Saturday, July 18, 2020

A letter to my people

Editing to "5 min or less" video that didn't save 3 times :)

I am looking into how to wrap up my video project that I did unceasingly for the last 45 days or so, it feels much longer, it took all my attention. Sometimes it was bliss and sometimes it was very trying, especially editing various videos to a 5 min or less format that came suddenly to me in a vision 🦉
I could spend 2 hours to cut out and edit a piece of a video from a longer video and then Youtube would not process it correctly, and the changes would be gone. It happened to me on one particular little video 3 times, you can calculate how much effort was in that trying. The last time it was yesterday, and I just deleted the whole thing and did the other piece that came out today "Living in a Head?". Sometimes you submit to the forces beyond your comprehension, for whatever reason that stubborn piece didn't want to be and escaped every time I tried. 🤡
I have a lot of patience with some things, and no patience at all with other things. I went to bed yesterday feeling in awe how these types of things when you work for 2 hours your efforts disappear because of the technology, three times, doesn't evoke any emotion, and other things like seeing yesterday on a beach a young mom in a mask with her little child on her lap looking at her, trigger emotion. What I see is deeper things and I can't help myself to bump into a thick wall of old crusty collective conditioning. 🤖
I am adjusting to live in the world when the world gone mad and its also visual, didn't I live in USSR with Lenin on every forehead and repeating the same slogan to keep reinforcing what was imposed on supposed to be free man? "Save Lives" and other slogans that are introduced right now remind me my old life, and how easily and wholeheartedly a human mind believe and follow. I don't even want to think about what's coming. 👀
I know I was born for these kind of times when I keep living freedom I found and express it to others, without any agenda, just expression of my own freedom, my experience as a human, and anyone who resonate welcome to read or listen, for whatever reason you need it. Just please help me sometimes and share it with someone else if you find it helpful, like it if you find it worthy to watch, share it if it touched you. In the universe of technology we depend on algorithms, if no one click that thumb up, you get invisible to people, simple and complex matter at the same time. 😶
So coming back to my video project. I am going to wrap it up, but not sure yet how, I am like a paraglider that catches the wind to go into certain direction, I am gliding still waiting for a breeze to take me in. I hope to make a video every week and continue to put out " in 5 min or less" project out, but need to expand my attention on other things in my life that are waiting.💼
I very much, very much appreciate anyone who is on a ride with me, who help by commenting and liking, sharing these videos for others to be visible in a sea of information. I appreciate you guys who wrote to me personally with your experiences, who felt me close to you when watching, who felt connected, who expanded their mind and heart along with me 😘 🙏