Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Her Voice

She spoke to me softly in the recorded message, 
I could hear the music of her presence in my room.
I tuned in to my own presence with precision 
that is not always available.

She was telling me how helpful was my letter 
I wrote her a day before at night,
how she felt cared, understood 
and seen in her inquiry.

Her voice was like a sound of the brook on a backyard of my old house
I could listen to it for hours, sitting still,
hypnotised by the rhythm and melody,
and most importantly, this subtle vibration of love.

Her message was only couple of minutes, but
I was taken on a journey of the heart unexpectedly
when my whole being suddenly trembled, 
and I wept uncontrollably.

I noticed how her words were landing on the invisible shield
that appeared right before the word could dive into my heart.
The shield was constructing itself in a matter of split second and 
was becoming a catching net for lovingkindness and gratitude.

Her voice, full of respect, appreciation and warmth
was bouncing off this invisible resistance line
where the heart contracts just enough not to allow 
love to enter.

The love that is so natural, innocent and true
was held at the door with a sign: “No trespassing”.
But with the heart’s yearning for truth and authenticity
the body ripped webs of resistance with a spontaneous cry.
I am back to listening.
As suddenly as this storm started, it had passed.
I sit in softness of my own being, in complete acceptance.  
I just re-discovered again that listening without resistance is love.

As thinking mind is able to give up holding the fort, and 
as it opens all the unexplored, unavailable, untouched, un-nurtured spaces, 
her voice and her recognition softly asks me to be available
for lovemaking to my own heart.