Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Witness vs Awareness

For the advanced seeker.  Please do not take this name as an assault.  Lately everyone has an idea to end the spiritual search.  But it happens on it's own accord.  Nothing shameful in being a seeker,  the path is not one shot deal, like ego wants.  Sure, there are revelations on the way,  and then mind sneak into the next identification, and we need to honestly see that.  This small essay-exploration is a pointer to the next level of discernment that many are ready for.

Witness vs Awareness

Witness is not a natural state.
There is some effort, tension in the mind to maintain it.
Awareness requires no effort, its always there.
Mind can't register it.  Mind is not an instrument that is able to register and describe awareness, just like it is not possible for any system to know the system that includes it. 

When awareness aware of itself, mind is not there, how he can know of this natural state of existence?!
He doesn't.  But he will try to be a rightful owner of it!
As soon as it's abilities to conceptualise back after wordless experience of awareness, he will sell you the truth of experience that he has nothing to do with, mixed with concept, where he will hide himself as a member of the experience: 
"I had an experience. I am an awareness"  

If you hear this phrase in your head, beware, it's not the truth.
Awareness is an immediacy of being, where no words are possible to describe it, because the faculties to describe are not the part of the experience.

There might be a state of being where awareness aware of itself - a revelation experience of pure awareness, and a state of being where awareness is a phenomena itself.  It does not mean awareness if not present, it is focused into the different activity, it hides it's own face into the skin. Doesn't matter where it is focused: aware of itself or appear as phenomena, in that natural existence there is no tension.

In a contrary, witness is a state of mind with an effort to maintain, to hold the view, the distance.  It keeps duality, subtle and sneaky form of duality, quasi-non-duality.  Mind is maintaining the dream of being awake.  Question every idea about yourself that comes from the mind in a way of a description of who you are.  Who you are not a description, but a living experience.