Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Journey to Wholeness

So many times we abandon ourselves 
and conform to others in fear to loose their love.  
No wonder we have low self esteem, 
because our view of who we are 
and what we really want 
depends on others, 
on their attention and their love.  
We conform, 
shrink in, 
and abandon who we are, 
creating a hollow space in a heart that longs to be whole. 
We try to fill that space 
with other’s approval and attention. 
This can never be the same love we can give to ourselves. 
It is only a substitute, a surrogate, a thin film 
we cover the open hole in our heart with.  
It pops like a soap bubble as soon as we inhale 
in the next moment, 
leaving the wound open
and again. 
It can only be filled by authentic self-love, 
acceptance and appreciation 
from oneself to our 
own nature, 
our being, 
our unique character.  
Then we are whole again. 
We don’t ask for anything from outside of ourselves, 
we don’t have anything missing, 
we don’t chase anything to make us complete.  

Instead of constant reaching for approval and attention, 
love and appreciation from others,
we abide now in our own wholeness, and 
we offer this wholeness to others 
when we meet. 
This new way of meeting others in our wholeness 
is a true relation.