Saturday, May 19, 2018

The movie of a lifetime

By this time in life I have parted with many people.
Some of them died, some I divorced, 
from some I ran away,  some left me, 
and one walked out in his sleepers! It was in Brooklyn,1996.
He left to the store to buy some bread for dinner.
I saw him years later with another woman, walking.
We pass each other as pedestrians on the street, with no exchange.
Only I felt as I was hit by a truck. For a moment.
But I kept walking and rolling the stroller with my baby. 

The movies of our lives are incredible!  Straight from Hollywood!
Full of action, sometimes danger, adventure, some horror scenes even, 
anything that makes adrenaline move and feel as vulnerable human!
Some movies are from Bollywood!
With passion, tears, embraces and rejections!   
Everyone loves romance too much!  
“I love you!”, “No, I love you more!”
And then it turns into the Hollywood again with some
action, sometimes danger, adventure, some horror scenes even.

The wheel of maya turns without pause.  
The movie is projected the day we born as vulnerable human,
addicted to pleasure and running from pain
through all the different scenes of the movie.
We are a main character, best actor and a Star!
The movie lasts a lifetime, just play it well, goddamit,
until the end! No questions asked.
What makes you suddenly suspicious, brother, 
that what you think you are is actually not?

How that glitch happens that for a moment you see
the feeling that hits you like a truck, 
is just a part you playing, and so perfect, sister! 
What happens when you suddenly see thoughts 
are not yours, friend, but they just there?
What happens when you find the body is a vision?
This happens to some actors, suddenly we're tired.
We are fed up and take the costume off:
“Done for today, maestro”.

Well, no worries, we back and ready for adventure!  In a moment.
This lifetime, friend, is not for disembodied mind.
We can’t just leave the body like a costume laying there, unattended.
We back to it, but now we remember - it’s a movie.
Not suffering a loss, not separating and not left behind. 
Not birthing child, not aging, not dying, and not being born.  
You see, awake and living it, the human, no problem!
Until the heavy curtains shut the screen-lifetime, we are performing artists!
But in reality we are at least, performing arts.