Sunday, March 31, 2019

Awakening of the mind as an obstacle in living awake

This is what I met with by working with awake people: The awakening of the mind becomes an obstacle in living awake. The opening of the mind's perception of who one is solidifies into the concept that stalls the creativity, curiosity, natural responses of the mind that is free of the solid identity. I used to think that people only on Facebook behave like awake robots, but in their life they are different, but now I see that its not the case, they are actually in life feel very restricted. It's like an opposite of freedom! The outer life circumstances only a sign of a restriction, and it can manifest in different ways, for example feeling dull, not motivated, not interesting to live, not interested in others, having a restriction in the partnership, sexual restriction, financial, feeling unfulfilled, but all this is not sort of a concern, because this is all human desires and interests, and "I am beyond it", "I am life itself" or pure awareness...I think you got my point here...Awakening to the Spirit to take over implies no limitation how the Spirit will live itself through the vessel. If you woke up in a dream at night lucid you do not sit in your dream in detached no-body, you go and explore the dream world, fly and do things you won't do before, just because you can! You know you are dreaming, you know there is nothing to be afraid of, so you explore fully. Same in life, if you woke up, stop pretending to be awake, BE free, FEEL alive, LIVE the fullness of life! 

P.S. Surely I myself went through a fairly long period of living detached, removed and all that, this is why I spot that crap very quickly, and there is no way you will make me believe "all is fine", and this is why I am here with the energy of provocation and the ability to make an impact necessary for you to snap the hell out of it, sometimes it is verbal coaching, and sometimes it is situational. And sometimes it is a life lesson for both of us 🥳🔥🌈💥

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How awakening help in a human life?

So how awakening help in a human life? It simply allows you to be you. Allows you to be free from expectations of deeply conditioned mind around self-image and from expectations of others. It allows you to be correct in your own movement of energies, speech and actions. I have to say here that your correctness can look like incorrectness to others, especially in the transition period from been conditioned deeply to
be free.
The transition is not an easy time, and in my view and experience takes at least 7 years of core de-conditioning, and then natural fine-tuning, so no rush. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to those around who goes through epic shedding of skins.
I am here to serve and help in that process of shedding. I hide nothing, withdraw nothing, and will ask the best you are able to give to yourself at this time 

Friday, March 22, 2019


To give back to the community I offer to anyone who donated to my fundraiser a free coaching session. If you are stuck in any area of life, we can look at it together. 

I will be focused 2 full days on serving my donors. Do not be shy, you can bring to the table with me anything, from very spiritual to very mundane, you know me by this time, I don't really make any distinction, or have any judgment, or preference what we will be talking about. My main agenda is you as an agenda 

The link bellow will bring you to the description how I work, and a calendar. If you scroll down you will see: "Free coaching for my donors", please choose the date you want to talk to me. I already did some work with those who donated, but I am opening myself even more now, regardless of the amount of the contribution 

March 26 or April 11. I put the times that can accommodate anyone from Australia, to Europe to USA...

Thursday, March 14, 2019


To become free is to become yourself. Not to become no self, but really to become yourself.

So denial of humanness won't really make you free, it will make you detached, but that detachment will be tested by life, because it is not natural state of being. Just like being attached to the humane and not seeing the divine is not natural state of being, same is with attachment to transcendent. Both are not sustainable if there is an honest exploration of yourself. You may start the exploration from any entry point, and though many disciplines provide that we usually choose them based on the inclination of the mind. What is that interesting for the mind to explore? Or we are called into the exploration by the heart.

Wherever you start, please do not stop half-way, continue. You will know when you arrive, when you feel at peace within yourself being yourself, and not for short period of time, but give it about 7 years. Let it all naturally re-arrange: your divinity, your humanness, the gifts you carry, the limitations, let it all float like a little glitter or snow particles in the viscous liquid in a plexiglass frame. They do fall on their own accord, there is no way you can hurry up their movement, you just need to turn the frame upside down and let the snow begin. Then you just watch the graceful slow movement.

And then you might turn the frame again...while you are here, why not to enjoy the mesmerizing falling of the snow...

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Get Un-Stuck and Play your part!

It's mind boggling how people really do compare themselves to other people, teachers, colleagues, those who achieve something, spiritually or materially, and how this creates a havoc in the nervous system, and how if they only know their own unique offering to this world, their own role, their gifts and natural limitations, they would be so honored to be themselves, so happily playfully selfing! Otherwise we either unhappily unconsciously selfing or we try to hide into the absolutist view, half-baked-awake view of ourselves as "It's Life happening" or "I am Awareness", but we still unconsciously selfing, everyone around us see it, we are like an ostriches that hid the heads in a sand and think we are invisible!
What I mean by happily playfully selfing?
You know you are here not to pose as Consciousness or Awareness in this life, otherwise why would Consciousness even incarnate in you? Thats right, you are here to individuate. Yes, we are one, yes, its all Consciousness, One Mind, as Huang Po would say, many of us went through awakening to the essence of who they are. And what's now? To try to grip on the idea that you are Consciousness and avoid human dealings? You know this does not work. You know that life will bring it on to break that absolutist view that stuck in the mind as reality, and you would be forced to leave the "safe" Awake identity cushion, and finally face your humanity, the hard way!
Happily selfing is living clarity of who you are, without any escape tactics, without living unconsciously life that is guided by deepest unseen fears.
Happily selfing is knowing yourself, as transcendent and as humane, and having no resistance to play your part fully for what you were born.
You were not born to pretend to be not you, to pretend to be like someone else, even if it is the most awake guru on the planet, you were born to be you and offer the world your own unique gift.
Yes, most of us, we do not know who we are, and so we are seeking for this clarity all our life. We are not sure what we are here for, besides what we were told by others, or besides our own ideas, also conditioned in a social environment. To escape the suffering of not knowing why we are here, we seek transcendence with all might, and when we finally have this mind expanding experience, we just hold on to it as much as we can, becoming no-self stuck half-way on the mountain seeker that deny their humanness, deny their responsibilities of actions, later on deny seeking as something bad, and basically deny themselves.
I know I described a hard case here, but I met so many around facebook non-duality groups especially, I myself was hiding in absolutist mind state for some years, boy, I know what it is, and I surely recognize the trait from the first written sentence or in a meeting with someone. 
There is nothing to be ashamed also, if you are stuck. Stuck is stuck, and this is just a temporary mind state. And in the middle of stuck you actually don't even know that you are stuck, you only have the awareness of it when you have it, so there is nothing really bad about being stuck. But being stuck myself before I know I would benefit from some input on me being stuck, especially if that would be an experience for me to see it myself! Or I would benefit from someone guiding me in the un-stuck! That would be even better!! But I kept myself stuck with others who were stuck just like me, and many are still there. I am not. And I know how to shift things to un-stuck.
I know I wrote mouthful about being stuck, but its ok!

Anyways, If you are curious why you are here and what you are here to bring to the world, I do a special inquiry to guide people in a process of discovering yourself, discovering your own character in a movie called "Maya", and embody it with joy, instead of hiding behind the curtain, watching others being playful while you pretend you are all serious disembodied Awake!

Friday, March 8, 2019

How you can help me, Elena?

I received couple of letters that helped me to write detailed explanation what is that I actually have to offer and how this help in deep transformation. Thank you, friends! I am always for making things more clear!

Laser means getting to the source or root quickly.
It does not necessarily shorten the coaching time but it does make each coaching session more effective and efficient.

Mind creates stories we live from the believes we pick up from our parents, society, and the environment we are born and live in. These believes get solidified as we live life, and our life become a reflection of the stored believes and stories we hold about ourselves. To create something new, to become new, to achieve new, you need to part with that baggage, maybe part by part, or all at once. I help in this right of passage as an AWAKE human being, as a PROFESSIONAL life coach, as unique embodiment of a CATALYST and a Role Model Mental Projector design I carry in this life.

How AWAKE human assist in transformation?
Regardless of where you are, what you do or not do, how you feel, how satisfactory or unsatisfactory your life is, regardless of what you think about yourself, what people around think of you, I SEE you in the FULLNESS YOU ARE. I work with you from the space that is beyond personal qualities and personal achievements, from the space of Pure Awareness that we all ARE. I know Maya (the illusion of Life), and I know who we are beyond the illusion we see with our eyes. I will guide you to see the play of Life where you as this unique character participates, consciously or unconsciously. We will discover your unique qualities you came to play with and offer to the world. We will discover a deeper and more exciting direction for your journey here. You will ride your own life trajectory with clarity, respect to your role here in this lifetime and have much more understanding and appreciation of the variety of life, making you love and accept people as they are, building true satisfying relationship with yourself and others.

How PROFESSIONAL life coach assist in transformation?
I am a professional coach, I studied in the best and oldest professional schools in USA: Co-Active Coaches Training Institute and Laser Coaching Training. I am also a synergetic being, it means that I studied all my life different holistic methods of healing, and now they come in me as my own coaching method. This method is to be 100% Present, and trust what comes in the space between me and a client. For the list of different holistic modalities I studied professionally, please refer to my Resume that is posted under "About Elena" menu option on my website or on this blog.

How Human Design Overview assist in transformation?
This offering in every coaching relationship is optional. It depends on your curiosity and willingness to experiment with simple behavioral modifications to make your decision making easy and correct for you. We have different bodies, different structure of the mind, we affected differently by larger cosmic bodies movement, we born in different environment, and the ancient techniques, like western and Vedic astrology, I-Ching, and Human Design can assist you to understand and notice the unique qualities of your own being. In work with me you will see how I am acutely aware to variety in life, and variety in humanity, and how I create awareness about your own uniqueness, so you would never again compare yourself to others and feel diminished. You will learn YOU, love YOU, respect YOU, be fascinated by YOU, offer unique YOU to the world!

How CATALYST assist in transformation?
Please do not expect to be comfortable with me, if you feel comfortable, its only temporary, and I suggest you hold on to the rails, because I propel you out of your comfort zone. For the greater good, as they say it! There is no formula, it's a pure alchemy. Its done differently every time, mostly through the situational teaching that get's transmitted through me, or through the energetic clearing that is facilitated through my own body in our communion.
Catalyst is the agent, you add a pinch of that in the solution, and you get an alchemic reaction 🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪⚡️⚡️💥💥 As a coach I step into the space just as a client is, vulnerable and ready to be transformed. I noticed that if I resist to submit to the alchemy, I really get it hard, so I learnt to be a true catalyst: impartial, humble, serving the whole, having no fear to be dissolved. Use me.

I posted it to my website:

Elena, this is Profound!

“Elena, this is Profound!!”
“Yes, it is!”
We both silent, startled, looking at each other, there is a deep pause...we feel her profoundness.

“Now you go live from this space, girl”
She glows as thousand stars. I tear up.
I am there with her. In her expansion. I am expanded too. It’s a space of all possibilities. It feels no less then profound.
I feel an honor to have an opportunity to make them lit up as thousand starts and be a witness to their profoundness.
I love to work with millennials. They are so precious, they evoke in me the most sympathetic joy I ever felt! 

If you have a child who is any of it: unsure, "lost", hiding, shy, unhappy, underachiever, resentful, righteous, having attention problems, commitment problems, any problems! in their 20th or early 30th, please send them to me. They are seekers in their own right, and I know how to work with them. I have very limited time for this as I am involved in building big project right now and trying to finish the book. The reason I am offering this because helping these precious souls makes a big impact on me. I feel called into this work right now, I feel they are who will carry us forward as a human tribe, and they need help now. I connect with them through having no solid identity and a lifetime of a great variety of "normal" and quirky human experience. They feel my transparency and acceptance of them, regardless where they are; they get validated in their uniqueness, they get empowered to Be, they re-connect to who they are in their own unique way. I can cry just writing this, because they deserve it and because they are much more ready to be who they are then any of the old crony like me.

I have to say to any of you who feel: "I had an awakening experience, but I still hide from living life fully", consider this work invitation too. Though I would take your millennials precious kids for a ride with me first 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A CATALYST for Deep Transformation

I am done with my main coaching training !! I continue the learning with masters in coaching, but being myself as a CATALYST for Deep Transformation I bringing UNIQUE skills into my work with people. I am very happy with the results of my 5 months experiential and intense coaching training, mostly for it helped me to release my own deepest fear and mind fixation of this lifetime, the deepest blind spot that no amount of meditation and inquiry could touch, the biggest roadblock that kept me from fully expressing myself and my own unique work in the world. I am working on a BIG project right now with other people, as one of my purpose here is to be a Pioneer and create NEW (this I unveil when we are ready here)! I am writing a book that is due in August this year (you will know EVERYTHING about me and also HOW to WAKE UP and WHAT to expect). I co-lead Non-Dual Awakening Gate group which I created in 2011 and re-invented recently. I am also available (to very limited number of individual clients) for individual de-conditioning support, all kinds of spiritual emergencies, and help in finding the new direction in life. Thanks to the same team of graphic designer Bonnie and webmaster Tina I had since we co-created Liberation Unleashed, I have my website created and updated recently with offerings of my coaching services:

I hope I inspire people to take care of their lives from where they are. You all know that it was a stretch for me to fund this training, but it didn't stop me. It was a stretch for me to go sit in the room full of corporate people, but it didn't freeze me. In a way actually it did, and it served me perfectly by detonating the fear one day in front of all of them!! It was a stretch for me to shift from being a spiritual dropout to professional, but it didn't scare me. It was a stretch for me to go through being pushed out from the organization I co-created, but it didn't crash me. It was a stretch to look into a new BIG project, but I said YES to it. It was a stretch to offer here my services, as I was working for free or donations in a spiritual community for the last 8 years, but hell with possible judgment! I stretched myself in all the directions lately, and the price was liberation from fear! I am free and I invite you to be free from anything that holds you from being and expressing yourself as a complete human in this lifetime! 

A Catalyst

I am a Catalyst, please do not expect to be comfortable with me, if you feel comfortable, its only temporary, and I suggest you hold on to the rails, because I propel you out of your comfort zone. For the greater good, as they say it...I do not even know how I do that precisely, its done differently every time, mostly through the situational teaching that get's transmitted through me. If you do not think I am affected, just trust me, I am the first who feels heebie jeebies, at least I know now it's not really my stuff. I learnt to read the change in the mind state, and recognize what is going on. I just embody people's emotions, mind states, some crazy shit get's cleared through me, if I do not resist.

Catalyst is the agent, you add a pinch of that in the solution, and you get an alchemic reaction 🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪⚡️⚡️💥💥 I found that it was easier to be a consultant, a guide, a teacher, I could keep the status quo, because I am the one in a space "who knows", I could keep the identity going. As a coach I step into the space just as a client is, vulnerable and ready to be transformed. I leant that if I resist to submit to the alchemy, I really get it hard, so I learnt to be a true catalyst: impartial, humble, serving the whole, having no fear to be dissolved. Use me 💓

Witness vs Awareness

For the advanced seeker.  Please do not take this name as an assault.  Lately everyone has an idea to end the spiritual search.  But it happens on it's own accord.  Nothing shameful in being a seeker,  the path is not one shot deal, like ego wants.  Sure, there are revelations on the way,  and then mind sneak into the next identification, and we need to honestly see that.  This small essay-exploration is a pointer to the next level of discernment that many are ready for.

Witness vs Awareness

Witness is not a natural state.
There is some effort, tension in the mind to maintain it.
Awareness requires no effort, its always there.
Mind can't register it.  Mind is not an instrument that is able to register and describe awareness, just like it is not possible for any system to know the system that includes it. 

When awareness aware of itself, mind is not there, how he can know of this natural state of existence?!
He doesn't.  But he will try to be a rightful owner of it!
As soon as it's abilities to conceptualise back after wordless experience of awareness, he will sell you the truth of experience that he has nothing to do with, mixed with concept, where he will hide himself as a member of the experience: 
"I had an experience. I am an awareness"  

If you hear this phrase in your head, beware, it's not the truth.
Awareness is an immediacy of being, where no words are possible to describe it, because the faculties to describe are not the part of the experience.

There might be a state of being where awareness aware of itself - a revelation experience of pure awareness, and a state of being where awareness is a phenomena itself.  It does not mean awareness if not present, it is focused into the different activity, it hides it's own face into the skin. Doesn't matter where it is focused: aware of itself or appear as phenomena, in that natural existence there is no tension.

In a contrary, witness is a state of mind with an effort to maintain, to hold the view, the distance.  It keeps duality, subtle and sneaky form of duality, quasi-non-duality.  Mind is maintaining the dream of being awake.  Question every idea about yourself that comes from the mind in a way of a description of who you are.  Who you are not a description, but a living experience.