Thursday, May 30, 2019

Addiction to low mind states

We are addicted to specific mind states,
I am not exaggerating, 

its an addiction to a sensation, feeling
The thought forms that evoke these mind states
are so readily available, as they are right there,
every moment, every morning we wake up,
mind already tuned in to a specific frequency,
and just like a radio, broadcast the thought forms
all day long, sending the body into specific feeling.

If we are really mindful, we will notice the correspondence
of the thoughts to the feelings and sensations,
and if we are deeply honest, we will ask ourselves:
"What benefit I derive from this particular mind state 

of anxiety, sadness, anger, boredom...?" 
"Why I am addicted to this particular substance, 

what is there that keeps me hooked?"

I will give here a simple example, that many can easily understand.
It is 7am in the morning, and cold outside, in fact, its rainy too.
You are 6, and need to wake up to go to school.
You are so cozy under the blanket, dozing.
"Wake up!" you hear your mom's voice. And you slide
even deeper under the blanket, into the darkness and warmth.
"Wake up! We will be late for school!"
You feel even less motivated, you don't really like school.
"Mom, I am not feeling well"
After some examination mom either believes you or not,
but to convince her you really make yourself not feel well,
you even convince yourself in it: you feel achy, sad and weak.
But you allowed to stay under the blanket!!

40 years later you are still under the blanket, 

literary, or figuratively.  
The low and sad mind states now like an armor that is so familiar!
It keeps you "safe" from demands and expectations of the world.
Does it still work for you? Be honest.
I asked my partner what made him let go drug addiction,
while others went further, and many of them dead by this time.
"The state I was chasing wasn't working anymore,
so I was done with it".

Be honest and examine if it still works for you to be sad, 

depressed, bored, angry - any of it,
examine if it still keep you protected in a way you needed 

long time ago. Inquire if you need this protection now, 
or you are ready to change.
Why you need sadness and anxiety, why you need depression,
what is behind it? Keep going deeper with your inquiry.
Be your own guide and counselor,
let simple open curiosity and innocence 
guide itself into clarity and freedom from addiction.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Journeying into discovery

I worked with someone today who's childhood was very complicated, as in case of many of us, I would even say, majority of us. We did not have parents who were awake and aware, and we unconsciously compensated for their own pain in a variety of ways.
I have a specific mind, it has an ability to replicate the mind states of another human being and embody the feelings as so I am them. This is why I was completely lost for the large part of my life in the mind states of other people, groups, and the hypnosis of human condition. Nothing about anyone, it was just my own life trajectory I had to live here, the unique path of being very transparent to take on the mind states of the environment.
Journeying with my client into discovery of what she is here to offer to the world, I found myself in her life story, and then seeing clearly how the complications and the burdens of her childhood and specific intention of life here made her lead uncomplicated and unburdened life, and how it is so correct for her.
We are so fixed on fixing, and we assume that we need to fix something in order to be complete, but it is so individual in every one of us. For some of us the part of the story is to uncover the childhood complications, and it was absolutely true in my own case. Why I know this is true? Because this is how it is. I don't argue with life how it is.
So I do not argue with how it is for others as well, I do not have a specific idea, I enter in all possibilities. I go in, I take it in fully, I notice everything, and suddenly I know what they are here for. And as someone else's difficult childhood would lead to even more difficult adulthood for their own unique specific life work here, my today's client work here is to show and teach the simplicity of choices to lead uncomplicated and unburdened life. She does have perfect set of qualities that allow people feel warm and safe in her presence, so she can deliver her message in the way they won't reject, they suddenly feel the state of ease with her, and then they laugh together on the illusionary complications of life.

When we discussed this at the end I felt she was amazed how simple and noble her mission in life is, and this is what happens when we live what we are: the lifework is naturally expressed through living, through our being, and recognizing it is a simple celebration of a human spirit which is alined with it's intention fully