Thursday, January 10, 2013

Being Human is Enough

There is a natural flow of falling deep into the illusion of separate self and awakening from this illusion in a recourse of the human life.  

Body is constantly in a changing mode. It happens by itself, this is the property of human organism, and any biological organism: to arise, to grow, to decline and die...While this movement is going, certain changes in the mind also appear naturally. At first child is born, and there is no identification with the body/mind, and with time it does appear in most of us. This is the natural movement of a human organism. And then the time comes when we start to question and inquire what we perceive.  This questioning in various degrees of urgency is also a natural movement of the human organism.

Madam de Salzmann, the pupil of Gurgieff said once that “It is important to live long”.  That was her pointing that awakening is embedded in the flow of human life itself. 

I am writing this to give you a sense of relief that there is nothing really to run for, looking at other people’s “attainments”.  This tension in feeling of you failing to reach some “level of awakening” will only keep you unhappy with the life 
that is perfectly unfolding as you are, 
this unique perfect embodiment.