Saturday, June 23, 2018

On change.

As with any movement repeated for years,
it’s easier to keep the same steps going, automatically.  
What if we stop in the middle of the song, vulnerable, 
trembling with fear to make a mistake, but willing?  
Willing to change the music, 
willing to change the pattern of our movement and our relating.  
Willing to step from each other and look into the eyes.  
Willing to see the other and what they really want.  
Willing to see what we want.  
Willing to want!  
Do you feel the chills through your body? I do! 
Because I know how scary this sudden stop can be.  
Haw daring it looks from outside, and probably unsafe.  
Same music will try to take you again on the same waltz, 
when you are so damn ready to let go into rhythm of flamenco! 
You might grip on each other at times, taking each other again and again 
on the same spin around the hall. 
But isn’t it like the last dance of the night, you both know: it is over? 
Take your shoes off, relax, my dear friend.  There will be more of this, 
and there will be more music next week!
 Maybe same partner, maybe not,
but surely you will keep dancing!