Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What I am here for

I am here to live all kinds of human experiences, as many as possible, as high and generative, creative, expanding, or fked up, and as lost and low as possible. By this time I saw, lived and experienced a wide range of experiences human being can experience in the lifetime, so at this age and time I start to describe ~ Maya ~ Illusion ~ Mirage ~ from all different angles, understanding experiences and people, seeing the dynamics easily, writing or talking about it from my own experience, so people can relate easily, simply resonate or not to what I am describing. This is the way of the impact I am here to bring in this lifetime. Since I am here not to write or talk about one particular way or perception, you might not resonate with everything -- this is not a goal of mine, so if you do not like today's angle, try tomorrow or in a week, or a year, when I illuminate a different facet of the ~ Illusion ~