Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Awakening a Bliss, a Void, an Empty Space and other shit?

A. asked me about Jed McKenna's "Done" and do I experience as Jed wrote "launching into empty space, reality in its infinite form, the void of undifferentiated consciousness"

As of right now, A., I am in a deep ditch. Just had a month long depression happened after the burning of my house, and cat, loose of privacy, breaking all the usual structure and routine. How do I see it? Even though it was not easy, lightly said, I felt underlying appreciation, trust for what is happening. I only trust what is here. Not what others talk, say, write, whatever - I don't care. I might read and click, but what I trust - it is only here. So, how would I know when I am "Done"? I know I will know. Thats all i know.  

Seeing is binary - you either see it or not. Before Stream Entry can be various experiences, samadhi, and no self states like kensho or satory...belive it or not you can have all this without actually mind clearly see that there is no you. You then come out from the state and think that You had that experience and You are progressing. 

Stream entry is very important. Before it you perceive as You are progressing. With seeing clearly that self does not exist as an individual, separate entity there is no perception of progression in time and in knowledge, progression in having different "spiritual" experiences, becoming more or less relaxed, calm, reactive, better  and etc. It is rather emptying, becoming less. And there is no really structured practice for that, except, I would say, embracing, surrendering to what is. And this can come in different ways for different people. For some, they will continue their formal classical meditation practice, for some it will be dropping it completely and immersing in daily life fully, for some - something that will catch their attention, and it can be anything - sport, psychotherapy, energy work, any work on arising feelings or whatever can resonate for them.  

Awakening itself will guide emptying. Even depression is an unfolding, or falling in love, or sitting in samadhi. The truth for you is with you, it's not somebody's else truth. Just like we all came to the Gate walking our own paths, same after awakening - the emptying out is unique, and what you only can do is trust and follow the movement. 

There is no you to follow anyway, only the movement, see that surrender and trust is not what we do, but what is, and there is no choice as to just be.