Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

If you are waiting for “Perfect” to come and bestow itself on you,
please stop it now. 
Just write.
Just ride.
Just make.
Just do it.
Announce yourself available without being perfect. Now.
Translated to Russian,
“perfect” is идеально.
It comes from the root “idea” -
a thought, a suggestion, a concept, a mental impression,
an opinion, a belief.
What is perfect is a concept. 
What is real is unique.
“Uni” is “One”.
You are the only one unique YOU here.

The Universe culminates in YOU in a unique way.
Sing your own unique song.
Dance your own unique dance.
Teach your own unique understanding.
Make your own unique love.
Create your own unique work.
Ride your own unique wave.
Show your own unique face.
Speak your own unique words.
Live your own unique life.
Forget perfection and ideal.
Relentlessly follow your unique brilliance.
Even if it blinds those who strive for illusory perfection,
one day they will hear their own song,
and they recall yours,
and love it.