Some Articles

Here is the collection of some of my articles.  Each comes from my own experience.  More then anything it is a sharing of human vulnerabilities and some of the realisations on the Path. If it happens that you feel resonance to any of these sharings, I am honoured to be a part of your journey!

A certain predicament

The gift of taking the color of the environment

Anthony: The story of spontaneous Awakening

Already Home

Heal yourself by being transparent

When two come together physically 

Belonging and Conscience

We are not getting older!

Mirage - something that appears real or possible but is not in fact so

About Conceit - Spiritual Pride

Inner work is not personal!

A Journey to Wholeness

Fascination with experience

The value of a gradual spiritual path

You say you want peace...


Being Human is Enough

Clear Seeing...

Become busy being a human

Transformation of sexual energy and the value of equanimity

Seeker on a Spiritual Path: Conquering Sexual Desire

I find childhood brainwash very fascinating

So you don't have fears?

Conforming tendencies of character + Awakening = Nut house!

Integration of Awakening: Personality Conflicts. Untying Family/Ancestral energetics