Friday, July 12, 2019

5 Elements to recognize

We all have some or another predominance of the basic elements as our makeup, and in any given moment. Some of us have more air element, which in nature projects as movement and lightness, in a man presents as ability to shift the mind quickly, for example. And some of us have more earth element which would have characteristics of solidity and weight. Many would recognize the dominance of fire element in them as passion and desire, and in nature it is a characteristic of temperature. Water is about viscosity in nature and feeling, depth in a human. And then the ether, the space, the consciousness, where all the other elements originate. And surely all these elements are very much present in everything and everyone in a different combinations. This is another lens to look at yourself, your character here as a collection of these elements, and see what quality is present in the now.
Anxiety? Air+Fire.
Anger? Fire+Water.
Joy? Air+Water
Depression? Earth+Water
and so on...
this is all simplified, but it helps to play with it and ditch that heavy idea about "something wrong with me".
You welcome