Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What gift you are here to give to the world?

What you came here for? What you are here to give to the world? Behind the crust of accumulated responsibilities and various stories of who you are, there is this alive energy that expresses itself from the early years to the days we die. The energy is the authentic gift you are caring here in this lifetime. But we never tough to recognize it and clear it from the context of our storyline. The energy that gives this body/mind a momentum to live. The very authenticity of your being.

In me, it is exploration, understanding how things work, and sharing with others. This energy is not something I have to try to make it, it is an unceasing flow. It is not "mine", rather it uses this organism to express itself.  If I look at my life, I can see this energy in action since early childhood, then school, teen years, and on, and on. It took different costumes, roles to express itself, but in the essence it is always was the same wish to explore, understand how it works, and share.

When you recognize the authentic energy in you, it is a big deal. Then you are looking in something very true, not conditioned, not pretense. Then you notice how this authentic energy expressed in you, through what kind of context. I explore, research and share anything, from the best rice cooker I find to the explorations in consciousness, both of these vehicles and many others are absolutely valid for the energy that here to express and share. I am standing on the stage in front of thousand people, or I am sharing here for a hundred, or sometimes a few, this does not really matter, for this authenticity is expressed through different ways. This what makes me also feel fulfilled and well utilized.

Maybe you will be curious to look at your life, and peel this unique authentic energy out of various circumstances, professions, ways you had a chance to express, ways you express it now, and see it right in the face what it is really, the very essence of the gift you carry in this lifetime. Please share your authenticity, your aliveness that expresses itself through the life as you