Thursday, April 14, 2022

Fragmenting Population Goes Futher

Those who believed in mask vs no mask, the vac vs no vac, sex gender mix vs natural genders, black lives matter matter vs all lives matter, Republicans vs Democrats, and so on - there are many fractions by now, many more components that I mentioned here. For example: those who masked, but didn’t do vac, believe in all lives matter, and a Democrat - it's just one of the combinations.
Now I am facing my circle after all the combinations above settled down once again braking - those who “stand with Ukraine” vs those who are supporting denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. Now, the newest component arrived: snake venom theory is true vs not true... the fragmentation goes deeper and the fragments of circles of likeminded people that remain are getting very small.
This is the main plan of a power elites right now on this planet - to break the families and communities - and it works like a Swiss clock. Please be aware of this.
What can be done? I don't know yet, but I see vac/no vac and mask/no mask people have less opposition by this time - this is good! Ukraine subject is too hot for the moment for many, but it might cool off at some point, when more people start to see that it's not Russia against Ukraine, but the same cronies by the same chess board, just a different game. If we as people stay true to our conviction, but open to new information, then there is a chance our conviction can shift in a future, and we can drop the resistance. We might drift away from some people completely, but if love remains in our hearts toward people with different convictions, this is wholesome place to be. ❤

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Transmutating Pain

My homeland is Russia and Ukraine, I can’t separate them in me.
Yesterday in my bed falling asleep, I felt all the Pain.
I saw if you are not on one side or the other,
you have to be able to hold ALL the pain
arising out of this conflict.
This pain is not painful, it's detonates you.
It's a deepest Love and Compassion that ascends,
and you weep without tears.
Then you stare at the ceiling,
unable to change a thing.
We grew up on a land that remembers WW2,
we ate food grown on this blood rich soil.
We have this cellular memory of war,
when its activated, it is already a real experience,
wherever you are on this planet right now.
I am talking to you, Katzapi and Xoxli.
Yes, all the rage and terror is real,
but those who can transmute it in themselves -
this is the culmination of all your spiritual practices -
to be able to hold the deepest feeling
in the transparency of awareness,
and therefore experience compassion and love
to the degree when even this deep conflict
Love remains.
At least for a moment.
And you share that moment, that love, with the world
in a silence of your own being.
You dissolve in Love.
World needs this.
Every human heart experiencing Love counts ❤ 🙏