Monday, January 7, 2013

Become busy being a human

I noticed how much some of us lost in trying to solve "Who 

am I?" riddle in the mind...

Koan can't be solved by thinking about it till the head

 hurts...koan is a riddle that is unsolvable by the mind, but 

can suddenly become alive in a being, opening the mind to 

perfect clarity...

Can you imagine a flower pondering “Who am I really?”

No, the flower being busy being a flower.  Opening, closing, turning to the sun, emanating fragrance...A dog, chasing a squirrel or laying lazy in the dust just being busy being a dog...

If you still think you are an object, a body, some structure separate from everything else, look deeper into the reality...

As the illusion of separate “I” is seeing, 
become busy being a human.

The need to define yourself as something will automatically drop, because all definitions are not true. The movement of life itself is the only what is and what is true.

Become busy being a human.

Life knows perfectly well how to move through awakened mind in the most efficient way,

so everything that needs to be purified, realized, seeing deeper, surely will, 
in its perfect   f  l  o  w...