Friday, June 7, 2013

Apple Cobbler

The woman went to the third time to serve herself apply cobbler that was a special dessert for lunch today. As I was eating my lunch in a silent retreat, and watching this movement, I noticed that old friend, the thought, visited me: “How inconsiderable”. I knew there will be not enough of apple cobbler for all, and the thought appeared. As soon as it happened I started to smile: “What a beautiful creation of the mind where perception of the experience happened, evaluation the experience based on previous experiences happened, reaction based on evaluation happened, the thought and feeling appeared  out of the evaluation...”Ha Ha Ha!” the whole Being felt in the delight of seeing the movie of “Apple Cobbler” started...

Now with twinkle in my eye I was watching...

The woman who ate three helpings of apple cobbler was finally relaxed. Hyper-ness, that was present before in the body, subsided. The body was totally satisfied. I noticed relaxation in the face. I was so curious to see how Nature adjust itself, choosing the pass of the least resistance to ease the disharmony. 

One by one women were coming to the wide stainless steal bowl with dessert. I felt so much delight seeing the inner joy arise as the apple cobbler was served. With one more coming to the bowl, the metal ladder was making more and more louder sound, scrapping the sides of the bowl.Finally the scrapping was telling me: no more apple cobbler.

And here she was, of cause, the last woman to the bowl: she tilted her head so low into the bowl as she wanted to shake off the disbelief that there is no more apple cobbler left! With her head is almost in the bowl, she slowly examined the perimeter of the bowl with her gaze. The disbelief still was there, because she took the ladder and helplessly were scrapping the bowl. Then she gave up. She relaxed, look around the table, took the spoon of a strawberry jam, slapped a dollop of the whipped  cream on top of it, and left the dessert table.

I was totally fascinated by the the whole scene, the movement of energies expressed themselves in the actions, feelings, sensations, thoughts. A simple everyday situation contained the whole alchemy of feelings, expressed through human mind/body organisms. 

How beautiful, innocent and rich!

Thank you, apple cobbler! :)