Thursday, May 3, 2018

Awakened Fluidity

It is much more juicy to talk and write
about peak experiences,
strong movements in feelings, mind insights,  
but really,
it has nothing to do with awakening.
Awakening happens when awareness shifts to the space
that holds any experience,
 and a different view of who one is suddenly revealed.
And at first,  

after the initial experience of awakening,  

the tendency is to hold on to that perspective,  

and often

that idea of stabilization of the view become an "idea fix".  

But with time,  

this perspective takes over more and more,  


We notice it when it becomes hard to believe in any emotion

as something solid,
and it becomes hard to hold on to any idea,
as the only right one.
The experiences come and go,
feelings are fleeting, very childlike:
strong and changing mind states
that don't last.
Please don't expect that you will become
non-thinking and non-feeling being, no!
You become more fluid,
less identified with anything in particular.
Mind easily shifts between states, characters, feelings.
Appearance or disappearance of any mind state is seen
as a continuation and symphony of life.
And you are
present to the music.