Monday, November 11, 2019

Truth, but not True

Anyone expressing wisdom of liberation, in a Yogic tradition - jnani, express wisdom in their own way. This wisdom is truth, but it does't mean it's true. It is truth for them and it is truth for those who understand him/her. But it is not the whole truth. Please do not confuse this.

If you understood just now what I said you will never have a problem with anyone's expression, you will navigate the sea of wisdom with grace, gravitating naturally to the information your being respond to, gravitating to the tone and words and right frequencies of the expression for you.

You will never again listen to someone who considered wise by majority, if their expression doesn't make sense for you overall or at this time.

You will never strain to understand, you just connect, or not. You will feel it.

You will never want anyone change their expression, because you know that the fact that you disagree doesn't mean there is no one there who agree, you simply won't stop by the well that doesn't give water to quench your thirst, you will find the well that does, instead of arguing with the well.

You will be clear that the well has it's own water, but it doesn't mean that this is all the waters of the Creation, doesn't matter how narrow or how wide the well is, it is truth, but it's not entire truth.

You will feel wonder how everyone is interconnected and how each serves the whole.