go there now. We are talking how almost everyone think we are woke and awake, and yet we all are deeply asleep. We don't really know what human being is, we don't know how we ended up here in this life and what we are really here for, we don't know how our mind and our psyche operates, we don't know how automatic our thinking, feeling and actions are, we don't know beyond what we know, and what we know is limited by those narratives that we were subjected to through life.
The biggest narrative that closes our perception if the idea of being separate me, it really messes up with who we are and as simple as it sounds it completely lead us away from ourselves. Now, on top of that there are all kinds of narratives about life, social structures, values, all kinds of history and etc...this is where all kinds of differences lay, depending on what narrative you have been subjected to. This is the level where people fight who is woke and who is not. Because there is so many components this fight can be endless and still keep everybody asleep to what is real and who we are, and still remain subject of conditioning with narratives put into through the media machine. I hope you got this and will look deeper.
Though the matters of outer life are serious right now, and to discard them as not that important is not smart, it is good to know whats going on and why to even stay sane right now and alive in a future to have an opportunity to go deeper to know real vs illusion, to have an opportunity to wake up from all the illusions (at least what is possible on this plane of being for a man who has a call to know thyself) ❤

Friday, August 5, 2022

I am in love with this journey


The last couple of years really wear me energetically and physically. I put a lot of energy into waking people up in a very intense times by using fire energy. Not managing my energy correctly, this backfired on me, and I lost vitality. I mostly became recluse again and this brought necessary silence and fire for an inner healing, and once again I found myself sitting with pain day after day, having only ]myself, a pen and a notebook. It is full of deep explorations of the human psyche and maybe one day it will become a book. For now - this was my lifeline, my own descend into unexplored corners of my being.

The human journey is not linear and the best representation of it I found visually is a Labyrinth. By Grace, one can almost immediately come very close to their true nature, but the road to the center of our own heart will take a lifetime. Coming closer, walking further, getting into despair in the furthest corners of the life-labyrinth, getting complacent walking long time through the same story, getting excited and then very quiet right next to the center, only to be forced to move forward and away again and again. I am in love with this journey, and as a human being I am changing constantly, I am evolving as I walk my own labyrinth and gain more respect and compassion for my fellow travelers ❤ And for who claim they are arrived, I keep my mischievous smile, you won't fool me 😊

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Fragmenting Population Goes Futher

Those who believed in mask vs no mask, the vac vs no vac, sex gender mix vs natural genders, black lives matter matter vs all lives matter, Republicans vs Democrats, and so on - there are many fractions by now, many more components that I mentioned here. For example: those who masked, but didn’t do vac, believe in all lives matter, and a Democrat - it's just one of the combinations.
Now I am facing my circle after all the combinations above settled down once again braking - those who “stand with Ukraine” vs those who are supporting denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. Now, the newest component arrived: snake venom theory is true vs not true... the fragmentation goes deeper and the fragments of circles of likeminded people that remain are getting very small.
This is the main plan of a power elites right now on this planet - to break the families and communities - and it works like a Swiss clock. Please be aware of this.
What can be done? I don't know yet, but I see vac/no vac and mask/no mask people have less opposition by this time - this is good! Ukraine subject is too hot for the moment for many, but it might cool off at some point, when more people start to see that it's not Russia against Ukraine, but the same cronies by the same chess board, just a different game. If we as people stay true to our conviction, but open to new information, then there is a chance our conviction can shift in a future, and we can drop the resistance. We might drift away from some people completely, but if love remains in our hearts toward people with different convictions, this is wholesome place to be. ❤

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Transmutating Pain

My homeland is Russia and Ukraine, I can’t separate them in me.
Yesterday in my bed falling asleep, I felt all the Pain.
I saw if you are not on one side or the other,
you have to be able to hold ALL the pain
arising out of this conflict.
This pain is not painful, it's detonates you.
It's a deepest Love and Compassion that ascends,
and you weep without tears.
Then you stare at the ceiling,
unable to change a thing.
We grew up on a land that remembers WW2,
we ate food grown on this blood rich soil.
We have this cellular memory of war,
when its activated, it is already a real experience,
wherever you are on this planet right now.
I am talking to you, Katzapi and Xoxli.
Yes, all the rage and terror is real,
but those who can transmute it in themselves -
this is the culmination of all your spiritual practices -
to be able to hold the deepest feeling
in the transparency of awareness,
and therefore experience compassion and love
to the degree when even this deep conflict
Love remains.
At least for a moment.
And you share that moment, that love, with the world
in a silence of your own being.
You dissolve in Love.
World needs this.
Every human heart experiencing Love counts ❤ 🙏

Friday, October 15, 2021

Indulging in security

Indulging in security is contrary to intimacy with God. It gives a temporary feeling of wellbeing, but puts happiness forever out of reach, for it destroys spiritual life and ruins the man who indulges in it by making him waste his time. And when he finally reluctantly comes back to himself, empty-handed, he realizes he never received anything. ~Ibn Arabi

May be a closeup of 1 person

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Let go

Surrender, let go of sight and reason
and walk the pathless path.
Stay in your own loss without wanting,
without knowing, without desiring anything.
Live like a child without a care in the world,
not even the care to do God's work.
~Madame Guyon: Christian and Spiritual Discourses Concerning Inner Life
May be art

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

How to Let go of Fear of the Virus, and ANY kind of Fear

"If the fear exists, the virus is already in place.
I am not talking about creating a fear, but about consciously feeling what is already here. If you are afraid, the virus is already active. Instead of pretending it doesn't exist, realize that traces of it are always present in your life. Feel that which is here once and for all, instead of unconsciously LETTING IT LINGER IN ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES [...] It means feeling this fear of old age, disease, abandonment, FEELING IT IN THE BODY, no longer doing yoga to assuage the fear, or get married, divorced, have another child or buy a new car just to run away from discomfort - but on a contrary to consciously feel what is here."
~ Eric Baret, "Let the Moon be Free"

My own experience with fear and virus in 2020, a story:

Saturday, July 3, 2021

I really tried!

I tied to shake,

to yell,

to shock,

and to provoke,

to virtually slap,

to dance around 

stepping on the toes.

I really tried!

I cried,

I wept,

I didn't sleep,

I felt, and felt, and felt again

straight in the middle of my chest...

I really tried.

I talked to people in my brain,

I called them back into themselves,

I called them to listen not

to the TV - an idiot box

I really tried!

with love,