Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How I use Human Design System in my work with spiritual seekers

I have been asked by many what is Human Design system that I use in some of my coaching.  The best way for me to explain is to post this explanation from my website http://elenanezhinsky.com/:

Endorsement of Human Design by spiritual teacher Adyashanti :
"... By unraveling the confusing and paradoxical elements of our unique human design, we can come into a clear understanding of the human vehicle through which our true nature as universal spirit is functioning.”
Human Design is an extremely accurate and in depth way of explaining the subtle nature of human interaction.  It is the merger between Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra System (all in one system of looking at human energy mechanics); It’s a system that allows people to learn the best ways to enter situations and make decisions in life.  The simple map to true self love.

I found Human Design system profoundly beneficial in my own life, and I have been studying this professionally. 
This is a mentoring session where I synergistically incorporate Human Design, Behavioral psychology and non-dual awareness view.  I am open to work with anyone who still struggle with the old character tendencies. We will look where do you still live conditioned responses. You might be aware of it or not, but nevertheless, it's a driving mechanism in your life. You probably still making incorrect decisions, creating more of the same conditioned life to deal with later. 

Human Design can be the most profound clarifying tool. My way of bringing it is simple! It is free from intellectual information and technicalities that only will entertain the mind. My intent is to offer you practical way of very simple behavioral modifications you can experiment with, that will lead to notice, understand and let go of conditioned mind tendencies, and overtime lead to correct alignment of energies, freedom, and innate wisdom of individuated consciousness.

painting by Nadezhda Mitskevich 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Some Reflections and a New movement

Some sharing from clients: "There continues to be a cascading effect of transformation for me." ~ S.

"This was pure, real and true" ~ C

"It's worth so much more than I imagined" ~ J

"A couple of sticky issues dissolved almost instantly" ~ S

"Elena pointed out what was at the core" ~ R

"my life just changed on a dime...this is probably the most pivotal thing that's happened to me since awakening in 2012" ~ D.

"A little bit scary, but truly amazing and freeing" ~ M

"There’s a mastery of getting there, of focusing us, tuning me back to myself" ~ E

"She connected and she listened with all her being" ~ P

"Elena, does not waste words or time." ~ D

"Magic is probably the best word for it." ~ S

"It was relaxing, enjoyable, and actually a lot of fun" ~ J

"The simplicity of the process allows Elena’s natural intuitive and psychic gifts to come into play" ~ F

"I briefly felt a bit uncomfortable not carrying around all my crap, and then I just felt lighter, and very, very quiet" ~ R

"I’m a changed man.." ~ M

"profound effects are so grounding!" ~ JH

"Elena brings the spiritual search into the realm of being human" ~ Z

"Elena sees you and through all of your bullshit. She helps you laugh about it!" ~ S

"your generous heart, your power and your childlike spirit which are so refreshing!" ~ Je

"The discovery experience with Elena was more powerful and self revealing than anything I have ever done before" ~ C

"This happened so organically and it feels so right" ~ SF

"I feel pretty speechless about our session" ~ A

"It feels to me as I had 30 years of psychotherapy in a couple of sessions." ~ SA

"Just feels so good to be free!" ~ A

Here is the website with all the information: https://www.elenanezhinsky.com/

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Loving Yourself and Recognizing your Role

"Love yourself" offering from the wise ones is underestimated, and almost impossible with all the mind conditioning that still drives self-hatred self-doubt, un-worthiness, looking up to others. This is the prime focus of my work now with people. Not mind transcendence, but self-love. Loving yourself, seeing yourself, recognizing yourself, feeling comfortable in your own skin. And we have no clue what it is really. We look for awakening as a transcendence, because we dislike ourselves so much, because we suffer to live in our own form, we just want to drop it all together! It doesn't work this way. Until you drop this body completely, you are bound to ride in this suit here. You can't drop the suit, you need to find your ROLE here in this life, and in this very suit. Recognize your role, and serve what you are here came to live. This is different kind of awakening, fully embodied clarity of who you are here. There is no problem with any inch of you, you just need to know how to serve with what you've got. When I say "serve" - it is simply living with recognition of what you came here to live. With that recognition you serve the Whole. When you see who you are and why you are as you are, love for yourself and everything that shaped you for your unique role here, will spring from within. Would you even ask questions that do not matter and spend your life chasing mind transcendence carrot, if you love and respect yourself, your life, your role here? If you are seen and recognized by others in your essence? Would you be concerned with conceptual awakening, if you live your life as yourself, fully?


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Whatsup coming in Spirituality in a new decade ?

One of the meaning of
whatsup: what's happening? (Urban slang dictionary) Going forward it is all about you living who you are. Not who you think you are, or who you think you want to be, not who you used to be, no! It's living who you came here to be. The one that you don't like right now, because you can't just let it live itself, you are trying to transcend it, or fix it! Its not about fixing what is not broken, it't not about leaving behind what you can't leave. It's about exhausting your effort not to love yourself.
Either you get to this love to yourself using this modality or that modality, this technique or that, either you go deep and examine part by part, or you just get tired of being fake and dislike yourself, and let it all go in one big swoop, you will have to do it, friend. It's like if you came to Russian sauna ('banya' in Russian), you would have to undress, you can't go into the heat with your fur coat on, or your pants on, or even your underwear...you have to strip everything. Ha, I got too passionate about Russian banya here, in public one you do wear a bathing suit :) But still, the environment requires to undress to the minimum, expose yourself in public, you like it or not!

Same will be going forward, this decade will be a strip down, you can't walk into a new environment wearing all your fears like a thick fur coat, you will get too hot. The era of trying to work on the mind to bring it to transcendence is going away, because it is easier and easier to transcend the mundane state of mind into more higher states, nothing special here! There are so many different technologies available for that: from advanced meditation techniques that were only available to a few before, now it s a weekend workshop! And if you add all kinds of psychedelic technologies available almost every week in and around every major city in the world for people who gather in circles to transcend the mind! Add here non-duality that was only available to a few ready minds that were wiling to travel to India and kneel before the guru to touch their feet, because their thirst for truth was bigger then feeling ashamed! Now it is available for everyone who can type: hundreds of sites, thousands of teachers and guides in non-dual awakening techniques! See, tsunami wave of the awakening to higher consciousness through the techniques and methods coming to it's peek here!

"So what will be instead?", you will ask! Here I have to make a little disclaimer. I really don't know, I do not see the future, but I have this habit of knowing things before they come, about 7 years or so in advance (and I can be correct or incorrect). So I see authenticity and realness completely taking a central focus, not spiritual search, trying to go beyond the limitation of the mind. This will be happening naturally when we start to really radically be ourselves: unique and real. Consciousness will raise and flower with authenticity. Naturally, harmoniously. And what is required from us is to leave behind old fears, shame and all kinds of mind fixations - outdated, hidden, but still shaping and driving our experience, even if we are so advance in meditation and spiritual inquiry! We have to strip the old and love ourselves as we are. Right now. With all the imperfections, without mind judgment, there is our uniqueness will unveil itself! We start to come home to ourselves and to the love, from just being naked, as we came to this world, pure and innocent, without shame.

This will take the focus in the next decade, as I see it. I am not sure about new people who are coming now, but I am talking about my generation and several generations around this age. We all grew up altered, with fear etched in the mind like it was made with engraver on the wood, I remember from childhood that tool! So we have to take a serious sand paper and start sanding! Not transcending, but sanding! 😉

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Financial stigmas and much more

I didn't want to write about it, but why not, I have been open for long time already about everything, so financials are not off limit here.  We just used to talk about finances within our family, but OMG not in a spiritual community! I still have not processed fully money stigma, it is much better now then before, but still I notice how I contract around this sometimes when I ponder on setting the price for my service.  You know, I used to work with people for years, free, and not a little bit here and there, but almost full time.  As crazy as this sound to some people, for me it was just fine.  Until it didn't.  I realized one day that I am not young anymore, and I don't have my own house, we rent a small place on the outskirts of the town, because it is cheeper.  I found myself in mid-life changing everything, and loosing most, I just couldn't proceed with the same dynamic. So I did change.  Not overnight, but with time.  Very slow, feeling my way into it.  I experimented a lot with sessions times, and fees, and my energy.  

What it takes for me to meet with someone for about 2.5-3 hours that the process I created required?  It has to be an equal exchange of energy, otherwise this won't work in a long run.  I saw that I can't really do many short meetings, I rather focus fully with one person for long time and we will have a full picture of their life and out of it we will have a lot of information that we will play with and come up at the end with a very clear view on what is there direction here in life and how to walk it in a correct way.  I called it Deep Dive Discovery Process and it is still my favorite, but very intense work.  After a while I had to raise the fees to make myself committed to this process.  

Another session almost as long, based on a Human Design, also takes a lot from me, I work on so many different levels, visible and invisible, that sometimes I have to go and stand or lay down on the earth after the session to ground myself (even more after Deep Dive Discovery).  I only can do one session like that a day and not even every day, and if it happens and I do it every day (like this week I had four sessions), I am actually looking forward to next week when I have only one.  I have times when I have no work at all. I am not busy, I don't want to be busy, my ideal to have 2 sessions a week every week - this is far from busy in any sense of having a coaching practice! But this is ideal for me, not money-vise, of cause it is not, but health-vise.  I don't have drive and energy, but I have a strong desire to help people to live their authentic self, so I found a middle ground.  

Sometimes it helps me to relax when I remember reading on the page of a very known non-duality teacher when he announced that he has a few spots for his skype consultations, 45 min 500$.  Someone asked why so expensive, he said: "Because I worth is."  I understand that many of us experiment with business, our values, we are like underage in this area, those of us who were in spiritual circles for too long.  So I don't judge him, it actually gave me some reference point that as long as I don't go to these extremes, I am ok.  Just because that felt extreme and not ok for me.  I don't feel worthy 500$ for a short skype, or it simply doesn't feel correct in my case.  For 500$ I offer two meetings of total time of 5+ hours and plus email support for a month...

Well, I am experimenting with that if I can sustain that myself, because if I focus on someone, I focus fully, it is as real as it gets, they are in me.  I sometimes have dreams and sometimes my clients have dreams where something is shown or resolved.  This is not 45 min skype for 500$, I am taking this client into my consciousness for the time we are working together and beyond. I stay with people through until they are out of the deepest hole of painful disillusionment. I have many people who can testify by this.

And yet still I am shy to even talk about my services.  I used to be humiliated that I have guts to charge for my consultations, just because everyone expected me to work for free as for many years when I participated in creation of the grassroots spiritual organization.  I have no organization for long time already, I also left non-duality, because I came back to practicality of living life as a human here, and I saw that the most people in denial is in non-duality, so I left after having full blown non-dual awakening and came back to the simple question: "How to live comfortable in your own skin?" right here, right now.  Without bs denials and spiritual materialism.  I found a way: to come back to humanness and fully explore authenticity.  This is what I am doing right now with people who come to me after long life of spiritual seeking, they want to finally feel good just as they are, very human. 

Recently my friend, a shaman, Anna Belenky, she is very gifted with her craft, and especially accurate in timing, said it will take time for me to establish my practice, 1.5-2 years. So I am not in a hurry here, I am building a foundation for what I will be doing to the rest of my life.  She also said I will create something new, a new system, which is high probability knowing myself well by this time, I always have new ideas and insights, never boring here :) 

My partner works very hard for us to have a place from where I can do my work.  He is also creating something new right now, and I help with that, we will see where this will take us.  This is what's going on here. 

And if you want to start the year with absolutely new outlook on yourself and the life you lived and living now and see more clearly where you are going and what you are here to be, if you want to start the new decade with radical deep de-conditioning of old dynamics so you won’t repeat them going forward, then we might work together.  

At this time I only work with long-term spiritual seekers, they are my passion, and I was the one too, so we speak the same language. I see myself in a future working with different categories of people, but not now. 

I work with those who have read my book “Buddha on a Bull: Practical Approach to Enlightenment” (
Buddha on a Bull on Amazon Link), just for them to know me better to have a trust that at least I “served the time”.  I work with those who are tired from feeling doubts about themselves, who are ready to uncover their unique face, their authentic essence.

Just as I published this post, someone sent me this testimonial:

Elena's Deep Dive Session was the best and most amazing coaching session I have ever received. This was pure, real and true. She helped me to find the essence of what I truly am.Such a relief to know and feel that.I highly can recommend her session to everyone looking for answers and clarity. You will get that. I also had another talk with her about my Human Design. Again very helpful and good practical tips. She is a true and authentic gift and her work is worth every penny!

and then she added:
And I tell you something:
after your Deep Dive session I thought, my god she could charge double for this kind of session!Love, Caroline  

What a great timing, Caroline, thank you for your letter!
I invite anyone who is curious to look into the detailed description of my services on my website and decide for yourself: https://www.elenanezhinsky.com/services

Saturday, January 4, 2020

You can relax

I know there is a lot going on in the world, and will be even more intense, and many have fear. I keep saying the same thing that this is exactly the environment we, as we are right now, incarnated in. Imagine the character in the movie set about the Great Depression. This character doesn't like what's going on, but his outfit, the set, the decorations are exactly for him to fulfill his role. I am not particularly like my own "movie set" here, I have a certain weaknesses that a part of this human vehicle that I need to live with, like when you want to drive a convertible, but you have an old van, what you do! I know exactly that this is what is needed for the spirit to fulfill it's incarnation, it's not random. The planet, the country, family, etc. is not a random set. I know, it's hard to understand that we are not really here in control, and it's hard to relax when the set is especially difficult, but still it is possible to see, especially if you had any awakening experience and saw that the mind is not in control, it's just super laud like a radio station. I help people to see that they can relax on a back seat of an old van, even when the radio is on.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

What we want is Wholeness

The era of seeking enlightenment is going away. It was a certain dynamic in a human consciousness for the times it has been, but it is really about wholeness. And I am sorry, anyone who is holding on and craving transcendent experiences and disregard real but outdated dynamics of their personality, will be not happy at the end.
Sometimes I look back on my life and I am amazed where I put my focus on! I was so hard-core spiritual seeker, with tens thousands of meditation hours, just because I was so lost in the mind conditioning and I never was myself. I thought I was me, but I wasn't. Sounds familiar? It is a paradox that took me all my life to solve in myself that almost drained my life energy completely, and I am still alive here to help a few others to uncover their true original face and relax in their being.
I will be less public, because I am settling more and more within myself, and I am sort of a recluse until I am called in. I created an amazing website (http://elenanezhinsky.com/) where you always can connect with me in different ways, or if curious, find what I am up to in the moment.