Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Liberation Unleashed Open Video Project


This is an invitation for everyone who has seen through illusion of separate self. If it's been a long time or just a few days, your words can help those who are still searching for the answer. Please join in, you never know how helpful this may be and for how many.
The video project is about normal ordinary people waking up and showing the way to others. Awakening is happening and here is the proof. It is not just for special humans or those who meditate all their lives, but for everyone who dares to question and has honesty and courage to look for themselves.
What we are asking of you is multiple short 2-3 minute videos: real people; faces and voices, your unique story, please share your joy.
Answer any or all of the questions below or make up your own.
The main question is:
— How would you describe this illusion to someone who is trying to wake up?
Here are few questions from Trip Overholt from Avangard Sages radio show:
— How long has it been since you experienced this?
— What did you think this was before you experienced it?
— What was the means of your discovery?
— Are there any tangible benefits associated with this?
— Have you a guess as to why this may have "stuck" for you this time? How does this change your outlook?
We can also turn your answers to "How would you describe this" into a video,
Folks who would like to contribute, please video your answers, testimonial, or rant. [When using handheld devices hold SIDEWAYS, not upright.]

If you would like to remain anonymous, we'll use the voice only; supply text if you feel it's needed.

Please email videos or mp3 to
[If files are very big, you may use:, if you have dropbox, stick it in a folder and invite