Thursday, June 6, 2019

You finally can REST

When I pointed people to awakening to "no self" and later to pure awareness, I had many more inquiries then now when I point people back to individuality and uniqueness. Though I do believe, at least from my own experience, and watching fully integrated awake mentors from different traditions, that this is the natural movement of evolution: from identified personal to absolutist impersonal to unique expression of impersonal (simplified).

The reason why many awake minds stuck in the absolutist impersonal stage and not really living fully as they would is because there is a stigma about "personal", "individual", its like a bad spell to use it toward themselves. I so understand that! Having been a seeker on a path of enlightenment for so many years and applied so much effort, hard-core effort, now I would be afraid to "regress" to establish my own individuality. Also I don't want to sort through that human "stuff" that I can just deny right now, and come across as something more pure, higher, or more advanced then just this small messy human!

Mind is so clever, as said one of my friends in personal message to me, yes indeed, its so clever I am speechless to have noticed how it fooled myself and others along the way! No wonder every tradition warns for some dangers on an authentic spiritual path, it is a lot of "dangers", I would say a lot of places we can get stuck, and stuck so hard that we do not know we are stuck, and we are not willing to hear from anyone about it.

What I like about my work with people is that I do not need to point to them where they are stuck, I just listen to their stories, for long time, from different times, different angles, I ask different unrelated questions and confuse their clever mind to the point it just give up to sensor what and how they say. And I write down their words. I have no judgment for anything they say, I am witnessing it right there with them, in a context of the fascinating journey in consciousness, and I see and feel what is that in that story was essential, what was the thread through the whole life that kept playing out itself, regardless of the circumstances, and most fascinating: under all the acquired, and sometimes very thick, conditioning! This is what make it unique to them, makes them individual without grasping to the form!

When awake meet with his or her uniqueness, their individuality, it's a joyful recognition, and also a big relief, almost a permission to be. Yes, there are difficult cases, only a few I met with, when the recognition was immediate, but the living circumstances prevents to be it at this time, the individuality is so suppressed and deeply conditioned to express itself in an overt way. Then for these people I highly recommend to continue de-conditioning support with me, or anyone else for that matter who is skilled in it.

I am qualified by my own journey to be of support, many of you know that I have been suppressed in a personality and coming out of that suppression was my Dark Night of the Soul journey after awakening, and it took no less then full 7 years, but I did not have any support, only the opposite. This is why I am doing this, I am called to help those in distress after awakening of the mind. And the road is only through: from the complete denial of personality to acceptance of individuality, loving yourself and your own humanness so deeply that you finally can REST.