Friday, July 20, 2018


This is written to some of us 
who tend to overlook changes,

for those who focus on half empty glass,
instead of seeing it as half full.

Remember you used to blame others
when something went wrong?

Remember, later on you used to blame yourself
when something went wrong?

Remember you used to be angry on others,
then later you used to be angry on yourself?

Remember you used to be disappointed
you were angry and you blamed?

Remember it took you long time
to calm down, or forget?

Remember the time when it shortened tenfolds
to release the blame and anger?

Remember you placed so much expectations
on yourself how you should be?

Remember you tried to follow
expectations of others how to be?

Remember with time you just stopped caring
how to be, or behave, or what to say?

Remember how heavy was a load
of trying to be something specific?

Ask yourself these very questions,
and more.

You will see that you are not the same anymore, 
and not the same person neither.

Maybe you cary the same name and the body,
but mind completely changed.

Would you agree that mind is not an enemy anymore,
But a solid navigation system that works?

The vehicle is still moving, mind talking,
and you kick back , drinking kombucha!

On a wrong turn you do not blame,
you just make a u-turn.

If someone cut you off,  you do not get angry, 
"He probably is in a hurry",  you think.

If body breaks down, you do not get frustrated,
you take care of it,  maybe give it a break.

If navigation system short circuit,
you don't make assumption you are stupid.

If it happens that navigation gives you the old route,
you take it without disappointment in yourself.

Do you notice that mind's navigation get's more and more clear
and your actions are more responsive and immediate?

Do you notice that there are less and less stories,
but more simple being, here, and available?

The journey is sometimes dramatic shifts,
and sometimes is fine tuning.

Please notice that there is more space 
to be just as you are, this certain character.

You have permission to be unique personality
without trying to be someone else.

Surely, the blame, and anger, and frustration,
will fall away, because no need for it!

Please do not hurry up for anything,  it all comes
in it's own right timing.