Monday, February 18, 2013

Liberation Unleashed Meetings in Costa Rica

Hello from Costa Rica!

I appreciate my friends Gonzalo and Jenny who invited me to Costa Rica to their community, to their town, to their people. We are doing Direct Pointing work and integration work every day here...Here are some photos from our meetings. I also have recordings, and as soon as I can connect my iPhone to wi-fi to transfer the files, I will upload it here...Recordings are with wonderful Spanish translation of Jenny Ortuno.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why Meditate?

Painter paints, the inspiration flows painting happens...Every painter can recognize when "painter" is not there, just painting...brush strokes...

Every musician have times when he feels the flow of music happening without "a doer"...when he "becomes an instrument"...

All activities happen, because they just happen. Sometimes, especially in creative activities, its clearly seeing that there is only movement, and there is no one who is doing it...

People call it Grace. 

Grace is Life living itself and noticing... awareness of this beautiful flow happening...

People ask why to continue to meditate when its seeing that separate self does not exist?

This question comes, because meditation seeing as a tool to seeing the truth of no "I", awakening, enlightenment...

For some of us meditation is a way Life moves, just like painter paints, architect builds, meditator meditates...its an inspiring action...

Steven Seagal, who was 92 at the time, Zen master, Gurgieff Way ealder, and a painter, used to wake up every morning at sunrise, go to the forest, sweep the leaves or showel from snow the way to his little meditation house, and sit...When he was asked why he continue to do it, he simply replied: “Why not?”

Why he continued to paint? Why he continued to see people from Gurgieff way and sit with them? Why he continued to meditate?  We do what we like, we do what we inspired to do,  we do what we delighted to do...

I am receiving some letters from people who used to meditate before awakening. They ask should they continue...I would say, it is so individual. My own everyday formal practice dropped, but I still enjoy to sit in silent retreats. Some, on a contrary, start to sit more frequently, because there is no “seeking flavor” in the seating, but more delight, exploration, expansion...Some continue to sit, because they feel the benefits of purification of the remaining conditioning in the mind. Some sit, because they love the groundness in the body and calm in the mind, for the same reason people do yoga and other practices.

Meditation also can continue in a not formal ways. It ‘spills” into life, and all activities become meditation.  So just enjoy it in any form it is for you, and if this not happening for you at all, then there is no movement there, and its exactly what is needed at this point. No need to push or feel “left behind”, as many formal meditators feel...Life knows the best what it needs, sit or dance, silence or exhilaration...

I very much enjoyed video of meditation teacher Shane Wilson where he describes the journey of the meditator-seeker arriving into rest and continue to enjoy his practice:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Awakening to the Truth: One happy dude :)


Your blog!
Yeah - Joy!
"Eddies" in the river DO realize they are NOT separate from the river, they ARE the river - eddy-ing!
Obvious, simple!  Hooray!  Laughter, Joy!
"Heaven" is not where/when "everything is going my way," it IS (eternal present) where/when "my way" is not!
Love IS!
An "eddy" called "Don."

:) Yey!!!!

Sweetheart, please answer me these questions...Take your time, or answer spontaneously...ok? But seriously, in detail, give me more then less...Thank you!

1) Is there a 'me', at all, anywhere, in any way, shape or form? Was there ever?

2) Explain in detail what the illusion of separate self is, when it starts and how it works.

3) How does it feel to see this? describe in detail.

4) How would you describe it to somebody who has never heard about this illusion but is curious about it. 

5) What was the last bit that pushed you over, made you look? was there a specific moment when seeing happened or was it gradual? what exactly happened?

Spontaneous:  How did Santa find out he doesn't exist?  (laughter)

1&2) "I/me/self" is a fiction, constructed by memory from the ashes of thought and experience.  Yes, "I/me/self" is a fiction - but, that fiction is terribly real!  It informs our language, our culture, our traditions, our nationalism and our socioeconomic-political structures.  It expresses itself in desire, fear, greed, hatred, war and planetary devastation.  Just because "I/me/self" is a fiction does not make it harmless. It is part and parcel of our human conditioning which teaches us to live in a world of abstracted conceptual structures that merely represent the world. Thought is the creator of that abstracted world. It is the point of division, dividing "this' from "that," "self" from "other," "right" from "wrong" and "what is" from "what should be!"

3) "My experience" of the wind is not, in fact, the wind.

4) The sunset is there. The experience of the sunset is, in fact, NOT the sunset.  SEE the sunset, NOT the experience!
To hear the "symphony of existence" you don't need a running description of its formal structure and chord progressions; all you need do is LISTEN!  You will not hear it if you are busy talking to yourself or listening to others!
5)A ship is NOT the product of its wake!  

Tee -hee -hee -hee -hee-hee!
All there is is LOVE !!

are you on Facebook, friend?


Yes, but at 72 years of age it is beyond me how to use it!  


Friday, February 1, 2013

Fear: "If you want me to protect you, you have to protect me"

I met David recently on a live meeting in Stuart, Florida...David is a beautiful human being with shiny eyes and the biggest smile! We spoke there, and he said he is very much interested to help others to awaken from the dream of separation we started with him on his own seeing...he was right at the Gate, from the beginning...only Fear was standing on the we looked why it is there, talked and listen to the fear, all cleared in the matter of few hours...I am very happy! <3

On Facebook Liberation Unleashed Gate group:
Welcome, David ..I appreciate your interest in what we do, and volition to serve people in awaking... Lets chat a bit...Here is some questions: Is there a 'me', at all, anywhere, in any way, shape or form? Was there ever?

Thank you!

  • David:  As I looked and looked I saw no sense of an identity but then I sensed an
    energy of fear which feels to be a separateness that is protecting its form/being and now it feels like a sense of me.
  • David: strange like this energy of fear took form and the mind created a sense of
    me from it.
  • Elena Nezhinsky  talk to fear...befriend it...what is that it wants to tell you today ? don't assume you know...let it become very quite and listen.. let me know what comes up.
  • David:  The fear says that it does not feel safe, it says "I can not go on without
    you" "please don't leave me" " you need me"
  • David: it says "you can't have it both ways"

    then I waited and it said

    "if you want me to protect you, you have to protect me"
  • Elena Nezhinsky Hihi, that's right! Peek behind the feeling... is there anything to protect? And also ask fear if its ready to relax now...
  • David : nothing to protect... illusion. fear relaxed. Then new fear came up... fear of being wrong
  • David: Fear says "" if you let go there will be nothing left"
  • Elena Nezhinsky  ok continue to look, and write whatever come up here. I will check from time to time...

    Find one that can be wrong... 

    Look if there is an experiencer who can have an experience of being wrong or it's just an experience unfolding wih the feeling flavor called "fear" wth the thought in a mind "I can be wrong"
  • Elena Nezhinsky Oh, on your last reply. You looked behind, no one there. Fear just confused. Fear thought it doing its's warning you...but just tell the fear to relax, thank it really for good service. Ask if it can relax now.
  • Elena Nezhinsky It's said "if you let go there will be nothin left" protect. Fear fears that it won't be needed anymore. Assure it that you will need it for the body protection in dangerous situations. But to protect something that is not there anyways is an illusiory can relax
  • David : Yes, after it said " if you let go there will be nothing left" I keep looking and it all just let go and nothing is there. I just thanked "fear" although I feel no sense of fear
  • David : Yes, this is what I sensed before and had question about. This is clear.
  • Elena Nezhinsky Cool. Just stay with this looking and lets check in tomorrow what's going on ok? Continue to explore and see "what is I really?" Do not read anyhing...look in the middle of your experience. Anytime "I, me comes up, look up what it is really, where it's located. Is there the need for labeling for experience to be?
  • David: Yes, just sitting, seeing and heart expanding.... this feels complete.
    Thank you beautiful Elena. I am leaving my work place now and driving home.

    Love to you as you know.
  • David: There is no sense of I, just awareness in flow. I is an idea in the mind a thought.... no content.

    will check in tomorrow .
  • Elena Nezhinsky Keep noticing...keep are doing awesome 
  • David: Just observing from stillness the mind creating "I" statements Observing surroundings. No labels.
  • Elena Nezhinsky Can you go now for a walk? If yes, just go and walk like a little boy, and look with child's curios eyes, careless, free...
  • David: Hi!

    went for a walk last night and felt very connected with surroundings. An intimate closeness- appreciate knowingness. still feel it now. just a lot
    of observing with not much thought.

    when I awoke the mind soon started with "I" thoughts. I watched and the
    energy relaxed. Then the thought "call my name" looked and no name for this beingness... Of course haha. relaxed.

    Then thought "I will eat"... noticed mind created this thought after an
    energy of intention had happened. What was real was energy of intention collected and movement happened. Cool seeing this... observing.

    Then some kind of energy of assertion of the body being separate happened.
    It was trying to hold onto or create a sense of physical definition. Very interesting energy asserting at the outer surface of the body. Watched it
    and it collapsed.

    Then fear, when I asked, had the message" will you forget me and all that I
    have done for you" I looked behind it and nothing there and it relaxed.

    Noticed while eating breakfast mind making thought "good" then an energy
    of questioning need for determining "good for me or not" arose. as I
    looked this energy relaxed to a knowingness

    Noticed when rising energy to do something happens the mind creates
    thought... "I will .....go there or eat now or whatever energy is about.
    What is happening behind the minds thought whether there or not seems to
    be ... from being energy or intention arises, collects and creates movement
    to actualize. No interpreting mind thought necessary hahaha

    then I had a scooter ride to the repair shop in the wind and rain and
    colder temperature and was just seeing everything... no judgement. Then noticed how the feeling of younger days when there was no fear for the
    body. Open, free, joyous. expanded.

    At repair shop there was music with words like " love stinks" and other
    songs of suffering...hahaha. I noticed how not in harmony and then became
    just words... sound no response and then someone changed the music to just guitar songs with no words.. hahaha
    kind universe 

    After a while of waiting and delay in the work being done an energy arose
    of frustration. asked it what it was telling me..... "waisting my time".
    Looked behind and saw no my or time just now. Then energy arose again and
    when asked answered "are you going to stick up for yourself"... Looked
    and of course no self.

    Not much since then. Some conversation..... noticing speaking from
    "authentic simplicity" clear.

    So thats whats been happening hahaha interesting dynamics

    love and appreciation to you!
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  • Elena Nezhinsky  nice investigation....
  • David:  you and i are just an idea... just seeing and being is... all else is created.  headed to a class at unity on transitions .....  haha
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  • Elena Nezhinsky how does it feels to see it? 
  • David : Natural - free, peace,"knowingness' - complete/whole....ah... Holy. 
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  • David Operating from "Is" with feeling as guide.... Using mind to communicate
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  • Elena Nezhinsky Anything missing for you in understanding, any doubts?
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  • David : No. Life reveals Life. Seeing, feeling flows in Awareness.
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  • Elena Nezhinsky we should hug  much love, my friend !
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  • Elena Nezhinsky My friends will look up this today and we will go forward from there. 
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  • David:   Yes, .. I am hugging with much love and appreciation