Friday, February 28, 2020

On focusing attention (re: corona virus scare city)

We all will die,
better worry about spending
(doesn't matter how many years left here)
being fearful, scared, paranoid, and controlled
in what the thoughts you run
in between your eyebrows and your scalp...
a small space, right?
Like an old Grundig radio that we used in Russia
to catch any other propaganda, besides the Soviet,
your head is a Grundig,
and you can keep switching the channels,
until you get to the one with the music.
Maybe buy a ticket and go to classical concert,
and travel with the music cleansing your fearful mind.
That music was created in the world with much more viruses and unknown diseases that you can imagine.
Create something timeless, create something from the heart,
un-glue yourself from the news, propaganda for masses.
Americans watched too many scary news and trillers
and had too little troubles to live through.
We are sterile and afraid of peeing in the forest,
we would hold till we reach the porta potty,
almost exploding
in that plastic blue box.
Use your life force,
your precious attention wisely,
and wash your hands.🙏