Saturday, May 9, 2020

Do Your Works

I was asked by one block today how I enjoy the present moment when I express strong feelings. Oh yes, I feel. I have feelings. Do you? Are you feeling flat and disengaged and you call that balance? I have feelings of care, concern for human beings. I feel humanity's feelings, sometimes it is overwhelming, and I cry, I let the river of compassion wash out my being. I am not ashamed by my deep feelings, not in denial, I am a human, a woman, a mother, a role model for some.
This is not a matter of artificial enjoyment out of denial of your feelings. This is a matter of living yourself fully. This brings real enjoyment of every moment I breath and live who I am. When I express what I want to express, without holding, without fear, without denial, I am living whom I came here to live, and truth of my being expressed is absolute joy to participate in. What can be more fulfilling then expressing who I am, without fear? Each moment is complete. I live in childlike curiosity for life and eager to play every moment, ask my partner.
Wake up to who you are, not transcend and escape who you are, and you will enjoy the present moment truly. You will enjoy being human, seeing and feeling and being exactly what you are here for. I have seen enough spiritualized defensive spiritual seekers who are compensating their disembodiment protective mechanisms developed early on in life, unable to see the fullness of humanness. I was one of them, so I can talk about it in details that only possible for me because I did the works. Do your works, people.