Thursday, September 20, 2018

What's the point?

An inquiry in the middle of negation of life )

Very often after the transcendental experience
coming back to a ‘regular” life as a human here
seems dull and not stimulating to the mind enough,
so he speaks: “This is not it, I lost an awakening. 
What can I do to go back to the state what “I” experienced!” 

Notice right there that the mind took the experience and made it it’s own.
Notice the mind runs the show again.  What a showman!
Look deeper, look not at mind talking and what it says, 

but look at the awareness of the mind talking. Look at it.  
You are not the talking mind.

And then the showman might come from another angle,
be attentive of it’s tricks.  It might say: “This life is an illusion, what’s the point?”
He will continue to solicit the attention with questions:
“If this is an illusion, what’s the point to live and experience life, whats the point?”
“If there is no choice, no will, what’s the point”?!

At this moment can you become very quite and again, 
see what asks this question. If you really attentive you notice 
the thought just keep churning in the mind: "What's the point”, it's just there. 
Now look at who is asking "What's the point"?
You are not a thought, You don't need the point to exist, you just are.

For the mind it is uncomfortable place to be: 
no explanation, no direction, no goal at this moment, just reality.
"Out of job" mind doesn't understand what is the point of pure existence 
without mental interpretation, and so he asks. 
He truly asks this question, he is not pretending he doesn't know.

You are not the mind. You know.
When the question arise: "What's the point?"  Look where is you. 
Someone knows of this question, something perceives the thought.
Something aware of it. There is a knowing of it. Look there. 
Then the question “Whats the point”? becomes a doorway to yourself. 
It gets answered right at that moment in the clarity of the experience.