Sunday, September 1, 2019

Buddha on a Bull on Amazon!

Buddha on a Bull: A Practical Approach to Enlightenment made it to Amazon! I gave this book a heart, and served the time.  I know it will touch people deeply, and I feel very happy how it came out.  I will appreciate personal feedback to my email (will help me to be a better writer and a better human being), or reviews on Amazon (will help Buddha on a Bull to go on a ride in the world).
Thank you!
Loving you.


  1. This book is currently out of stock and there is not kindle edition. Will it be available on either kindle or print format?

  2. Yes, it will be available from Amazon, maybe they sold out all the copies in stock, not sure, but the book is "print on demand", it means if you order, they will send request to print it. Kindle will be available next year only. Thank you for asking!